Todd Gurley doesn’t know what the over/under is

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Three weeks ago, at the end of a 29-27 win over the Packers, Rams running back Todd Gurley went down the instead of scoring a touchdown, angering fantasy owners with Gurley on the roster and bettors who took the Rams to cover and the total points to be over. Gurley said he doesn’t care about those things.

As it turns out, he also doesn’t know about at least one of those things.

Asked by reporters on Friday about an over/under for the Chiefs showdown which at 64 is the highest line of demarcation for total points since 1986, Gurley was confused.

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about right now,” Gurley said. “I don’t even gamble, so I don’t even know what that means.”

While plenty of gambling concepts and terms are confusing, anyone who has ever paid any attention to betting knows that the over/under refers to the total points scored in the game by both teams. It’s entirely possible that Gurley truly is clueless about those matters; it’s also possible that he has decided that the best approach when it comes to anything related to wagering is to feign ignorance.

Either way, bet the over.

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  1. Thanks for the explanation. I’ve been reading about football for years, and I had no idea what it meant. I’ve certainly heard the term, but it never came with an definition.

  2. For most people, gambling is a losers game.

    Why is it odd that a winner like Gurley doesn’t know or care about gambling?

  3. I’m not a gambler and I didn’t now what it meant. I was never interested enough to research what it meant.

  4. Gurley is like the lead dog, and all the gamblers are his tail. So the tail isn’t wagging the dog, in this case. But he is gambling when he makes a statement like that. Sales of #30 jerseys will tell if he wins or loses. I’m going to bet that his jersey sales go up.

  5. As a Chiefs fan good for Gurley. I’d rather have players worried about the game and know they won’t throw it for the point spread or to satisfy some fantasy geek

  6. Maybe he’s never gambled or played the odds. If he’s been playing week in and week out then he probably has been too busy to worry or care about that. This Bears fan has mad respect for him.

  7. Same here. I do not gamble, but I do read the NY Daily News Football matchup section on Friday. Their their football handicapper is so far under water this year that I have to ask how he keeps the job.

    And they have a group of regular Joes making their picks every week and its the same story. The best are like 5 games over .500 after 140 games, and the rest are way under.

    I hope you’re not gambling the kids college fund.

  8. I dont gamble either, but I obviously know what the term means. You dont need to be a gambler to have simple common knowledge of the subject. However, if you dont have a clue about gambling terms, like Gurley, there is nothing wrong with that…its actually pretty refreshing.

  9. gtodriver says:
    November 17, 2018 at 7:41 am
    For most people, gambling is a losers game.

    Why is it odd that a winner like Gurley doesn’t know or care about gambling?

    Major truth bomb right there. Big thumbs up.

  10. It’s kind of crazy, but some people watch sports because they enjoy it on a pure level. Not everyone needs gambling or a fantasy team to stay interested.

  11. Ive been following football for 40+ yrs never knew what it was.I know most of the terms from Jimmy the Greek on CBS back in the day,but dont recall him ever mentioning the over/under.
    Why sink down and call him clueless? Do you have an understanding of quantum mechanics or string theory? Maybe we can call you clueless about certain things.

  12. I didn’t understand gambling terms etc. until I was 30. I still never bet sports as I’d have heart failure. Imagine if I’d wagered big money on the Saints and then the Minnesota Miracle happens?!? I’d be sick.

    BTW, responsible gambling is a novelty. Doesn’t make anyone a degenerate..etc.

  13. I’m a lifetime sports fan
    56-1/2 yrs young
    Because of deep spiritual convictions I’ve known over & under applied to gambling too.
    Like Gurley I never desired to know the specifics

    I don’t gamble either so there’s no need to know without being lured in by the very type activity I strive to ignore

    Most knowlegde of betting comes from overhearing so many people discuss it

    Just found out recently myself exactly what over/under means🤣

    Don’t feel alone Todd Gurley sir
    Maintain whatever convictions that will preserve your conscience

    No disrespect intended for gamblers & bettors

  14. Didn’t know either, and don’t gamble. Also, don’t think this totally explains it. Ok, someone predicts a total point score, then what? You bet actual will be over or under that? What about exact match? Are the odds different for under vs over? Seems like there is more to this.

  15. The refs will determine the over/under outcome. Does anyone remember the 2010 game in which the networks still needed more television timeouts so the refs asked both Fisher and Del Rio staffs to take timeouts late? The league is much more interested in the integrity of their bottom line than in the integrity of the outcome. It’s not a far reach to suspect, if the league has anything, directly or indirectly, riding on the outcome, they will definitely influence the outcome in the easiest way possible, which usually boils down to a chirp in the ref’s ear saying it’s time for a holding call.

  16. Hats off to the posters today. I do know what the over/under is.. just don’t care. Not really interested in reading about it either. You want to gamble on football, that’s your business, and I don’t judge. Most of us just want to see a great game.

  17. Todd Gurley is the old school style of player. He doesn’t give a damn about fantasy football, Vegas, puts team success over his, doesn’t mind telling it like it is(calling Jeff Fisher offense a middle school offense), and absolutely despise Thursday night and International game(pissed off a lot of Mexican fans by saying that he was happy that the game was moved to LA).

  18. I don’t think many football players study a whole lot in college, but this is still refreshing to hear.

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