Rams top Chiefs 54-51 in instant classic


Was it a football game or a video game?

In what surely will go down as one of the greatest regular-season games in history, the Chiefs and Rams traded offensive touchdowns, defensive touchdowns, field goals, missed extra points, sacks and big plays. The teams combined for 1,001 yards and 105 points as the Rams beat the Chiefs 54-51.

The highly anticipated matchup lived up to its billing. It set all kinds of records, including becoming the highest-scoring Monday night game in history. It was the third-most points scored in any NFL game ever. Washington and the Giants combined for 113 points in 1966 and the Bengals and Browns combined for 106 in 2004.

The instant classic left only one question: Is it the best regular-season game in history?

There were six lead changes, including four in the fourth quarter. The Rams took the lead for good on a 40-yard pass from Jared Goff to Gerald Everett with 1:49 left.

They still had to stave off the Chiefs twice more, though. It was that kind of game.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw for six touchdowns, the most passing touchdowns the Rams ever have allowed in a single game. But he also had five turnovers — two fumbles and three interceptions.

For all the offense, a defensive player was the player of the game.

Samson Ebukam scored two touchdowns — one on a fumble and another on an interception — and hit Mahomes arm with 1:18 remaining and the Chiefs driving. The duck was picked by Rams cornerback Marcus Peters, the ex-Chief traded to the Rams during the offseason.

The Chiefs got one more chance, though, after the Rams ran only 28 seconds off the clock. They took over at their own 12 with 50 seconds remaining. The Chiefs reached only their own 26 before Mahomes threw one up for grabs that Lamarcus Joyner intercepted with 13 seconds left.

Goff went 31-of-49 for 413 yards and four touchdowns. He lost two fumbles, one of which Allen Bailey returned for a touchdown. Brandin Cooks caught eight passes for 107 yards.

The Chiefs had two receivers over 100 yards with Tyreek Hill catching 10 passes for 215 yards and two touchdowns, and Travis Kelce making 10 catches for 127 yards and a touchdown.

Aaron Donald made two sacks and forced two fumbles, both of which the Rams recovered.

194 responses to “Rams top Chiefs 54-51 in instant classic

  1. While enjoyable to a point, my God how do the Rams have all that talent on defense and continue to give up so many points?

  2. Hot take: this was maybe the worst game I’ve ever seen. There should never, ever, everevereverevereverEVER be TEN touchdowns in a football game. Defense is what excites me. High scoring is for kids, casual fans, and fantasy football geeks. I prefer a good defensive battle, and 3 yards and a cloud of dust on offense….it should be REALLY hard to score points in the NFL. If half the fans stop showing up because of that, so be it. Never alienate the true fans in favor of the lowest common denominator, don’t alter the product to increase your money. This is supposed to be a sport first, not a business. The new NFL absolutely SUCKS.

  3. anyone boycotting the NFL because political leaders told them to, is missing out on some of the most exciting football ever played. WHAT a game! McVay/Goff’s Rams vs. Mahomes’ Chiefs perfectly represents what the new era of the NFL is …

  4. 1) Best game I’ve seen in years. It’s not the points, it’s the impeccable offensive execution combined with great defense (3?!?!? defensive TDs) just incredible.

    2) We need a rematch in the Superbowl.

    3) My team (Packers) are so far from being able to compete with these teams it’s silly. The same should be said of everyone that isn’t the Saints or Pats.

  5. As a fan of a team that hasn’t been good since I was in high school, it was great watching two teams at the top of their game beat up on each other.

  6. Can’t believe the Rams survived that. Jared Goff with his signature 4th quarter drive. Defense came up with five takeaways to offset all the big plays they surrendered.


  7. The best part about this game is neither team looks anywhere near ready to compete int the postseason. They both feel like they run into teams in the Divisional round that can actually play some D and run the ball to ground their gimmicky offenses. Rams proved last year they aren’t a playoff scheme and Andy Reid has proven it, well, for two decades. ONE AND DONE TIMES TWO!

  8. The refs took the early game away from the Chiefs. Who ever decided to put ‘all-star’ refs on the game, might want to remind them that the players are the reason we’re here.

    No one can complain that the Monday Night Games “suck” right now. Pretty good games.

  9. What a game. Its a shame though it was partially ruined by the “All star crew”. The officiating was honestly awful and half the plays felt like a flag was called. Great game, but no defense, simply put, defense wasnt allowed in this game. I will say, Mahomes and Goff are truly special players. Oh yeah, Witten still is incoherent. Shame Tess has to deal with that. Its like Witten is drunk.

