Mychal Kendricks rejoined Seahawks on Friday

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Linebacker Mychal Kendricks rejoined the Seahawks on Friday, coach Pete Carroll told reporters.

Kendricks will return to practice next week but remains ineligible to play until Dec. 10 against Minnesota.

The NFL suspended Kendricks eight games under its Personal Conduct Policy for his guilty plea to federal insider trading changes. When the league announced the specific suspension Oct. 30, he received credit for three games he served under an indefinite suspension.

The Browns released Kendricks after his legal troubles surfaced, and the Seahawks signed him shortly after his guilty plea.

Kendricks faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison, with his sentencing scheduled for Jan. 24.

In three games with the Seahawks, Kendricks made 15 tackles, two sacks and a pass breakup.

21 responses to “Mychal Kendricks rejoined Seahawks on Friday

  1. Much more impressive than KJ Wright and practiced 1 game before he played vs Chicago. Surprising quickness and showed with his 2 sacks. When was the last time a Seahawk Will got a sack? 15 tackles in limited 3 game action was impressive.

    Seattle needs him to “try” to cover Kareem Hunt out of the backfield in week 16 because no one could even cover Aaron Jones of GB last night.

    Very surprised at the impact he made on D in the 3 games and hope KJ is out when Mychal returns.

  2. I think he’s handled this quite well. The one question I have is this… Since his crime didn’t hurt anyone else (like a ponzie scheme or such) and there was no violence involved and no bodily harm inflicted…why given these circumstances is he possibly up for 25 years?

    I’m sure there are very good legal reasons but personally I’d rather see the Ray Rice’s of the world spend 25 years locked up after beating a woman and let this guy spend a year in county and 25 years probation.

  3. Another dynamic piece of weaponry joins the team no one wants to face! Great to have a protypical Hawk back on board for the Hawks domination of the second season and SB victory!

  4. Seattle needs to go on a run or this momentary feel good time is a waste of breath. Wilson has lost more games than he has won. I’d love to see him turn back to classic RussBot to win games last drive.

  5. Seattle fans dont get tour hopes up. I watched this guy since he was drafted tweek hammies and not play, over run plays, take bad angles in coverage. He is fast and could be so much better if he would stop over running plays.

  6. 25 Years is a long time as they sadly sentence murderers to less time these days unless they are serial killers. He has handled it well and hope after when all is said and done, he will be a better man first and foremost before he is a player or anything else.

  7. Definitely needs to go to jail, bc unlike some dimwit posted – this stuff hurts anyone NOT cheating and relying on their own knowledge & it probably hurts any work a day jerk who can barely scrap away a cent to retire on when these dbags rig the system and cause the everyday Joe to lose everything bc he’s breaking his back everyday just to put food on the table. Yeah, there are victims.

  8. You can beat a woman and get six games, but if you steal from the man you get eight games? Wonder what they think is worse…Goodell is an idiot…

  9. I’d be curious if he was sentenced, could he be put on work release. Practice and play the game but has to return to the slammer every night. Would pay for his room and board.

  10. He confessed, returned illgotten gains, and has been a model citizen since. He won’t get 25 years, but may do a small stretch before being put on 10 years probation. Likely, his career in NFL is not over. Hoping he gets a chance to do some good with this experience. Best of luck to him.

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