Rams-Chiefs produced more touchdowns than the Bills have all season

Getty Images

The Rams and Chiefs combined for 105 points on Monday night and there are a variety of ways to illustrate how much that kind of scoring explosion stands out from the crowd.

The 54-51 Rams win represents the third-most points ever scored in an NFL game and it was the first time that both teams cracked the 50-point mark in the same game. The game had a historically high over/under of 68 heading into the game and blew past that in the third quarter.

One more way of illustrating the magnitude of the outburst also offers a reminder that the NFL’s offensive revolution has yet to reach all corners of the league. The two teams combined for 14 touchdowns on the way to that final score and that’s one more touchdown than the Bills have scored in the 10 games that they’ve played this season.

Buffalo’s number is helped a lot by their 41-10 win over the Jets in Week 10. They scored nine touchdowns in the first nine games and went without a touchdown in four games. The longest wait between touchdowns on Monday night was the nine minutes of playing time between touchdowns by Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt in the first half.