  10. As a chiefs fan my whole life, (nearly 40 years) I have never watched a game like this before. Never. I cannot believe the team we have. I cannot believe we hit that billion dollar lotto with Mahomes. Please don’t wake me if I’m sleeping. Rams fans have to feel nearly the same about theirs.

    That was like watching Rocky. Rocky II hits this february.

  11. That game was legit ridiculous, GG to both teams. Still though they gotta lighten up on the rules for the defense though, 7 combined TOs and 3 combined defensive TDs today doesn’t make up for giving up over 1,000 combined yards and 11 combined offensive TDs. Let’s leave the Madden numbers in Madden shall we?

  12. People always complain about the lack of defense and the rules making it harder for defenses, but any time there is a high scoring game, they declare it to be the greatest game of all time….

  13. This game reminded me of any NBA game I’ve watched this season. Tons of offense and absolutely no defense to speak of. Both these teams will lose in playoffs when they run into a team that knows how to defend.

  14. Wow. In my all time top 5 reg season games.
    Both teams played great. Mano y Mano.
    I’m one happy Ram fan! Still, a long ways to go to clinch home field.

  15. This game was a joke. It goes to show what kind of era the modern NFL is in right now when they’ve had multiple 40+ point games so far this season. From the penalties to the constant rule changes to favor offenses, it makes these new passing records all the less impressive with each new season.

  16. This game reminded me of any NBA game I’ve watched this season. Tons of offense and absolutely no defense to speak of. Both these teams will lose in playoffs when they run into a team that knows how to defend.

  17. Remember when the 49ers were 10-1 and the Giants were 10-1 and played on Monday Night Football and the game ended 7-3? I thought that game was even better than this one. This Big 12 type game is a nice novelty, but not something the NFL should encourage to happen more.

  18. I was thinking that this was just like a video game. It’s a shame this is how football in the NFL is being played. It was a fun game some those with ADHD but it wasn’t football I enjoy

  19. see, already hyping this game up like its a good thing, its far from it, and the future of football as we know it will soon be gone, its reality now

  20. Chiefs had like 6 turnovers, a pik6, a fumble return, and still scored 51 points and only lost by 3!!! Wow! ! Chiefs are nasty. If mahomes corrects the turnovers, this chiefs team will destroy anyone coming out of the nfc for the superbowl. Mahomes will be league mvp and superbowl mvp.

  21. Maybe it’s time to give the defenses a little more room to operate. The NFL scores should never be like a NBA score.

  22. When the Chiefs got the ball back with a minute to play, I got very nervous. I started thinking, maybe we can hold them to 3 and then go to overtime? I think Mahomes youth may have played a role in that last interception he threw. He played a great game up until that throw. But I’m glad he threw the pic! Whew!

    Also – how about the brief interview Goff gave ESPN ight after the game? I doubt POTUS was watching, but if he was he got taught a lesson in how to address human grief.

  23. HoHum. Two QBs that play like a pinball bouncing from one score to another with lights flashing and bells a-jangling. This to me is not football. It’s just a game of ring-toss. Were it not for miscues by the QBs the score would be much lower. The Rams won and the Chiefs lost. Mahomes’ mistakes gave the Rams 21 points. So onto the next game of pinball wizard.

  24. This is the new NFL folks. Invest all your cap in pass rushers and offense and hope you can outgun them or have the last possession. It’s great now, good ratings, but how long until games like this become the norm and the novelty wears off? All kinds of records being broken now,and all of them offensive ones it seems.

  25. If I were the Rams, I wouldn’t be celebrating so much. The Chiefs put up 546 yards on them – after the Seahawks and Saints put up big numbers on them. Their defense is pretty offensive right now. They’d better get that fixed, or it may be a quick exit from the playoffs.

  26. I remember the Browns Bengals game, and thinking how awful both teams were that they gave up that many points to each other, as two of the worst teams in the league that year, 58-48.

    Now, we have teams scoring 50+ points in a single game and still losing, and being the best teams in the league. It’s insane how much the game has changed in only a dozen years.

  27. Not an instant classic to me. Where was the defense besides a few of the plays the Rams made on that side of the ball? The score looks like something from a college football game between two teams with no defense.

  28. The rams got lucky. If these teams meet again in the Super Bowl, the chiefs will blowout the rams. Mahomes is unstoppable. He’s the best qb in the NFL right now. He won’t turn the ball over like that again. This is the chiefs year, it’s Andy Reids year. It’s mahomes year. Chiefs will carry the defense and win the superbowl, mark my words.

