Sean McVay: Cooper Kupp ACL surgery went “really well”

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You know the drill by now. When it comes to a pro athlete with an injury that must be repaired by a doctor, the surgery is always a success, and the rehab is always ahead of schedule. Even when it’s not.

Rams coach Sean McVay explained to reporters on Friday night that receiver Cooper Kupp‘s ACL surgery has happened, and that it was a success.

“It went really well,” McVay said. “He called right afterwards and he was in great spirits. I know if anybody is going to attack the rehab process the right way, it’s going to be Cooper Kupp. Fortunately, some of the things when you do get in there, none of the other things that sometimes can delay that rehab process were affected. It was a clean surgery, did a good job repairing that and we expect him to be able to make a good recovery. Looking forward to getting him back.”

McVay seems to be as honest, authentic, and candid as any coach can ever be. Still, no one really knows how an ACL recovery and rehab will unfold. Some go incredibly well; some simply don’t.

In many cases, it takes a full year to get back to 100 percent. Plenty of players are able to return to football activities sooner than that.

For Kupp, the goal undoubtedly will be to have him ready by the start of training camp. The offseason program begins in five months, with the bulk of the OTAs due to commence in roughly six months.

6 responses to “Sean McVay: Cooper Kupp ACL surgery went “really well”

  1. Yeah guys 𝘤𝘢𝘯 come back quite quickly, but less so for an outfield player – they invariably need over a year to get back to 100% – and even then it often ends up being 90%. Look at Dion Lewis, still a great RB but who took well over a year to come back and before the ACL he could make inhuman turns at full speed (those are gone).

  2. I just hope he has as complete a recovery as possible, and that he goes on to have a career that reflects how talented he is. And I’m saying that as a Saints fan- Kupp comes across as a good, hardworking guy, and given how deadly he’s been this year, it sucks to see that happen to him.

    Here’s hoping recovery and rehab go well, and that he comes back strong.

  3. All surgeries are a rousing success. Next we’ll hear how his rehabilitation is ahead of schedule.

  4. “All surgeries are a rousing success. Next we’ll hear how his rehabilitation is ahead of schedule.”

    Sometimes it’s true. Reference Wentz, Carson.

  5. It went really well. Kupp will have a limp the rest of his life and he will be timed in the 40 using an hour glass.

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