Report: Browns considering Condoleezza Rice for head-coaching job

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If a homeless person was qualified to tell the Browns to draft Johnny Manziel, is a former United States Secretary of State qualified to coach the team?

Perhaps, in the eyes of Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and General Manager John Dorsey. Because according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Browns are considering former Secretary of State Condoleezza Reice as their next head coach.

Rice is a big football fan who has served on the College Football Playoff selection committee and has reportedly expressed interest in becoming commissioner of the NFL some day. But head coach? There’s no precedent at all for someone without any coaching experience to become an NFL head coach. And Rice has no coaching experience.

But Dorsey did say he is considering women for the job, and if the Browns want a coach to be a CEO who delegates, rather than an Xs and Os game planner, well, maybe they’d seriously do it. Rice probably wouldn’t be any worse than Hue Jackson.

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  1. I’m currently a high school coach, and played and coached at the the collegiate level… which immediately makes me a 1,000 times more qualified than her.

    Where do I apply?

  2. This is them floating her name out there as a favor for her to get a coaching job for some D3 school or something.

  3. The owner is a scam artist using the Browns to scam their fans since his PilotFlyingJ scheme got busted. He should be in jail not running an NFL team.

    How anyone would think NFL players would listen to or respect a “coach” who has never played football, never coached football at any level and never had anything to do with the NFL is almost beyond comprehension.

  4. Not happening folks. Just a tactic to get you off of talking about who they’re really going after. Just the same why they won’t tell you who they’re taking in the draft.

  5. Probably just the Brownsiest thing ever to do, but as a little thought experiment, it’s worth wondering if this method would be more sensible than just the retreaded meatheads that keep getting jobs (Matt Patricia). I work for a tech company and my CEO can’t program a computer, yet she’s already got us profitable within 3 years. What if the head coach position was the CEO, letting position coaches do the football coaching, and she handled the logistics, big picture decisions and managed the clock better than Andy Reid (not hard to do). I know everyone has a kneejerk response to this, but it’s kinda fun to wonder what would happen if the Browns did go through with it? (spoiler alert: it’s the Browns so you know already…)

  6. I’ve never coached but I’ve watched a bunch of games. Where do I apply?

    You’re more of a GM/President of Operations candidate. There are a few escaped mental patients that are currently being interviewed for the HC spot.

  7. I had to do a double tack as I thought my eyes were playing tricks. If this is true, what even is the correlation?! Why not Bill Gates then? Bon Jovi? A cat riding a roomba?!

  8. This just might work. You never know. A lot of people don’t think you can have a man coaching college women’s basketball, but UConn coach Geno Auriemma has coached the Huskies women to 11 national championships. If he can do it, she can too. I know one thing, she better demand full control over the roster.

  9. Let’s see…Mike McCarthy has so much talent on GB over the years and look what he hasn’t accomplished. Condoleezza Rice is very knowledgeable women with smarts to boot. All the assistance do the coaching…the HC if not the play caller pretty much does nothing but manage the clock and appeal plays…. At this point the Browns have brought in highly sought after coaches and have accomplished nothing. She if anything else would help in draft and organization of this team.

  10. “I’ve never played a down of football in my life. I’m applying”.

    You’ve never been Secretary of State either. You’ve never been on the boards of major corporations or the college football playoff selection board either. Meaning that Ms. Rice is imminently more qualified than you.

  11. If the Browns are seriously considering Rice then this I see this as really no different to the Raiders bringing back Jon Gruden. Both actions qualify as P.T. Barnum publicity stunts. And both provide validation that Son-of-Al & Jimmy Haslam are in a dead heat for worst owner in the NFL.

  12. If she left the country and went to england she would be charged with war crimes, which would be very strange and embarrassing. But she did save us from the Iraqi Taliban. Maybe she will just get up after every loss and explain that they are actually winning.

  13. UConn coach Geno Auriemma has coached the Huskies women to 11 national championships.


    La Tech’s Leon Barmore was the first Division I college women’s coach was the first coach in history to record 6 straight 30+ win seasons and was the fastest women’s coach in history to win 450 games (out of 520). Barmore is in both the Basketball Hall of Fame and the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

  14. I hear Sean Spicer might be available.
    And when no one shows up to the game because the Browns have managed to be even worse, he can hold a press conference to thell everyone that the team has had the largest crowds in the history of the NFL. No. The history of the Universe!

  15. I don’t know about a head coaching job. Probably not. Rice isn’t just a fan. She’s one of the smartest people on the planet and she has a nerdy obsession with football. She should have been commissioner instead of Goodell. The NFL would work like a well oiled machine if she was in charge.

  16. robotimpurity – Patricia might not be doing good but this is his 1st year as a head coach so how is he a retread? There’s multiple retreads around the league but the fact you used 1 guy who’s not as an example of a retread shows your lack of knowledge and understanding. He spent the past 13 years working his way up in 1 organization before going to another organization so even as an assistant he wasn’t a retread. Also to compare a head coach to a CEO of a company is absolutely wrong, if you want to compare a CEO to an NFL position it would be the GM. A GM doesn’t have to know the X’s and O’s their overseeing everything to make sure the organization is running smoothly the same way a CEO would because their not involved in day to day operations. Using your tech analogy the CEO of your company isn’t going to come down and tell you how to program a computer since they don’t know are they?

  17. Right now the Browns are considering anyone. They’re just having some fun. It’s the bye week. If over the last six games the offense continues to improve and Mayfield is comfortable with Kitchens, I doubt they change anything. If not then anything is possible.