  29. Ya ya. Instant Classic. They only spewed that line constantly from the very beginning. “Has the makings of an all time clsssic” .. “Well on its way to living up to the bill”

  30. Those last two Mahomes INTs have no explanation…and no one pull the old he’s only played in X games routine. No one brought that up the whole season as he was throwing the ball around.

  31. Definitely a classic. If they meet in the Super Bowl, and repeat this excitement, I’d be happy. And I’m not a fan of either team, but great football is always a pleasure to watch

  32. The NFL really needs to look at having a separate record book since the rule changes have made the current one obsolete.All the men that played in the OLD NFL when games were much lower scoring are watching their records get wiped out by rule changes heavily favoring the offense.Do you think teams would run those pick plays with Butkus or Nitschke waiting over the middle?

  33. Wow! Just wow! Thats my in depth analysis right there.

    As a Pats fan I was glad to see the Chiefs lose one, but that game did nothing to make them any less scary to me. Their D is getting better too. (Subtract the defensive TDs from the Ram’s score and the Chiefs D was decent by this year’s standards under todays rules)

  34. Wow, what a game. It was so good even ESPN couldn’t screw it up. BTW, ESPN can try to sell America and the world on Booger McFarland being a football genius, but he’s just an annoying motormouth puffed up blowhard.

  35. I turned this game off halfway through the second quarter. If I wanted to watch a video game, then I would. This is the new NFL and I hate it.

  36. Too early to tell. It’s possible that many of the Colts-Patriots games were superior because the franchises were superior and had longstanding rivalries with postseason seeding on the line.

    The reason we want to think this game was one of the best is due to points scored, margin of victory, and the records of the teams. Both are 9-1. But how often have we seen before teams that look like juggernauts make early exits from the playoffs (2011 Green Bay). If these teams are beaten by defense in the postseason (for example, if New England or Pittsburgh or Houston or Tennessee improve on defense while the Chiefs do not), then this game will losr a lot of its luster in memory. But if these two teams end up facing each other in the Super Bowl, that’s a different story.

    I preferred the Chiefs-Patriots game. Unlike this game (where I came to expect a TD on every drive), the Pats held the Chiefs to only 6 first half points before the Chiefs erupted in the second half. Neither was expected. Defense also played a role in the Rams-Saints and Rams-Packers contests.

    I can think of 25 games that I believe are more classic than this.

  37. If the KC punt returner had let that last minute punt go into the endzone they would have had better field position and more time on the clock.

  38. Does the NFL want outdoor arena football? They need to make some changes on how they call games. Start with the pick/rub routes, if a OC can’t design a play without blocking on pass plays downfield they need to get another job.

  39. Other than having to listen to Joe Tessitore yell at the top of his lungs on every big play or score, the game was terrific.

  40. Every time Mahomes throws a TD, I remember one thing: The Chicago Bears bargained against no one and traded extra picks to move up one spot to draft someone other than him.

    I like to remember that after weekends like this, where Mahomes threw for 6 TDs and Mitchell “On a Watchlist” Trubisky hurt his throwing shoulder trying (and failing) to slide.

  41. Seeing as Brees is the only relevant veteran QB still playing, it makes sense that the league is pushing the narrative on the next gen stars.

  42. Only saw the highlights (sucks being a football fan over in Europe) but man was that entertaining just watching that. Surprised the Chiefs didn’t try and run the ball more with the talented running back that they have and the porous run defense the Rams have. I guess with that fast paced game there is no time for running the ball, but hats off to the Rams (even though I am a Seahawks fan) for pulling this one out. We’ll see how they play in the playoffs.

  43. I can’t wait till cold weather football. Enjoy scoring 50 cause it’s not going to happen in January if you’re playing outside. If KC’s defense doesn’t get any better they’re doomed. I don’t care how many points they’ve scored the cold won’t save them

  44. A few more rule changes limiting defenses and every game will be like this one. Offensive records are being set because they’re manipulating the game.

  45. Mike McCarthy is considered to be on a short leash in Green Bay — but the Packers should really look to the Andy Reid story before they make a decision they may regret.

    Andy wore out his welcome in Philly, fired, and found a new gig in about ten minutes in Kansas City.

    Meanwhile, it has taken Philly years with at least one serous misfire to get back to where it was with Reid.

    If Mike McCarthy is shown the door in Green Bay after the season, I fully expect he’ll find a new home F-A-S-T in Cleveland, with old friends in the front office, while the Packers will be starting again from step1.

