Jerry Jones: Wouldn’t sell Cowboys for less than $10 billion

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The last NFL franchise to sell set a record, with the Panthers fetching around $2.3 billion.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones thinks his team is worth more than four times that amount.

In an interview with Bloomberg, via the Dallas Morning News, Jones said anyone who would try to make him an offer better have a big wallet.

“If I had to sell the team tomorrow I wouldn’t accept anything less than $10 billion,” Jones said. “But, I don’t want to imply that I would take $10 billion for them. The Cowboys are just not for sale. They’re a long-term asset and my immediate family — which has been a part of making them what they are today — they’ll own the Cowboys long after I’m gone. . . .

“I don’t say $10 billion just to say a ridiculous number. I just think you really have to go on what people would pay. I don’t want to say at least $10 billion but I certainly think you can justify a $10 billion value, but economically I’d rather have the Cowboys than the $10 billion.”

Jones bought the Cowboys in 1989 for what was then a record, paying $150 million. Forbes estimates the value of the team at $5 billion, and Jones is said to be worth $6 billion.

45 responses to “Jerry Jones: Wouldn’t sell Cowboys for less than $10 billion

  1. As much as you may hate the Cowboys or think they are mediocre, don’t kid yourself into thinking your team is worth anywhere near as much as the Cowboys. Just a fact.

  2. I’m no Cowboys fan and definitely not a JJ fan. But if the Panthers sold for $2.3 billion, the Cowboys can definitely fetch at least $8-10 billion. The size of the two markets doesn’t even compare.

  3. I remember the jokes when he bought the team. Like he came to a meeting with only one shoe and someone asked if he had lost a shoe and he replied “no found one”. He is an obnoxious attention junkie, who is ate up about not getting credit for the 3 Super Bowls that Jimmy Johnson won for him. But he is a very rich junkie.For all he can’t do, like be an NFL GM, you gotta give him credit. He knows how to make money. And get’s to play with his toy to boot as it rakes in money for him.

  4. Most NFL teams are worth from 3 to 5 billion. It is funny how Cowboys fans think the Cowboys are worth many billions more than other teams. Just not fact.

    The Cowboys are worth 5 billion. The Pats are worth 4 billion. Most teams in the 3.5 billion range. The lowest worth of a NFL team is the Bills at around 2.1 billion in 2018.

  5. The Cowboys value is not so much the team itself but more so the Dallas Cowboys trademark ….THE NAME ITSELF and the history that goes behind it.

  6. It’s impossible to value a limited commodity like an NFL team until the bidding starts.

    Its only really worth what someone’s willing to pay and I seriously doubt anyone who’s made the kind of money it takes to buy one would legitimately be able to get the accounting to make sense from an ROI perspective at 10 billion on the Cowboys.

    Would they be expensive? Yep but the bidding would max out several billion below 10 and that’s their actual worth.

  7. I have no doubt the valuation in the right ballpark. The Cowboys are the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Lakers of football, and the separation between the Cowboys value is probably larger.

    Is what it is, like it or not.

  8. Can someone explain to me how Forbes can value any franchise that doesn’t report its financials publicly (e.g., anyone but Packers)? Kind of difficult/impossible to value a private company when you don’t know the underlying cash flows…

  9. Jones will never sell because then he would become irrelevant. He LOVES all the attention he gets since buying the Cowgirls. Nobody knew who he was before that. Nobody would care about who he was if he were to sell.

  10. cowboyfan45 says:
    November 19, 2018 at 2:20 pm
    Just goes to show a snake oil saleman can make fools out of anyone….

    Jerry does it all the time with the Cowboy/Homer Fan club members with there delusional
    rationalization and excuses for the team’s performance over the past 23 years.

  11. “THE NAME ITSELF and the history that is behind it”


    The Cowboys “name” brings in no more money than the Packers “name”

    Keep drinking Jerry’s and Skip’s Kool-Aid Cowboys fans👍

  12. redlikethepig says:
    November 19, 2018 at 2:31 pm
    The Cowboys remind me of someone currently occupying the White House.


    Yeah…and the previous occupant of the White House reminded me of the Bills

  13. The Cowboys haven’t been a “relevant” playoff team in 20 years! Image their value if they were actually significant when playoffs roll around.

  14. Maybe. I guess. But nobody would pay 10 million. I dont see the value of NFL going up any more than it already has. Ceiling. No way NFL football doubles in growth and popularity from what it is now. It can only go on the decline. Certainly I am no where close to him, but if I had bought the Boys for what he did and turned this much profit, why wouldnt you sell?

  15. Jones without question knows how to make a lot of money.

    But that in no, way, shape or form even remotely qualified Jones for induction into the HOF (although I’m sure that he used part of his fortune to bribe the electors).

  16. A little more context would be great. The team may not be for sale but clearly the topic has surfaced.

    The succession mess in Denver is visible to everyone, even Jerry’s kids ( no pun intended ).

  17. Take the Packers approach and issue privately held stock. Initial price to be $10,000 per share. Sell 1 million shares and we buy the team. Celebrity Cowboys fans like Lebron, Chris Rock, Kelly Clarkson, Eminem, Jamie Foxx, etc, would buy most of the shares, leaving the rest to we commoners. Everybody wins, mostly the Dallas Cowboys.

  18. They’re a long-term asset and my immediate family — which has been a part of making them what they are today — they’ll own the Cowboys long after I’m gone. . . .
    A mediocre team for decades?

  19. “made them what they are today” avg as dry grits as a team, worth it as a business investment if your in your 30s and got a pocket full of chips….

  20. If Bill Gates offered $100 billion in cash, JJ would still pass on it. Why? Because as long as he owns the Cowboys, he’s ”somebody,” and that garners a lot of publicity. If he were to sell that team, he’d become a ”nobody,” and no one would pay attention to a ”nobody.”

  21. All he has is the popularity of being America’s team. His ego as calculated by himself accounts for half of that made up $10 billion value.

  22. redlikethepig says:

    The Cowboys remind me of someone currently occupying the White House.

    Agreed. Which is why they’re the highest revenue generating sports team on the planet.

  23. 49ersfury says:

    49ere are the real America’s team.
    sure pal, the 49ers are more like America’s tire fire.

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