Report: Jets G.M. Mike Maccagnan’s job appears safe

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There is new and reasonable speculation about the future of Jets coach Todd Bowles. But it appears the General Manager who joined him there in 2015 will outlast him.

According to Ralph Vacchiano of SNY, Maccagnan’s job appears to be safe regardless what happens to Bowles after the season.

While they were linked by tenure, Maccagnan was given a long-term build, and they’re still very much in the process of it. He has always pointed to 2019 as the target date for getting the Jets to the playoffs.

The ostensible biggest step was landing quarterback Sam Darnold in this year’s draft. He also budgeted his money, to give them $100 million in salary cap space next season.

That will allow the kind of aggressive (or desperate) splurge that could allow a team to make a big push next season, as long as it works. If it doesn’t, it could create the kind of bloated payroll that the next G.M. has to deal with and deal away, as has happened with the other New York team.

5 responses to “Report: Jets G.M. Mike Maccagnan’s job appears safe

  1. As a Jets fan this pisses me off.

    Maccagnan has done a below average (not horrible) job of bringing in new players. He’s treading water, and after 4 years hasn’t been able to take a 4-12 team to 8-8. Even with a better HC, this isn’t a 500 team.

    To give him another year will give him the opportunity to reach in the draft and make all sorts of bad trades in a desperate attempt to keep his job.
    He will offer high draft picks for players, or overpay so-so free agents.
    With a better HC and and 80MM spending spree the Jets should be able to get to 500.
    Maccagnan will claim his plan is working.

    This is on the owner, Woody Johnson, and his brother Chris Johnson.
    While I wouldn’t fire people during the season, 4 years is plenty of time for a GM to prove himself. The team is just wasting time.

  2. Doesn’t make sense to fire Bowles. Everyone knew that Darnold was going to struggle out the gate.

    Keep Maccagnan and Bowles together another year and see if there’s progression and let the team spend the money.

    Part of the reason the Jets aren’t good is because they aren’t over-reaching for stopgap talent. They’re playing the patience game. They’re playing young players and getting them experience. They’re using playing time to determine who’s going to be there and who should be replaced.

    Patience is going to be the key.

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