Alex Smith broke tibia and fibula, undergoing immediate surgery

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Washington quarterback Alex Smith was taken to the hospital after being carted off the field with a leg injury on Sunday and no one who saw the play when Smith got hurt will be surprised to learn how severely Smith was injured.

Washington head coach Jay Gruden announced after the game that Smith broke his tibia and fibula. Gruden also said that Smith needs to have immediate surgery and the injury will bring an end to his first season with the team.

The injury came 33 years to the day that former Washington quarterback Joe Thiesmann suffered a similarly gruesome leg injury in a game against the Giants. Thiesmann would never play again and we certainly hope that’s not the case for Smith.

Colt McCoy rallied Washington to a 21-20 lead after Smith was injured — that marked the first lead change in a Washington game this season — but the Texans recovered to kick a field goal and hold on for a win when Dustin Hopkins‘ 63-yard field goal fell short.

There’s no other quarterback on the Washington roster, so they’ll be making a roster move in the coming days as they try to make something of their 6-4 start to the year despite the loss of their starting quarterback.

54 responses to “Alex Smith broke tibia and fibula, undergoing immediate surgery

  1. I remember watching that Giants-Redskins game in ’85, and if it is remotely close to Joe Thiesmann’s injury….YIKES!!! Best wishes for as speedy a recovery as possible, and a return to the game.

  2. Pays to have a decent backup.
    Whether you like Smiths play or not, there is no denying he’s a good guy.
    Heal up fast and well! See you in 2019!

  3. Those arent even that nasty as compared to knee hyperextensions and dislocations -I can barely watch the Napoleon McCallum injury from back in the day but ones like Alex Smith’s dont gross me out.

  4. Sad for him and the Redskins. Hopefully they can rally behind Colt.
    The refs however… uhhh that last call on Norman?? Really?? How does that call get made?? Horrible

  5. 33 years to the day of the Theismann injury. This one, like that one, was ugly. Speedy recovery to Alex. I’m a Cowboys fan, but I don’t want this for any player.

  6. Wow, given his age, this could very well be a career ending injury. Not a fan of any of the teams he has played for, but Smith has always been a class act. Wish him well…

  7. Wow… I just watched it for the 1st time. I understand Watt is not a dirty player, but that injury does NOT happen if Watt wasnt so worried about trying to get a half sack stat. Smith was down and tou can see Watt sorta pile on and all the weight went on Smith’s knee and thigh when his foot was planted on the ground. Dont believe me?? Watch it for yourself and tell me I’m wrong!!

  8. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:

    Time to call Kap!
    He’ll he more than welcome in that town!

    They would go from a half empty stadium to a completely empty one.

  9. bystanderhere says:
    November 18, 2018 at 4:42 pm
    Today’s orthopedics significantly better than 33 years ago, I hope it will make the difference.


    Theismann was also already old and was planning on retiring at the end of that season anyway. His injury didn’t so much “end his career” so much as he decided trying to rehab and come back to play an extra year he wasn’t planning on wasn’t worth it. His injury was also different anatomically…he had a compound tib-fib mid shin. Smith’s wasn’t compound and is lower on his leg closer to the ankle (as you could see by the ankle dislocation).

    It’s not a career ending injury. There’s no reason he can’t continue his career next season.

  10. Sit down, logicalvoice. You don’t speak for all Redskin fans. Matter of fact, I’d venture to say that you don’t speak for MOST Redskin fans.

    I didn’t see anything wrong with JJ Watt’s tackle. It was a freak injury and I wish Alex Smith all the best.

    Go Colt McCoy.


  11. Sad to hear about Smith and the gruesome injury, Hopefully the surgery goes well and that he can have a comfortable walk after his surgery and playing days. And I believe that this will be it for Smith. I think the Redskins will come to the conclusion that he’s not the guy going forward. They will have to search for a real (or draft) QB this offseason. Too many dink and dunks, That pick six that went for 101 yards the other way should convince the Redskins brass that it’s time to look elsewhere.

