Jaguars: We have “zero intention” of trading Jalen Ramsey

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Sunday morning brought a report from Adam Schefter of ESPN that concerned Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

Schefter reported that people around the league believe the Jaguars will look to trade Ramsey this offseason, but stopped short of reporting what the Jaguars themselves feel about building a future with the cornerback. The Jaguars did their part to answer that question a short time later.

“The Jaguars have zero intention of trading CB Jalen Ramsey,” Jaguars PR director Tad Dickman wrote in a tweet. “There is no truth to this rumor.”

Ramsey wrote in a tweet last week that people will miss him “when I’m gone from here,” which plenty of people took as a sign that he’s looking to move on to another team. Ramsey said he wants to spend his whole career with the Jaguars, however, and that his tweet was directed at “fake fans” who have given up on the team due to this year’s struggles.

Ramsey is in his third season with the Jaguars, so he has one year left on his rookie deal. The Jaguars have an option for a fifth season and Ramsey will become eligible for an extension this offseason.

17 responses to “Jaguars: We have “zero intention” of trading Jalen Ramsey

  1. The fakest fans are in Santa Clara. There were literally hundreds of 49er fans trolling preseason and now there’s like five of them. And they haven’t filled their new stadium since it opened.

  2. he’s been such a drama queen with motives other than just playing football, which would be bearable, though not ideal, if he had been improving as a player and teammate.

    ramsey looks like he will be the ryan leaf of his generation.

  3. All the hype about him has been generated by HIM. He is not that good and his recognition is because he always keeps his name in the media.
    Overrated player for sure.

  4. LOL fake fans. How about fake team members. You know the ones that leave a team because the team won’t pay them 17M a year when they make 15M… I get it completely. It’s a business. but then don’t be ticked off when nobody wants to go to watch you play when you win 1 game out of 8. Don’t be mad when fans sell their tickets because the product on the field is atrocious. Don’t throw the fans down that would rather watch and support something else then spend money and time following your lame play on the field. I always find it hypocritical when players and fans are call out fans for lack of support.. Really. LOL… But it is ok for a player to hold a team hostage with salary demands and jump ship as soon as they can make a few more bucks? You can’t have it both ways.

    Just my .02

  5. Oh and Ramsey.. here is some advice.

    Play Football

    Talk less

    kill your twitter account

    kill any other social media accounts

    research Barry Sanders / Jerry Rice / Tom Brady and their interactions with the media and fans…. copy it… use it.

  6. .
    The Jaguars have spent a lot of money in recent years. Can they afford to sign Ramsey to a new contract at top tier CB rates? His trade value will be considerable this offseason. I wonder if Steelers fans would willingly pay Ramsey the dollars that were earmarked for Le’Veon Bell?

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