Giants’ win gives 1-8 Raiders a clear path to the first overall pick

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Monday night’s game between the Giants and 49ers was a big win for the Raiders.

The Giants’ win over the 49ers gives the Raiders, at 1-8, a clear path toward the first overall pick in the draft: If the Raiders lose their seven remaining games, they’ll have the first pick regardless of what any other team does.

The 49ers, at 2-8, are currently second in the draft order, followed by the 2-7 Giants and 2-7 Cardinals. The fifth pick would currently go to the 3-7 Jets, followed by the 3-7 Bills. Rounding out the Top 10 in the draft would be the 3-6 Lions, Broncos, Jaguars and Buccaneers.

In addition to their own good chance at the first overall pick, the Raiders have the Cowboys’ first-round pick from the Amari Cooper trade, and the Bears’ first-round pick from the Khalil Mack trade. Right now the Cowboys are 13th in the draft order, while the NFC North-leading Bears are 25th. The Raiders are loaded in draft capital. Whether they’ll use it wisely is a separate question.

21 responses to “Giants’ win gives 1-8 Raiders a clear path to the first overall pick

  1. yay?

    – Raider Nation

    Hopefully we trade Gruden after this year and get 1 more 1st pick for a competent coach to use and build a decent team around Carr.

  2. Billion dollar entertainment: 1-8, 2-7, 2-8, 3-7, 3-7, 3-8, 3-8, etc etc. The fans are being robbed.

  3. Raiders need to trade out of this pick and acquire more draft capital. Plenty of defensive ends who can rush the passer in free agency to be had this year. Many young rushers available via free agency too.

    We need to double down and go get the top two corners (Greedy Williams and Deandre Baker) in this draft. Historically we know the value in that with Mike Haynes and Lester Hayes. Recently we’ve seen the better defenses built from the secondary with Seattle’s Legion of Boom and the Jaguars. After getting the two corners we need to get back to building from the inside out. Which is where the value is in the draft. Tackle Dalton Risner would be a great score here as well.

  4. This will be a whole new team when they get to Vegas.

    The plan is in place and I’m looking forward to it.

  5. With Gruden’s abysmal drafting track record, there’s a good chance that this pick will be botched in the same way that Al Davis (after he became senile) picked Jamarcus Russell rather than Calvin Johnson.

    Or considering that Gruden has a well earned reputation as a lying backstabber, there’s a good chance that if it’s a quality selection, that the drafted player will pull a John Elway/Eli Manning and refuse to play for a team coached by Gruden.

    Or Gruden might simply trade the #1 overall pick away for washed-up veterans.

  6. I don’t know what was worse the game or the Wit and BO show.. You learned four things from the game,, Wit and Bo should have been a coach, red, owner or a player that is holding out because they feel they are the most intelligent, important part of the game they have all the knowledge of what each do wrong or correct,and the rest have no clue what they are doing.

  7. OR – maybe Gruden will use these picks on 3 difference makers and lay the foundation for long term success. See? To some of us the glass is half full, most of you sound like it fell off the table and is shattered all over the floor.


  8. This entire league is a joke. Instead of giving the worst team in the nfl the first round draft pick. They should do what they do in the real FUTBOL. Demote said team to the lower division, and promote the lower division team that won their respective league championship. This gives team an incentive to not tank. All we are teaching is “losers get rewarded”.

  9. Anyone who expects the Raiders to trade down to gain draft capital is sadly mistaking. Teams don’t trade up to 1st overall for non-QBs. Last time was over 20 years ago. There are no elite QBs in this draft and the only one who could be probably isn’t coming out.

  10. Thankfully JaMarcus, Heyward-Bey, DJ Hayden, Rolando McClain, Michael Huff, Fabian Washington, Robert Gallery, Phillip Buchanan aka PBurnt, Ricky Dudley, Todd Marinovich, and Marc Wilson are not eligible this year.

  11. Good teams are a lot more fun to watch than bad teams, so I’m very happy the Raiders decided to press the reset button and start over. With only 1 winning season in the last 16 years, the Raiders decided to change directions. Unless you think that 1 season was the rule and the other 15 were the exception. If so, I have a bridge for sale. Please call me.

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