Jamal Adams: Bad vibes from last season haven’t changed

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In the offseason, Jets safety Jamal Adams did an interview with Bleacher Report that included Adams saying that the team’s “vibe” was a losing one and that everybody on the team wanted to “do the bare minimum.”

Jets coach Todd Bowles responded to that by saying that Adams “didn’t mean a lot of things that came out wrong,” but Adams either disagrees with the notion that those things came out wrong or he hasn’t yet figured out a way to get them out right.

Adams was a guest on WFAN Tuesday and he was asked if his feelings have changed about the comments he made months ago.

“I could sit here and sugarcoat everything, but things haven’t changed,” Adams said, via Connor Hughes of The Athletic. “Obviously we’re still losing. I’m not saying we have guys like that in locker room, but at same time it’s not changing. It hasn’t changed. We’ve been losing. At the end of the day we’re going to get it fixed. Soon sun will shine.”

Adams’ comments don’t reflect well on head coach Todd Bowles or anyone else setting the tone for the organization, which is a pretty big departure from what he had to say after last Sunday’s 41-10 loss to the Bills. Adams said, via SNY, that Bowles is “not the problem” with the Jets, but his comments on Tuesday suggest the head coach also hasn’t been able to solve the problems that have caused the team to lose 29 of their last 42 games.

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  1. I like Adams and he is kind of sugarcoating it, the culture is horrible especially when your planning for 2019 at the start of the year, Bowles is not a head coach McCagnan and his team have drafted horribly, the only way to overcome it is to hire a great coach and that’s difficult because there aren’t many but I’d make a hell of a pitch to Jim Harbaugh, that would be a good start .

  2. I heard the interview and this is a misrepresentation. He said, “Things haven’t changed, we’re still losing.”

    There wasn’t a pause between things haven’t changed and we’re still losing. Also, the inclusion of the word “obviously” (which I didn’t hear) makes it sound like two separate thoughts which it wasn’t. His things haven’t changed comment seemed to be in reference to the losing.

  3. But this disgusting organization will wait until after the season to get rid of this brutal coach. Clueless. Worst organization in football- dont care what anyone else thinks.

  4. For the record that is not “tanking” as so many commenters love to assume. It rarely is. That is simply really bad leadership.

    Like the Raiders (someone made a comment they were tanking). No. They are just a really bad team.

  5. Really not much of a story – if he whines about the coach he sounds like a malcontent – if he says there is no problem he is accused of being s bs artist !

    People expect these athletes to say the most enlightening things but the reality there isn’t much they can say – when it is as bad as it is for jets right now GM, coach and players all have their hand in it!

  6. Bowles has the demeanor to succeed on a team that has veteran leaders on each side of the ball who bring the emotion and motivation to the other players. The Jets aren’t that team. They need a motivator, not just a manager. They need a kick in the butt, not a leader who trusts them as grownups with a professional work ethic. And they need better talent on all sides of the ball.

  7. Adams is okay. What he is saying (despite Jets people and others trying to spin it) is that he is sick of losing and doesn’t see any end in sight with current Jets regime but likes Todd Bowles as a person. The Jets need a new GM, Head Coach and Personnel Staff. It’s not reacting to the media and the fans to fire them. It should have been done last year and it wasn’t as the Jets wanted to give “stability” a chance. Hire an EVP of Football Ops that oversees new GM and HC. That will give stability and accountability.
    Todd Bowles: His message and tactics have gone stale for him; eventually you have to deliver to keep a captive audience with the players. No playoff appearances and 3 really bad seasons.
    Maccagnan: Needs to go more than Todd Bowles. Horrendous draft and FA record. No doubt he authored 2019 plan to Christopher Johnson on how he can fix the team for 2019 and beyond.
    Hopefully Christopher Johnson doesn’t bite. No matter what the Jets do the rest of the season these two need to be let go. Jets were set to let them go last year and a late season victory over the Chiefs at home saved them. Stability for stability sake when objective, factual data and results says otherwise is really damaging and can set the team back several years.

  8. TheDPR says:
    November 13, 2018 at 5:05 pm
    Bowles has the demeanor to succeed on a team that has veteran leaders on each side of the ball who bring the emotion and motivation to the other players.


    If by this you mean he has almost no personality and therefore needs energetic, confident veterans to “bring the emotion” instead of him, then I’m totally with you.

    But by himself, no, he doesn’t have the demeanor to succeed at coaching. The idea that he is some sort of strong but silent tough guy type who leads by example is fine for being a player, but not for head coaching. I’m not saying he needs to be a rah rah type, but there is no energy or confidence or apparent leadership vibe coming from this guy. None whatsoever.

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