NFL continues torrid scoring pace

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The Chiefs and Rams went up and down the field Monday night, combining for 105 points in one of the most exciting NFL regular-season games in history. They produced the third-most points in a game in NFL history.

But points have come easily in most NFL games this season as the torrid scoring pace continues.

The 7,791 points scored through Week 11 is the most in NFL history as are the 895 touchdowns and 570 touchdown passes.

The NFL has produced plenty of close games, too, with 47 decided by three points or fewer. That’s the second-most in NFL history through Week 11.

The league has seen 78 games decided by seven points or fewer (tied for fifth-most in NFL history through Week 11) and 86 games decided by eight points or fewer (tied for third-most in NFL history through Week 11).

Of the 161 games played thus far, 107 (66 percent) have been within one score in the fourth quarter, and 45 times teams have come back to win or tie after trailing in the fourth quarter or overtime.

20 responses to “NFL continues torrid scoring pace

  1. Remember when I told you guys before the season that eagles had one of the worst rosters in the nfl? Turns out I wasn’t trolling they have a horrible roster. Pederson should win coach of the year for winning 4 games with this embarrassment of a roster

  2. Remember when I told you guys before the season that eagles had one of the worst rosters in the nfl? Turns out I was right they have a horrible roster. Pederson should win coach of the year for winning 4 games with this embarrassment of a roster

  3. Every rule change is done with offense & scoring in mind. This record scoring can’t possibly be surprising to anyone

  4. Another way to look at it is defense is the most pathetic it’s ever been. No challenge to playing offense anymore.

  5. No Joke?Who would’ve seen that coming. Anytime you could theoretically have a 99 yard penalty, you have an incredibly flawed product. It ain’t football folks. It’s entertainment. Like when the WWF went to the WWE.

  6. This modern league is such a joke. When you have a first year starting quarterback throwing 37 touchdown passes in 11 games, one of the highest final scores in NFL history: 54-51, and terrible teams like the Colts scoring 38 points, the Raiders scoring 45 points, the Ravens scoring 42, the Broncos scoring 45, and the Jets scoring 42 to 48 points, the passing records don’t mean much anymore. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in their prime would have put up 60 touchdowns with these 2018 rules.

  7. If the increase in scoring is causing the close games, that’s a good thing. I somehow doubt it though. I think it’s the sloppy play caused by there not being enough honestly good QBs to go around, even when helped out by a stacked rule book.

  8. I’m surprised to hear descriptions of this game as exciting and a classic. To me, it was a glorified college game. There were some impressive throws, and the few big defensive plays were fun, but watching two teams just race up and down the field doesn’t sustain interest for fans of the game. A game like that is for people with a fantasy football mindset.

  9. I hope the NFL doesn’t turn into the NBA and whoever has the ball almost always scores. I do enjoy watching good defense. I think a 24-23 game is much more interesting to watch than the Monday night game with over 100 points scored. That’s just me though…

  10. The game many fans grew up with has been gutted by attorneys to satisfy fantasy football geeks. I find it largely unwatchable now.

  11. NFL really isn’t important to me anymore. I watched half of one game this entire weekend.

    It’s just not football anymore. It’s something altogether different. The game didn’t change… THEY changed the game.

    It’s actually kind of boring when defenses have been so minimalized that its actually surprising when someone doesn’t score – or – when a penalty ISN’T called.

  12. Another half a story on this same topic. If you can’t say what the previous record was for comparison why would any one care what the new record is? maybe it’s only 10 pts so it’s not a big deal but with poor reporting like this we will never know then again that’s the process here since I’m still waiting for a retraction I’ll never see about Steelers and NFL conceding to bell about the tag.

  13. 105 points makes the game ‘one of the most exciting NFL regular-season games in history’???

    Wow. I really can’t believe people think that. Scoring is now literally as easy as it is in the Madden video game. THat’s a lot more pathetic than it is exciting. Why bother putting the defense on the field at all???. I gotta imagine players on the defensive side of the ball are going to start getting paid less and less, seeing how they aren’t stopping anything. DB’s just run alongside receivers now and tackle them after they catch the ball. Of they do anything else they’ll be penalized. Awesome… not awesome.

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