  46. The instant classic left only one question: Is it the best regular-season game in history?

    Anyone who thinks last night’s game was the best regular season game in history clearly did not see the Cardinals defeat the 49ers 18-15 a few weeks back. Football just does not get better than the Josh Rosen vs. C.J. Beathard matchups.

  47. Congratulations!! Neither team has anything resembling a defense!! Looked like a Division III college football game. But I guess it’s like that old saying “Offense wins championships?”…(Ron Burgundy)

  48. “Rams top Chiefs 54-51 in instant classic”

    A classic for the fantasy football generation.

    Did either team play defense?

  49. If you like playing video games this was your type of game. If you’re a football purist, definitely not your type of game.
    Either way the NFL is changing big time.

  50. The script was strong with this one. Moved from Mexico, new officiating crew brought in last minute, majority of Vegas bets on KC and of course…#LATogether.

  51. The qualifies as 2018 Classic. The game has changed due to NFL rule changes for more scoring. Not an all-time NFL Classic. More like a College classic.

  52. this is most certainly no classic;

    this was basketball in pads, and i don’t much like basketball;

    there was no defence whatsoever in a game that almost 100 points;

    and no, turnovers do not constitute defence—they are one-time events that occur either through a very lucky event on the part of one player, or more likely the collosal blunder of another—like too often ballyhooed sack by Chicago’s Mack where he is seen to run over a lineman, when the reality is someone from his own team inadvertently stepped on the lineman’s foot rendering him a one-legged player;

    if football is to be reduced to a Madden game track meet, then the business end of it has completely neutered the game into a sprint team soap opera;

    the only good thing that came out of this game is the clear realisation that neither one of these 100m relay teams in pads will win a Super Bowl unless they somehow get past teams that play real defence;

    and if they somehow do, the championship should be renamed the Travesty Bowl;

  53. What a game! Sadly the rest of us sat back and thought, “yeah, we can’t keep up with this, we are out!” LOL Call the season and have those two play again in two weeks. Wow!!!

  54. What an amazing game!!! Hats off to both teams, too bad there had to be a loser. I have been watching football since the early 70’s and this game has to be at the top for best regular season game ever! Again simply amazing! WOW!!!

  55. I can see Jeff fisher in his living room standing hunched over grabbing his thighs like he did on the sidelines and saying…….”damn. So that’s how you utilized my draft picks?!?”

  56. Once again Rams win because of hand full of bad calls. If you are an honest, genuine football fan you’ll admit that. Only 1 of many examples, Sack “fumble” (that was OBVIOUSLY A FORWARD PASS even to a blind man) that gave them a touchdown… CHIEFS ARE THE WAY BETTER TEAM. Game should have been played in Mexico.

  57. Wow! Not being a fan of either team, this was a “blast” to sit and watch. That kid Maholmes is really something. Six TD passes and on his interceptions, it looked like his arm was hit on all of them.

    Aaron Donald showed why the Rams paid him all that money. He’s a beast. All in all, this was just a fantastic game to watch in spite of the ESPN announcers.

  58. Classic? I just watched 2 flag football all star teams who dont know how to play d. Bears Defence eat the rams outdoors at soldier field in Dec. neither one of these teams wins superbowl. Game was an embarassment to the NFL.

  59. This game may be the greatest game in the “new NFL” era but that’s all. In a year or two when these scores and bloated stats become the norm is will lose it’s effect. What makes football a great game is the battle between offense and defense. Offense vs. offense football will not have the same staying power IMO. How many people here actually found arena football interesting for very long?

  60. .oops…My mistake that wasn’t counted as a touchdown. Chiefs still better team. All the penalties and turn overs and still score 51 and only lose by 3.

  61. Felt like I was watching either an Arena Football or College football game last night. Defense nearly invisible, flags on anyone playing defense, and the announcers constantly screaming at us how this is the greatest game we have ever seen. I’ll take an old school defense/hard hitting slug fest over that last night.

    Coming soon to an NFL game near you – players wearing flags that the defender has to rip off instead of tackling. I’ve heard its fun to watch from various elementary school teachers.

  62. I wonder what lesson gets learned hereby. What the real data showed about viewership in the fourth quarter and intensity of viewership on game.

    I am not a fan of either team. My son and I watched. But. We spent a lot more talking and on other gadgets then I am used to inna game, certainly a “good” game. Neither of us had any trouble packing it in by very early in Q4.

