Washington isn’t accelerating Trent Williams due to Watt, Clowney

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Washington surprisingly upgraded left tackle Trent Williams from out to questionable on Friday, but coach Jay Gruden said that the move had nothing to do with the challenge presented by the Houston defense.

“We’re not accelerating him because of those two guys,” Gruden said when asked about facing J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney. “We’re just going to see if he can do it. It’s not like it’s a knee or anything. If he can function with that thing and have some kind of gripping ability, then he can play. That’s the big concern. He did have surgery not too long ago. This would be a quick recovery but Trent is a unique human. We trust the fact that if he can go, he’ll go, and if not, we’ll wait till the next week or the week after, but it’s all up to him and the doctor.”

Whatever the decision, Gruden said that he’s not thinking about the impact of having guys ready for the Thanksgiving game against Dallas.

“We’re trying to win this game and we’ll worry about Thursday on Thursday but this a big game for us on Sunday,” Gruden said.

Indeed it is. The Texans are 6-3, Washington is 6-3, and both teams need a win in order to cement their grip atop their respective divisions. Having Williams back would go a long way toward helping Washington move the ball, both on the ground and through the air.

9 responses to “Washington isn’t accelerating Trent Williams due to Watt, Clowney

  1. We’ve actually faired pretty well in the past against the Houston front 7. Abeit, with our starters, so we’ll see. If we can keep Alex upright and clean, keep AP moving, I’d say give Callahan Assistant Coach of the Year award, if there is one.

  2. I am hoping that Alice Smith from the Washington Numbskins is taken off the field on a cart and never returns during this game. Colt McCoy can do better and can move this offense. The only hope for this team to avoid losing five of the next seven games is to have a competent QB who can run this offense instead of acting like a coward to never make a mistake. Unless this team finds a real man to run this offense, it will lose – any team that scores 21 or more points against the Washington do nothings will be guaranteed a win.

  3. if….IF…if anybody is healthy, IF Trent Williams can play…IF Smith can throw downfield…..IF Peterson has a good game. The Redskins base all success on the word “IF” every season…and IF never comes. They need to replace their training staff, replace the same injured players every year, and hire a real General Manager who doesn’t drink on the job and get Bruce Allen out of the organization. The Redskins have a Black Cloud of disorganization hovering over their headquarters and Snyder seems incapable of realizing it.

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