  12. the610limited says:
    November 18, 2018 at 4:40 pm
    I remember watching that Giants-Redskins game in ’85, and if it is remotely close to Joe Thiesmann’s injury….YIKES!!! Best wishes for as speedy a recovery as possible, and a return to the game.
    Not only is it is it the same injury, but it’s 33 years to the day that Theismann also suffered a compound fracture of the tibia. Time is a flat circle.

  13. It would be smart for the Redskins to offer the Cowboys their next 2 1st-rounders for Dak. Back to the NFC East basement.

  14. sigbouncer says:
    November 18, 2018 at 5:04 pm

    Shades of LT and Theismann. The irony of it coming down twice on a Washington quarterback in such a rare happening.


    And 33 years ago on this very day…weird.

  15. finzfan49

    Exactly. Trying to pad his stats and get a 1/2 sack (that he wasnt awarded by the way) and ended a man’s career in ththe process. There’s a reason he’s “gutted” and was the first person to go over and tap him on the shoulder when he got on the cart.


  16. logicalvoicesays says:
    November 18, 2018 at 4:42 pm
    Fixed RIGGED League. Real officiating crew with INTEGRITY KICKS Watt out of the game. He ruined Alex Smith’s career!

    Seriously I don’t even know how to respond to that. Dude, check in somewhere. Anywhere. There was nothing unclean about that hit.

  17. And this is why guys like Le’veon Bell do things like what he’s doing now. This can happen to anyone on any play of any game. Get well soon, Alex.

  18. He’s such a good guy and has really changed the narrative of his career from a bust to a legitimate starting QB in the league. I hope he’s able to come back but as he’s one of the smartest athletes I’ve ever met he’s going to be financially fine if he chooses to hang up his cleats. I’m not even watching the replay I have too much affection for the man.

    I’m going to donate $11 to the Alex smith foundation.

  19. As a Niners fan, I’ve always pulled for Alex. He’s a class act, a professional and good teammate. I hope you bounce back and take Washington to the playoffs next year!

  20. And this is why guys like Le’veon Bell do things like what he’s doing now. This can happen to anyone on any play of any game. Get well soon, Alex.
    True. When you are playing on a one year deal like Bell, an injury like this ends the next big money contract.
    While Bell is taking grief for missing $15 million this year, he is basically holding out as an insurance policy against an injury that limits 2 or 3 years in potential earnings.

  21. McCoy is a good QB, I always thought he could have been a starter with a good coach. I was surprised Jerry didn’t draft him. But he’s hardly played in seven years. The Cowboys will brutalize them on Thanksgiving.

  22. whynotjustadmitit says:
    November 18, 2018 at 5:22 pm
    Thumbs it down all you want. Its JJ’s fault. Watch. The. Replay.

    I watched it over and over.
    I don’t see any pointless tackling. Everyone at full speed doing what that are paid to do.
    I don’t see it as a dirty hit or a pointless hit.

  23. That sucks. Alex Smith seems to be a good person, and you hate seeing this happen to guys like him. Watt is also a standup kinda guy, so I’m sure there was absolutely no intent there. Hope everything comes out good for him.

  24. I am in no means saying the hit was dirty, however I am saying that it could of been avoided and Watt had zero reason to pile on at the end of that sack unless he was looking for that half sack stat.
    If you watch the replay there is no way you can’t agree with that. Now on the other hand Watt is the poster boy so the press will not say one thing about it. You can ber your ass if that was Tom Brady there would of been a flag on it for late hit. Again, I’m not saying it was dirty, I am saying it wasnt needed.

  25. Smith’s leg was broken by the first guy as he went down awkwardly. He was rolling over, his broken leg coming off the ground as Watt finished up the play. I’m a Chiefs fan, and think the world of AS11. But Watt did nothing wrong but finish the play as he should’ve.

  26. Gruesome. I’ve long said these guys pile on and pound like it’s some ridiculous dog pile. Sloppy, stupid and brutish! It needs to stop! Best wishes to Alex Smith for a successful, quick and full recovery. Hoping to hear soon that the surgery went well and to see him on the field in 2019. Good luck, Alex! Go Patriots!

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