    I wonder this morning if this was the NBA game effect. Have the game on. Do other things but perk up for a replay.

    Score score score on every possession. Exciting for ten minutes. Then. Meh.

  63. Classic? Really? Classic Arena ball. Classic Big 12 game. That game was an embarrassment to NFL football.

    If you love no defense and love turning the ball over then yeah it was a classic.

  64. I shall say it again…this is Big 12 football plain and simple. Yet the Big 12 catches guff because “they don’t play defense”, “the offense makes the game a track meet” yada yada yada…like it or not its clear the direction football has steered


  65. The Rams are a damned good football team. So are the Chiefs. I didn’t see anything that would pass as solid, consistent defense last night, but the rules changes suggest that isn’t what 345 Park Ave wants anyway. But putting it into the context of defenseless football, this was a showcase last night. Personally I prefer more balanced football, make them earn it before you start crowning people GOAT, but this was fun to watch.

  66. What you see is what get !….Today’s Arena League/ video game football !…No Defense, Last man with the ball…Wins. This IS NOT the type of NFL football game that I will support.The NFL has enacted rules that make this the type of game that presents itself today.Perhaps the younger crowd likes this style of football but, to those of us who grew up with defensive, smashmouth football, this is no more than a video game ! The game we see today IS NOT the football that I grew up watching [a fan since 1956] and loving. It is no more than Arena League/ Video game football…last man with the ball wins… Forget It !

  67. The greatest regular season game in history?!? No, I would say it’s an indictment of how unbalanced the game is in favor of passing offenses in the current NFL.

  68. Routine 80-100 point games don’t interest me. No defense, video game-esque games are the end of the NFL as we knew it. Call me an old man….but games like last are now commonplace. No thank you.

  69. Why would this be considered one of the best games in NFL history? This narrative seems entirely media driven, if this is one of the best, how is the Denver/Dallas 51 to 48 game not one of them as well? It is because it was a arena league score and some how that makes it great? It was entertaining yes, but great…not so sure…How about this, you have one of the best running backs in the league in Hunt against one of the worst rushing defenses, Hunt rushes the ball 5 times in the 2nd half, none in the 4th quarter, how about ball control to keep the rams off the field since clearly the chiefs defense cant stop the rams offense and two your QB is turning the ball over quite a bit, I guess thats a non talking point?

  70. I hate how the day after something good happens it immediately gets labeled as the greatest thing in the whole history of, whether it’s a single play, a particular player, or a game. Take away targeting, defenseless receiver, and roughing the qb penalties, and teams would NEVER score 100+ points. If this version of football existed 30 years ago then this would just be another game.

  71. If I wanted to see no defense, I’d watch the pro-bowl. You see it every year. Teams with great offense seem to tear up the league until they get in the playoffs and have to start facing elite defenses. That being said, it may not apply in the NFC.

  72. Since it was the Monday before Thanksgiving, the only thing that would have made this game better is John Madden digging into a turducken.

  73. 20% of the points scored last night (21) were scored by the defenses. Yes the NFL has turned into a heavily offense slanted league, but we did see the defenses make some plays last night. Not to mentioned each defense forced multiple turnovers last night too.

  74. The people complaining about no defense must have missed all of the defensive scores and sacks. Offenses playing at high levels doesn’t equate to bad defense, which we knew coming in neither of these teams have set the world on fire in that department to begin with. Just people wanting to complain to complain when these are the same people who were complaining about how unwatchable the NFL has been recently. Well, this game lived up to the hype. Two top of their conference teams. Two young QBs going back and forth , overcoming adversity, and making plays. It was great. Get off my lawn guys need to shut up on this one, and the guy comparing it to a Big 12 game is clueless. The reason people make fun of the Big 12 is because that’s every game no matter if the QBs are scrubs or Patrick Mahomes.

  75. If this is the “new” NFL, I’ll soon be looking for “new” way to spend three hours of my life. What an embarrassment. Hope all you children, casual fans, and fantasy dorks enjoyed that. Godawful.

  76. It was fun to watch, but there’s no tension until the very end of the game. Moving the ball looked effortless that you already know they’d keep alternating scores all game.

  77. Last year’s snow game between the Bills and Colts was more fun to me than this game. I think people are drawn to watch the struggle to overcome more than games like this where everything just looks easy. Nobody wants to watch inept offenses play but when a good offense meets a good defense the games can quickly be elevated to “classic” status. This game…not so much

  78. I don’t think a scoring fest is a great game. Defense, after all, is part of the game.

    I did, tho, find the Saints-Rams and Saints-Eagles games very entertaining.

