For oddsmakers, Rams’ home-field advantage is worth one measly point

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When it comes to setting betting lines, home-field advantage typically carries a value of three points. The Rams’ home-field advantage is far from typical.

Before the Chiefs-Rams game moved from Mexico City to Los Angeles, oddsmakers had installed the Rams as 2.5-point favorites. After the game moved, the line moved only to Rams minus 3.5.

Under the normal formula, the Rams would have become 5.5-point favorites after the move to L.A. Of course, if enough people put money on the Rams, it will. The fact that it didn’t go there immediately suggests that the L.A. Memorial Coliseum provides a forgettable home-field advantage.

And for good reason. Both L.A. teams enjoy no real home-field advantage, because thousands of fans of the visiting team show up for every game. Not because they’re all traveling to Los Angeles but because more than two decades of L.A. having no NFL teams resulted in large pockets of fans of every team. It could take another 20 years to reverse that trend, although the success of both L.A. teams could make that happen more quickly.

Especially if either or both of the L.A. teams get to the Super Bowl.

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  1. Part of that might well be that it’s not a regular home game by any stretch of the imagination. To point: The Rams had planned on practicing at altitude in Colorado Springs before heading down to Mexico City. They decided to see that plan through even after the venue change and are still in Colorado now.

  2. The Rams, Raiders, and Chargers have all tested the Los Angeles market in the past. They have all had success on the field. The reason they don’t pack their stadium is rather simple. LA is NOT a football town.

  3. There are very few Ram fans in LA. A couple of watermelon heads and every once in awhile one will see an some old Slater, Youngblood, or Dickerson jersey. LA is first and foremost
    Laker fan, USC fan, Dodgers fan when they win, and King fan when the Lakers are bad. It’s all about the opposing NFL team in LA. Is going to be pathetic when the Rams fall from grace about the same time Squirrel Head Kroenke opens up his new stadium.

  4. .
    “Under the normal formula, the Rams would have become 5.5-point favorites after the move to L.A.”


    If the line moved to KC (-5.5), people would have been mortgaging their houses to bet on the Chiefs.

  5. Rams house was pretty full when they ripped Seattle last week! I heard many chants of “Eddie Vedder is an (expletive)!”

  6. The Rams only opened as a 1 point favorite. The change from 1 to 2.5 prior to the stadium change has nothing to do with home field advantage. There is no formula for moving a neutral game to a home game.

    Vegas does give teams an average of 3 points for home field advantage (some slightly more than others). But that is 3 points home vs away. Lets say they Rams are on average 2.9 points better on average at home vs away. While the Chiefs are 3.4 points better at home vs away. In this case Vegas would have likely given the Rams .5 points for the neutral field… Why? Becuase the Rams are slightly less affected by which field they play on than the Chiefs. So in their initial 1 point spread, Vegas likely gave the Rams .5 points because they think they are just a hair better and .5 points for a Neutral field. Then early money came in heavy for the Rams. This moved the spread to 2.5. Next the field was changed. Vegas then completely wiped out the line move and reset the line. They gave the Rams 2.9 points (rounded up to 3) for homefield advantage and a half point becuase they think they are a hair better than the Chiefs.

  7. Could this also have something to do with the original game being far away on a neutral field (and so involving many Chiefs fans, as well as fans of other teams), and even though the game has been moved these same fans still have the tickets to the game? Whatever LA’s normal home field crowd, this likely will be an even less friendly group to the team.

  8. Okay, here is why the rams aren’t established yet. 20 long years of no L.A. team. What happened? Well during those that span,new generations of football fans would simply put the tube on and they become a fan of a particular team for particular reasons. So no natural homegrown fans of home team. 20 yrs later, Rams from St.Louis come to l.a.(at least thats how o assume younger fans reaction was). Im sure they know the fact that they used to be here,but they weren’t. So its going to take some time and you’ll see this town become a Ram town, especially if successful. Maybe even new charger fans will be born into it. Then the bandwagoners will come. Like the packer game, I’m sure many here in L.A. jumped on there bandwagon as L.A. had no team and in St.Louis, the team sucked for the most part.
    Go Rams!

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