Despite 55 touches in two games, Zeke Elliott is “ready” for Thanksgiving game

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The Cowboys have won back-to-back games for the first time this year, fueled by the efforts and the leadership of running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Elliott had 25 touches (187 total yards) against the Eagles last Sunday night at Philly, and he added another 30 on Sunday (201 total yards) at Atlanta. The man who now has 953 rushing yards and 1,294 yards from scrimmage told PFT by phone after the win against the Falcons that he feels fine.

“I really don’t feel banged up,” Elliott said, adding that he’s “ready” for the short-week home game against Washington.

Elliott, who had declared that the Week 10 game against the Eagles was a “must-win” contest, said that his teammates have responded well to the message that they need to keep winning if they hope to have a chance to get to the playoffs. And he knows that the offensive line continues to set the tone for the team.

“They’ve been destroying people,” Elliott said regarding his blockers.

And Elliott made it clear that all motivation has come from the urgency to win. Though he was aware of the talk that his six-game suspension began last year with a game against the Falcons, his only objective against the Falcons this year was to get the victory.

Even the criticism from Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman, who suggested it was time for a “complete overhaul” of the organization, didn’t pierce the locker room.

“I’m not even 100 percent sure what he said,” Elliott explained to PFT. “The guys don’t really know either. No disrespect to Troy, but that’s not why we’re winning.”

They’ll get a chance to keep winning on Thursday, when Colt McCoy (who four years ago engineered a win for Washington in Dallas) comes back to the state where he played high school and college football one game separating the two teams atop the NFC East.