Andy Reid doesn’t have much to say about Marcus Peters trade

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Cornerback Marcus Peters has struggled since the Chiefs traded him to the Rams, and Kansas City’s secondary has struggled without him.

Nine months later, it remains unclear why the Chiefs traded Peters and a sixth-round pick for a fourth-rounder and a 2019 second-rounder. Peters has suggested raising his fist in support of Colin Kaepernick during the national anthem played a part in his departure.

The Chiefs also suspended him for one game last season after he tossed an official’s flag and left the field without being ejected.

Whatever the team’s reasons, Chiefs coach Andy Reid wasn’t shedding any light on them during a conference call with Rams beat writers Thursday.

“Yeah, I’m not going to get into all of that,” Reid said, via Rich Hammond of the Southern California News Group. “That was a decision that was made here, and it happened and he is doing a heck of a job. I’m proud of the way he’s playing.”

Rams cornerback Aqib Talib said Peters is “good” and expects him to bounce back from his struggles. For both Peters and the Rams, there is not a better time than this week for that to happen.

7 responses to “Andy Reid doesn’t have much to say about Marcus Peters trade

  1. These guys are both football players and human beings. Andy Reid is really good at juggling the two. He takes chances on guys that other teams won’t touch. I think he’s pretty much in touch with what’s going on in the world with young men in their twenties. I think he cares about people off the field too. Andy also gets paid by the Kansas City Chiefs, not the media. So don’t look for him to be throwing dirt on anybody.

  2. Nothing TO say…Peters wanted to get paid. Chiefs thought it was a bad investment.

    So far, Peters has proved the Chiefs made the right choice.

  3. Peters was a locker room cancer that is a me first player. He may grow out of it but it was time to move on before things got worse. While Peters hasn’t been that good this year, it should work out for both teams in the long run.

  4. Peters was more trouble than he is worth. Also has been one of the worst corners in the league this year. Payton even called him out saying “we got the match up we wanted” lol.

  5. While Peters’ play has certainly declined this season, any player who continues with the kneeling, fist pumping or any other histrionics during the national anthem should be cut or traded, as far I’m concerned. Good for the Chiefs for getting rid of this guy.

  6. He is the 109th ranked CB this year so far by stats, i think its easy to understand why we dumped him, he cant tackle, he gets burned at will, and he gets 3-4 penalties a game, he is garbage.

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