  18. I think I saw a Goldie Hawn movie, Wildcats, like this before. I’m guessing if it worked in the movies it will work in real life. I mean it worked brilliantly too in movie life once Kevin Costner took over the Browns draft in Draft Day. I’m sure the next movie reference for this franchise will be Apocalypse Now.

  19. That is a stupid idea because she has no qualifications .

    That said, there is a way it could work. If the HC is treated as strictly a leader/manager and the coordinators are used as actual “experts” responsible for their areas then she would be dealing with decisions that do not require an expert on Xs and Os. Odds are that she understands the rules, strategy and time management scenarios as well as the typical HC. Many commenters on this site could handle that aspect as well as some of the guys that have been HC. The main problem would be gaining acceptance and respect from the players which is extremely unlikely and would easily undermine what she wants to do.

  20. I applaud the Browns on 2 fronts:
    1. Diversity – in even considering Rice, they can check both the female and black checkboxes.
    2. She is a Republican. That alone shows that she is a logical thinker and should be able to hire the right coaching staff to move the Browns forward. Lord knows that if they hired Hillary, who has not accomplished anything of substance in her life, ever, they would be a dumpster fire of epic proportions. The women of Cleveland would be at risk to due Slick Willy Clinton, and Hillary would fleece not just the browns, but the city of Cleveland as well for everything they have. Her staff would consist of an iranian, a chinese spy, a wall street “consultant”, a female “assistant” for herself, and an intern for Bill.

  21. Can you see Ms. Rice on one sideline trying to out strategize Bill Belichick on the other? If the Browns do this then it is clear that the Browns’ strategy is to continue to field a last place team, collect the highest draft picks, maintain a low salary team and reap the financial rewards of being an NFL team regardless of fan approval.

  22. If the Browns are going with a former Secretary of State they might also consider Hillary for the gig. Think how awesome it’d be to go straight from the ‘anthem’ to the ‘lock her up’ chant without missing a beat. Don’t you just love this psycho country?

  23. The Browns are floating her as a head coach candidate, with a GM job description, but aren’t getting rid of their GM. Got it.

    This is dubious, at best. Rice has my respect, but installing her as a head coach with no experience only makes sense if 1) Cleveland wants to make “history”, and 2) are intent on tanking the next few seasons for some reason.

    But consider if miraculously they win the Super Bowl — would HC Rice go to the White House and meet with President Trump?? That’d almost be better than the game.

  24. CharlieCharger – In my life I’ve never once heard anyone say a man can’t coach women’s basketball in college. Have I heard the reverse of a woman can’t coach men’s college basketball? Yes but the issue with Rice isn’t her sex it’s her lack of knowledge of X’s and O’s.

  25. Either John Dorsey has completely lost control of his mental faculties, or this is a brilliant maneuver to get the Rooney Rule out of the way quickly. After all, Rice is a DOUBLE minority — black AND female. I sure would like to be the fly on the wall during her interview for this job. Dorsey had said that two of his criteria for the new head coach would be “football acumen” and “football knowledge.” Yeah, she should score pretty well on those fronts. It’s becoming almost impossible to take this team serious anymore. Paul Brown must be spinning in his grave!

  26. Never played football – check

    No Football coaching experience – check

    No coaching experience in any sport – check

    Never played a sport at the college level – check

    Sounds like a well qualified choice.
    I’d give her a 4 year contract at 3MM/year, fully guaranteed if I was the Browns owner (Haslam).

  27. I am hoping that teams start considering women to join their organization. Hiring Rice as the head football coach would probably set that back another 20 years. If she knows management and football that well, why not bring her in as an executive? Coach?

  28. Don’t be idjut beancounters. You think the applicant who has 7 years 4 months experience with Microsoft Schnark 3.0 should always be favored over the one with 6 years 9 months experience? What if the one with less experience was so much smarter that he got twice as much from his 6 years 9 months as the other guy with 7 years 4 months.

  29. With all due respect to Sec. Rice, is this a joke? Cleveland Browns, your franchise will never fulfill it’s potential as long as Jimmy and Dee Haslam operate with this type of foolish ideology/philosophy. Other than being a fan and a member of the CFB playoff, Sec. Rice has no practical football experience. Really? Come one!

  30. This was probably said earlier but I haven’t read the comments.

    ESPN also reported they weren’t seriously considering her for the job but rather wanted her views on culture, leadership, managing people, etc. Leaving that out totally changed how the piece was read and was disingenuous.

  31. Something like this COULD work, but I dont believe the Browns are the stable franchise to do it.
    If a different, well respected franchise was telling everyone they want to redefine the Head Coach position, make it more of a front office role, an oversight role, while the coordinators take on more coaching responsibilities perhaps I’d buy it.

  32. charger383
    Nov 18, 2018, 11:59 AM EST
    and Bill Belichick will be next Secretary of State

    It’ll be the Belichick/Brady ticket in 2024

  33. Who reported this? Schefter? He has never been duped before, so this must be true. This is a good joke though. I guess the Packers are going to hire Michelle Obama as their next head coach. Apparently she watched the former president watch football once.

  34. Condoleezza Rice is one of my favorite people because of what she stands for and how she rose to prominence but this seems like a PR stunt. If they were interviewing her for a front office position that would make more sense. She’s never coached any level of football. How do the Browns think she’s qualified to be an NFL head coach? Bizarre. Love to see her in the NFL in some regard I just think its insulting to her and to fans to think they are seriously considering it.

  35. First team to lose to the Browns coached by Rice should be exiled to England and play their games out of London…Then the Browns would tweak with their nick, to honor their coach.
    And will play from the there on under the name ” Cleveland Brown Condos”…

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