Jon Gruden, Derek Carr have heated exchange on sideline


A rough season for the Raiders is boiling over.

Raiders coach Jon Gruden and quarterback Derek Carr had a heated exchange on the sideline after Carr called two timeouts in a row because he couldn’t get the plays called properly. Calling two timeouts in a row is a penalty.

The TV broadcast showed Gruden having harsh words for Carr on the sideline. A report from the Raiders’ local radio broadcast said tight end Lee Smith grabbed Gruden by the back of the neck in an effort to calm him down as he yelled at Carr.

Carr has mostly played it safe today, going into halftime having completed 6-of-11 passes for 56 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Perhaps Gruden would like to see Carr do more, but the Raiders and Cardinals are tied 14-14, which means the Raiders have played better in the first half today than they have in most games this season.

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  1. End of season Derek Carr is finished as a Raider. He’s not Gruden’s guy and if Gruden doesn’t watch out he may not coach the Raiders when they get situated in Vegas.

  2. If that’s what it takes to light a fire with this team then good for him. He’s got the long term contract and has nothing to lose in trying to get these guys to play up to the level of the competition. Nothing wrong in getting on someone if they’re not doing it his way.

  3. somebody will give up atleast a 1st for Carr simply because there will be multiple bidding teams: Jacksonville, Denver, Maybe New Orleans for Brees replacement, maybe New England for Brady’s replacement, Miami.

  4. This isn’t on Gruden. Carr called back to back timeouts after audibling out of a sure run play on 3rd and 2 and made it 3rd and 7.

    The Richard play is what upset Gruden. Richard on a MLB and Carr just lofted it out there. he could have looked elsewhere KNOWING that was going to be there. instead the play/route never developed and they punted the ball. This is rookie type mistakes Carr is making at this point.

  5. Two seasons ago the Raiders look like a solid team in both fronts. Then Carr got injured and everything, literally everything went downhill.

  6. I would say the 49ers are open for business, but that QB would have a hard time making our squad. We’ll give the Raiders a 6 pack of beer and some tic tacs for Derek Carr.

  7. Gruden is in a frenzy trying to figure out if Carr is loyal to him. After today, it’s certain that Carr’s remaining games are numbered and he’ll be replaced by someone who fawns over Gruden, regardless of whether they can actually play QB or not. Sound familiar?

  8. Colt McCoy also went 6/12 for 56 yards and a touchdown in one quarter in his first game action since 2013. I like Derek Carr, I’ve always liked Derek Carr, but it seems like his career with the Raiders is coming to an end. I hope the Raiders start fresh with Justin Herbert and Derek gets to play for a coach who will maximize his potential.

  9. Look, it’s easy to bash on Gruden. I know. Trading Mack looks dumb. But in all honesty they needed to tear that defense down and start from scratch. Even with a player as great as Mack, they were on average something like 26th rated defense in the league. Is a record breaking all time money contract worth the difference between 26th and 30th in defense while you rebuild? Especially if you can hit on those extra 1st rd picks and build around them at 5 year cap manageable team control. Not necessarily a move i would “endorse” because Mack is awesome, but it’s more understandable than most people act like.

    And a 1st for Cooper is an absolute STEAL. Yeah he’s been marginally better in Dallas, and even if he improved the Cowboys pass game a bit, he’s still not worth what they gave up especially considering he’s just about to be due a huge raise with lots of guaranteed money and term. Gruden can’t possibly turn that opportunity down.

    People bash him for blowing this team up and taking a wrecking ball to everything/everyone, but let’s be real here. This team was SOFT, they were FULL of holes, and about to become VERY expensive. I’m willing to see where this is going in the off season, if nothing else it will be interesting lol

  10. Can someone tell me two things:

    How many starting quarterbacks Gruden has coached in his career?

    The name of one of his quarterbacks that Gruden was even remotely supportive of?

    Carr will make some other team a good quality top ten/fifteen qb after he escapes Gruden.

    Any QB draft pick watching the board should pull a Manning (Peyton or Eli) and make sure they do not end up having their career distributed by this guy

  11. Good thing the Raiders plucked Chuckie from the broadcast booth and gave him a 10 year $10 million per contract otherwise the team could be a horrible 1-8, oh wait they are. Maybe this is why the Raiders are moving to Vegas, to bury Gruden in the desert. Raiders owner Mark Davis should bury his Flow Bee out in the desert too.

  12. “weren’t they in the Playoffs last season?”

    Two seasons ago, and they were complete frauds. Even without Carr, if you can’t even look at least somewhat formidable against the Brock Osweiler Texans, then you don’t belong. There was never a moment in that game where anyone took that team seriously. And they spent all last season validating that fact.

  13. Race to the bottom. Get another first pick. Use all first picks on busts. Run franchise into ground. Suck for another 15 years. Can’t wait!

    Not a fan of Carr’s, prayed he’d prove me wrong since his second year, but seriously he can’t get a play off and calls a second time out?!! *Facepalm*

  14. Carr is a proven quitter. Carr quit last week with the game outcome still undecided. When he threw the ball in the ground as opposed to taking a shot throwing it up to the endzone. Gruden probably wanted to bench him this week for AJ McCarron but knew it would hurt Carr’s trade value.

    And for the record, Lee Smith patted Gruden on the shoulder (not grabbed his neck) and they both were laughing about it a couple seconds after.

  15. Who would want to be a Raider at this point if they had other options? I bet the cheerleaders even want to be rooting for someone else.

  16. My high school coach was tougher than Gruden. What weak minded people. Guess you want Gruden to give this multi millionaire a participation trophy.

  17. Carr is the MOST overrated QB in the NFL the guy had one decent season and the media who love their Raiders went nuts. Raider management bought into the hype and are now stuck with an overpriced backup QB that they will have a hard time getting a trade for because of his contract. Hey no one ever called Raider management geniuses just look at all the stupid draft picks and moves they have made over the last 10 years.

  18. It’s not Carr’s fault, he needed another 25 seconds to finish calling Chuckie’s play in the huddle…

  19. Colt McCoy put up the exact same stats 6/12– 56/1 in one quarter, playing for the first time since 2013. I like Derek Carr, I’ve always liked Derek Carr, but seems like his career with the Raiders is coming to an end. I hope Oakland starts fresh with Justin Herbert and Derek gets to go play for a coach who can maximize his potential.

  20. Its soooo simple a child can tell yiu…The game has passed Gruden by…he lost it a long time ago with his last years in Tampa….sitting in the both for over 5 years didn’t help either.

  21. The Raiders are a train wreck. Gruden is full of BS with the comment he made about players wanting to play for the Raiders. Half of the guys he has now don’t want to be If scowling and making stink faces on the sidelines gets you to the Super Bowl, the Raiders are odds-on favorites.

  22. No sorry, this is still on Gruden. He is a bad coach who rode someone else’s coattails to greatness. Even taking the SB out of it for those who don’t get that – his overall record sucks. He is not a good coach, let alone a great one. Can’t pick a QB (Peterman, Manziel were supposed to be HOF) and he is too arrogant to get a locker room behind him. This is 100% on Gruden. He should not be there.

    Unless you are a fan of any other team in the AFC West

  23. I love this!! an over-rated coach and an over-rated QB having words on the sideline because they and their team all stink!

  24. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:
    November 18, 2018 at 6:49 pm

    Has Jack Del Rio stop laughing for at least one minute since September??

    About what? He sucked too.

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