Eric Ebron: Andrew Luck has lost some speed since college

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Just about everything went right for the Colts in Sunday’s 38-10 win over the Titans, but there was one notable exception to that rule.

Head coach Frank Reich reached into his bag of tricks to have tight end Eric Ebron throw a pass to quarterback Andrew Luck on a third down near the end zone. The play, which Reich dubbed the “Ebron Special”, resulted in an incompletion when Luck’s dive for the ball fell short.

After the game, Ebron noted that he saw Luck catch a pass while at Stanford and joked that that quarterback doesn’t have the same wheels he did in his younger days.

“You know, I went back and looked at a Stanford clip of him doing that,” Ebron said, via the Indianapolis Star. “But, you know, that was a couple years ago. Maybe I should have thought about that. He might have been a little slower this time.”

Ebron went on to admit overthrowing Luck and said he wishes he “could have had it back because my celebration would have been crazy.” With at least six more games on the schedule and a coach who doesn’t mind taking a chance or two, Ebron might get another chance to break out that celebration.

9 responses to “Eric Ebron: Andrew Luck has lost some speed since college

  1. Andrew Luck has an offensive line now, a running game, and two TE’s and a speed receiver. They have an outside shot at the playoffs… you money on Indy now

  2. The Colts are having fun again and it’s because of their new coach. Even back when Andrew Luck was winning his first 3 years, a lot of the wins were 4th quarter come from behind wins. Basically, they won their games after their ill advised game plans were tossed aside, and the games were turned over to the very young Andrew Luck. I don’t know how good of a coach Frank Reich actually is, but he’s looking like a Hall of Famer after what we’ve been witnessing from the Colts during the Luck era.

  3. it is almost a certainty precious few people outside Indiana not named Enron care whatsoever about what an overdrafted undertalented crybaby with the work ethic of a debutante at a cotillion has to say about anything;

    sure, he’s outplaying his contract now (everyone save the Colts seem to know that’s his MO) but the first cloud of adversity and this sunshine cowboy will return to his moping ways like a petulant child;

    no doubt he’ll want it written into his new contract he is exempt from blocking and going over the middle on third downs;

  4. Stanford fan here, nice to see Andrew not running for his life every other play, attributed to good coaching, a game plan and mixing it up. NFL defenses are too good for predictable plays; Jim Brown and Barry Sanders couldn’t do much against virtual 8 man fronts, T’was excruciating watching the old Colts run the first two plays every down between the tackles for little gain.

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