Lions’ Kerryon Johnson week to week with knee sprain

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The Lions’ top running back is going to be out for a while — but not as long a while as some feared.

After medical tests today, Kerryon Johnson is considered week to week with a knee sprain, a league source tells PFT.

Considering that the Lions play on Thanksgiving, we can safely say he won’t play in that game, and maybe won’t play a few more weeks beyond Thursday. But any time a running back limps off the field with a knee injury there are fears that it could be something more serious, and those fears have been assuaged.

Still, any game without Johnson is a game in which the Lions’ running attack may be nonexistent. Johnson has single-handedly given the Lions a running attack this season: Johnson has averaged 5.4 yards a carry, while the Lions’ other running back, LeGarrette Blount, has averaged 2.3 yards a carry.

So the Lions are going to have a tough time running the ball on Thursday against the Bears. But at least they’re not worried about the long-term health of their promising rookie runner.

13 responses to “Lions’ Kerryon Johnson week to week with knee sprain

  1. What a relief as a Lions fan. Johnson is a good running back and isn’t far from being a very good running back. Avoiding surgery is a big deal for the young man.

  2. That helps the Bears’ prospects considerably on Turkey Day… though counterbalanced by the fact the Lions will have Slay back for the D.

  3. Always love playing the Lions on Thanksgiving. It will be a great game, the Lions will be looking for revenge on the Bears from last week. Tempted to start Riddick against the Bears defense. I see him getting 15 targets from Stafford.

  4. I’d say shut him down for the rest of the year. The kid is going to be a super star. This season just isn’t worth his long term health at this point. BQ needs to admit me missed on T.J. and go draft another mauler up front or bring in a good FA.

  5. Blount gained a whopping 1 yard off 7 carries yesterday and that’s been par for the course over the last month or so. Not good and looks even worse splitting carries with KJ. Bears are gonna tee off on Stafford and ruin Thanksgiving. Gonna be a flashback to the mid-2000’s

  6. Well, I tried to wish the young man well as I offered my meager thoughts on the overall direction the Lions seem to be heading (up, imho). Apparently, some or all of that was too offensive for whomever is at the controls today.

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