Chiefs-Rams gives ESPN its biggest Monday night rating in more than four years

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Unsurprisingly, Monday night’s Chiefs-Rams instant classic did big business for ESPN.

The Rams’ 54-51 win drew an 11.3 overnight rating, which makes it the highest-rated Monday Night Football game on ESPN in more than four years.

The last time ESPN got a higher overnight rating for a Monday night game was on October 27, 2014, when Colt McCoy led Washington to an overtime victory at Dallas.

NFL ratings declined in 2016 and 2017 but have rebounded in 2018. For ESPN to get its highest rating since 2014 is another strong indication that the league has put its TV ratings woes behind it.

25 responses to “Chiefs-Rams gives ESPN its biggest Monday night rating in more than four years

  1. The throwing accuracy on both quarterbacks is amazing. I’ve never seen so many “dimes” in one game, from both teams. These are young kids doing this, and they both seemed unfazed by the spotlight. Unreal.

  2. To bad we have to listen to Booger giggle anytime he speaks and give amazing analysis like, the Rams need to get rid of Sam Shields and find someone faster if they want to cover Tyreek Hill. Good to know the guy that’s getting paid 7 figures can’t come up with anything the Rams can do in the actual game that’s being played and say something far more useful like, Sam needs to get up on the line and really jam Hill since there’s no way he or anyone else in the league is able to keep up with him.

  3. These are young kids doing this, and they both seemed unfazed by the spotlight. Unreal.
    Those same young kids combined for 7 (SEVEN!) turnovers. Unfazed indeed.

  4. Just wouldn’t have been near as good without Booger’s genius on display. He adds so much value… how did ESPN manage to secure his amazing talents.

  5. Joe Tessitore tried to do a Gus Johnson impression and it failed miserably.

    Booger and Witten are fine. Joe is out of place doing NFL games and everything seems forced. He will not be back next year. Mark my words.

  6. Not sure about the overall rating situation, but there have been a lot of big games on in prime slots this year.

    I never stopped watching or threatened to stop watching over El Presidente comments even as a fan of his. But at the end of the day ratings all come down to matchups and markets.

    The fraction of people who went full boycott over the last few years are probably coming back since the NFL has removed the problem.

  7. High rating for fantasy purposes. The NFL has become arena ball. Should just put flags on them and admit it.

  8. Imagine how much more of a classic this game would have been if it didn’t have the announcing genius of last night. Separately, they might be ok but together they form a horrilbe amalgamation of sounds. Tessitore and Boog would be ok, Witten and someone else might be ok but Boog left free to spout out nonsense while Witten tries to find footing with possibly no feet is just annoying.

  9. MichelleObamas10inchPianist says – “I never stopped watching or threatened to stop watching over El Presidente comments even as a fan of his”.

    An almost total fabrication. You posted approximately one hundred comments claiming that you were boycotting. The only true part is that you never stopped watching, just like all of the other fake boycotters.

  10. An instant classic game occurs, and the only take some people have is tired criticism of the announcers. Some of you people aren’t really football fans. Rather, you’re fans of complaining about something.

  11. First, these announcers DO stink. Although I think Witten has gotten better, everyone else has regressed.

    They have ZERO chemistry and the flow is terrible. I think Booger being down on the field is part of it. Anytime someone tries to make a joke, they have to follow it up with who it’s directed at – “Boog, Tess, Witt” – and it’s sounds SO forced and unnatural. If they were all in the booth, they could see each other’s non-verbal cues and it might – MIGHT- seem more natural.

    Tess is awful though, this isn’t the right stage for him. Stick to boxing and college football.

  12. Are there still players kneeling? I really have no idea. The networks refusing to televise it has completely muted the subject. Out of sight, out of mind I guess..

  13. I usually care less if the game is competitive but that MNF crew is incredibly bad. In all sincerity, Id take the fourth tier crew from any of the big networks over them. even my 21yr old daughter asked me, why does that guy constantly yell everything ? I tried westwood one but it was badly synced.

  14. blah, another scrimmage passed off as a legit game….rules bent over backward making the last 18 years of qb and receivers, into the overrated players they are today.

    yup, im the old guy yelling at the kids to get off my line as i check out youtube for nfl films of real football from the 60s and 70s, you remember those, right? where defense was actually permitted, fairly consistently, i might add, to play defense…

    and all these ‘superstars’ we see today, would have has their collective asses beaten on a regular basis back in the day when you had to play both offense and defense….

    not pitch and catch, while the announcers have orgasmic squeeling every other boring throw, catch, first down, throw, catch,first down…yawwwwwwwwn….

  15. The Chiefs are good and I expect them to be in the SB, but to date they have lost both games that were shootouts – 54-51 last night and 43-40 against New England in week 6.

  16. Bradygirl12: were you watching the same game I was? Mahomes seems to like the limelight, loves to show off that strong arm of his. His touchdowns came on wide open receivers for the majority. Goff, now he was extremely surgical with his passes. Mahomes could have won with a controlled passing game on its last series, no he has to show off that arm.

  17. @i’llgivemyopinion
    You’re right. You could argue that saying the players were wide open was an under statement. Both teams secondaries and LBs were putrid.

  18. The game went exactly according to plan. The all-star ref crew had their agenda, and it worked to perfection. The league is hell bent to make their new market work, regardless of who they have to step on to get it there. And it’s not the penalties they called. It’s the ones they didn’t call. The lambs got a free ride last night.

  19. The ESPN Monday night crew continue to irritate, unfortunately. Jason Witten is awful, and the other two barely better. This experiment is failing miserably – ESPN, do something about it!

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