Josh Allen feels “comfortable and fluid” throwing the ball

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Doctors have yet to fully clear Bills quarterback Josh Allen, but all signs point to his return Sunday against the Jaguars. The rookie was expected to have a full practice Monday.

“We’re going to continue to take it one day at a time here,” coach Sean McDermott told reporters. “We’ll just see how he looks today. He’s had some good rehab sessions. Our medical staff, Josh, our strength and conditioning staff have done a wonderful job.”

Allen injured his elbow in an Oct. 14 loss to the Texans. He missed the four games since but is “comfortable” with the elbow again after limited work before the team’s open date.

“I’m making throws where I don’t have to second guess, putting the ball where it needs to be, and when I’m making each throw, there’s no grabbing or pulling in there and it feels comfortable and fluid,” Allen said. “Maybe two weeks ago I might’ve had a few throws where [I think] I don’t want to make this throw yet. Now, I definitely think it’s full game and every throw is on the table.”

Allen agreed he will have a mental hurdle to overcome, needing to take a hit and his elbow to hold up to be completely comfortable.

“It’s just like anything else,” Allen said. “Any football game, you can be hit one way or another. It’s not the safest sport that we play; it’s a beautifully violent game, and that’s what, in part, I love about it. You’ve got to go out there you’ve got to compete and trust the guys around you. You’re going to take some licks and hits, but ultimately, it depends on how you feel, and I feel confident with this offense moving forward and with my body.”

Allen is 2-3 as the Bills’ starter, completing 54 percent of his passes for 832 yards with two touchdowns and five interceptions.