Buccaneers to decide on offensive playcaller Thursday night

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Buccaneers head coach Dirk Koetter took back offensive playcalling responsibilities from offensive coordinator Todd Monken for last Sunday’s game against Washington and said after the 16-3 loss that he wasn’t sure if he’d hold onto them for this week’s game against the Giants.

Koetter said Thursday that the decision has not been made yet, but that the team will settle on a choice before Friday.

“Every Thursday night we put the game plan to bed,” Koetter said, via Pewter Report. “After dinner, after we get done with the players, we put the game plan to bed and make our final adjustments. After we do that tonight, we’ll decide and move on from there. That’s how we do it and I believe in our process.”

In his own press conference, Monken called Koetter the “best offensive coach I’ve ever been around” and said he came to work with the Buccaneers to be around him. We’ll find out how much coaching Monken will be able to watch Koetter doing on Sunday.

5 responses to “Buccaneers to decide on offensive playcaller Thursday night

  1. How many championship caliber teams choose their “play caller” on Thursday nights?

    The Glazers should of pulled the plug on Koetter as soon as he said that. Embarrassing.

  2. Dirk Koetter is a dead coach walking in Tampa.

    His response to a scorching hot seat:

    1) Firing his life-long friend and DC Mike Smith. (Even if it was deserved, so much for loyalty.)

    2) Playing charades at the QB position. (Fitzpatrick, although he has hardly been great as of late, gives the Bucs their best chance to win weekly and should never have been benched.)

    3) Meddle in the duties of Todd Monken, whose masterful offensive playcalling has arguably stood between Koetter and the unemployment line, so that he can maintain the illusion that he has value to this team as an offensive mind 2018 and beyond.

    What an overdeveloped self-preservation gene.

    What a gutless display of supposed “leadership” so far in 2018 by the Bucs soon-to-be former HC.

    0-16 aside, there is no difference between Dirk Koetter and Hue Jackson. The Glazers cannot serve this stooge his walking papers soon enough.

  3. Dirk Koetter should have been fired last season! Dirk Koetter has done nothing as an HC since he got the job. Jameis Winston has to grow up and carry himself like a professional.

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