Vance Joseph on not challenging 2-point try: Get the call right; don’t always put it on us

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The Broncos failed to convert a two-point conversion in the fourth quarter of a tight game. They failed to convert only because they failed to challenge the play.

Replays clearly showed Broncos quarterback Case Keenum reaching the ball across the goal line before any body part touched the ground as he dove into the end zone.

Because it wasn’t a scoring play, it was not a booth review. That left it up to Broncos coach Vance Joseph to challenge it.

Joseph reached for his red challenge flag but decided against throwing it.

Joseph said after the game that coaches in the booth told him they didn’t see a clear replay.

“And if we don’t have the replay, what are they going to see?” Joseph said, via Jeff Legwold of ESPN.

CBS rules analyst Gene Steratore, a former NFL referee, said during the broadcast he expected the league would have reversed the on-field ruling if the Broncos had challenged.

Instead of leading 22-19 with 12:17 remaining, the Broncos led only 20-19. The Chargers kicked a field goal with 6:47 left to regain the lead. Denver eventually won on a last-play field goal, but the bad advice Joseph got from upstairs could have cost the Broncos dearly.

Joseph, though, put it back on officials.

“Get the call right. How about that? Don’t always put it on us,” Joseph said, via 104.3 The Fan.

29 responses to “Vance Joseph on not challenging 2-point try: Get the call right; don’t always put it on us

  1. Well yeah, he’s got a point. And remember when we were told, “if only we had full-time referees”? That’s why every game we now hear, “there’s an example of how much having full-time referees has improved the officiating.”

  2. Why should a bad called have to be challanged? If there’s any chance of it being a bad call it should be reviewed, PERIOD! It’s like the refs today are taught to make the wrong call so these team HAVE to use their challanges up, that’s BS! There doesn’t seem to be much emphasis on the refs getting it right but there’s a ton of evidence that shows the teams HAVE to use up their challanges in order to get the correct call on the field, is that really the way it’s supposed to be? HMMMMMMMM!

  3. “And if we don’t have the replay, what are they going to see?” Joseph said, via Jeff Legwold of ESPN.

    “Get the call right. How about that? Don’t always put it on us,” Joseph said, via 104.3 The Fan.

    True for first statement.

    2nd statement is from a coach who’s about to lose his job. I don’t know what Vance is thinking. Don’t blame the refs for doing a poor job. It’s no longer surprising for blown calls. It’s your job to prove them wrong, unfortunately.

  4. I mean, y’all can focus on what he said or you could focus on what he actually said. If Joseph said it, Belichick said, Tomlin said it…why does that matter? He’s right. The NFL for some reason limits the number of challenges coaches get but also limit what they can challenge. The risk of challenging a clearly wrong call is far too high to be worth losing a timeout because some official saw it differently than the rest of us.

  5. Ya know it gets old after awhile hearing every HC get questioned for NOT doing something wether it be not going for it on 4th down, not trying for 2 at certain points, not calling a TO at certain points or in this case not challenging a play. It’s easy to ask why not when their decision not to do something worked against them but it’s equally as easy to ask why when the opposite decision works against them and 100% likely the media will do just that. If he didn’t have a clear replay like he said and loses the challenge as a result of not knowing if it was worth a challenge he also loses a TO which comes in handy in tight games like this one. Don’t come up in the aftermath of a decision as if you could’ve done it better just because you now know the outcome of said decision

  6. “vancouversportsbro says:
    November 18, 2018 at 10:22 pm
    Worst coach in the league hands down. Guy couldn’t be trusted to “coach” the fry stations at mcdonalds”

    He’s not even the worst coach in the division (Gruden)!

  7. Most challenges are not reversed and cost a time out. Denver needed every single one of it’s final time outs to win that game. Good call.

  8. Bizarrely, this worked to Denver’s advantage as LAC tried to kill off game with lead instead of situation where they would have been tried and remained aggressive. And we know how that worked out.

  9. What an absolutely LOSER response from this guy. He got bailed out today from the stupidest 2nd and 3rd down plays you’ll ever see from captain choke job Phillip Rivers.

  10. 8oneanddones says:
    November 18, 2018 at 10:37 pm
    The Broncos have shown some fight this season. Is VJ really the problem?

    Uh yes. If you’ve watched their games, they have pretty much been beaten soundly in 5 of their 6 losses, they just made it look better by putting up garbage times scores. Joseph just won his first sunday road game since he got here. that’s not good.

  11. The reason they have “challenges” is in the event the officials get a call wrong. Does VJ not understand this? His answer is the sign of pure incompetance. He would have been fired today if not for Phillip Rivers epic stupidity.

  12. pretty funny Vance telling someone to do their job, look in the mirror buddy, fire Vance Joseph

  13. Rivers essentially spiked the ball to stop the clock for the Broncos; that 3rd down play was absolutely insane. As fans and bettors, how, exactly, are we to properly interpret what he did?

  14. Surely a 2-point conversion is a ‘scoring’ play?

    The NFL is a mess right now. So many inconsistencies.

    VJ is a joke. Way out of his depth.

  15. In what universe is a play where a guy is trying to add points to his team’s total —you know, points that could affect the outcome of the game— NOT a scoring play?

    This universe.

  16. Yes the refs should get the calls right. I also believe all plays should be reviewed in real time before the ball is set for the next play. If it needs further looks then stop the clock and have a look.
    All that said, VJ has to go. In almost 2 years I have never seen him out coach a team. The Broncos have to overcome their HC to win, that’s a problem, not the only problem but a big problem.
    What is also a problem is there is nobody on staff with the resume to potentially step up to take over. That may just be VJ’s greatest move. Make sure nobody in-house can take over if you’re fired.

  17. League competition committee always a step behind. For next season they will simply add the term “including all extra points” to “all scoring plays and turnovers”.

  18. Staying on topic, coaches who make stupid challenges don’t deserve consideration for rule flaws. How many times have we seen a coach make a challenge in the first quarter that he wins and gains a third and 4 as opposed to third and 8, coach totally ignorant that he must now win the next challenge or he is out of challenges. Sure this is idiotic flaw in the rule, but it is the rule and there are long time coaches who still make the needless challenge for no other purpose than they will win it.

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