  79. I like the people that are claiming there was no defense last night. So 8 sacks, 4 fumble recoveries, 3 interceptions and 3 defensive TD’s qualifies as no defense?

  80. steelcurtainn says:
    November 20, 2018 at 12:07 am
    This is an embarrassment to the National Football League. Either of these teams have a defense and will not win the superbowl.

    Avtually, how many TDs last night were scored by one of those defenses?

  81. 5 turnovers in 1 game and still score 50+ is crazy. Hate to say it but think the chiefs will struggle come playoff time in cold weather. Mahomes is really good but he’s sooo turnover prone. Either way, there are some exciting teams that are going to make the playoffs, my team sucks & will get bounced early if they even make it, which I doubt they’ll even make it but this playoff season is gonna he good

  82. WOW! What a great game. Too bad I had to listen to the 2nd half with the mute button on. The two idiots doing the color would not shut up all night. They yelled and giggled right through each play. With the exception of Collingsworth and Aikman they should eliminate the 2nd guy in the booth. They act like we’ve never seen a game before. You know. Like Hubie Brown in the NBA.

  83. Okay. The Rams gave you the blueprint on how to beat the Chiefs. All you have to do is score 54 pts and force 5 turnovers by Mahomes.

    I wish you luck, cause that’s what the rams needed last night to win.

  84. Arena Football has come to prime time. Horrible game. Neither team is worth a hoot beyond the line of scrimmage. If this is what the NFL is going to look like in the future it’s sad.

  85. Lots of ‘high fives’ in the commish’s office this morning. They got what they wanted. The fans lose again.

  86. Can a game be good and bad at the same time? This game encapsulates the ying/yang of today’s NFL. The NFL has become a track meet with not much stellar defensive play. The players are good athletes but a game between 2 of the best teams should not total over 100 points-EVER! Neither team will go far in the playoffs with the level of defense being played. The ref’s weren’t great, either. All-Star ref lineup? At least in the old AFL, which had a lot of high-scoring games, the teams played some defense. Receivers running free all over the field with no fear of being hit? I mean, you cannot touch a receiver in the NFL now. Guys like Warren Wells, Otis Taylor, Lance Alworth and Don Maynard were fast(maybe not Taylor (one of the most underrated guys from back when)and ran away from defenders but they were always concerned that somebody is going to blow them up. It is almost like defenses today are designed(out of necessity) to delay the other team from scoring; not to stop the other team. Defenseless receivers have to be protected; I am not advocating for the return of Jack Tatum-style (criminal?) hits but c’mon. DB’s cannot touch receivers nowadays. They have to amend what constitutes pass interference. And the spot-of-foul pass interference penalties has to be changed. I do not want every game to be 16-10. Conversely, who doesn’t want to see Tyreek Hill run under a 60-yard bomb for a TD(AFC West teams aside)? But turning the NFL into some kind of a live video game is not the answer either.

  87. NHPats says:
    November 20, 2018 at 3:08 am
    Seeing as Brees is the only relevant veteran QB still playing, it makes sense that the league is pushing the narrative on the next gen stars.


    I see what you did there…..pushing the narrative that Tom Brady is done….washed up….overlooked…..knowing that boulder on his shoulder will grow to Mt Rushmore proportions come playoff time. Excellent…

  88. wiley16350 says:
    November 20, 2018 at 9:46 am

    I like the people that are claiming there was no defense last night. So 8 sacks, 4 fumble recoveries, 3 interceptions and 3 defensive TD’s qualifies as no defense?
    So over 1,000 yards of total offense between the teams, 105 points, 827 yards in passing, 95 total passes attempted 56 total 1st downs is defense? The QBs dropped back 95 times, Id hope the defense could sack the qb a few times and there would be a few interceptions, K.C did not hand the ball off one time in the 4th quarter, so no to answer your question that doesnt qualify as defense, it was flag/arena football where defense was purely optional.

  89. Well…I guess the LA chargers have lost their ridiculous FIGHT FOR LA slogan. trashed last night. Only a trickle of LA Charger fans in Carson last Sunday. Really bad “re-location” strategy buy Spanos, Goodell and the NFL owners. Actually a disaster.

  90. Glad this game was played in the Coliseum and not Mexico. Was awesome to see a great game in an iconic stadium with a rich history instead of some run down soccer stadium in a foreign country.

  91. jimmysee says:
    November 20, 2018 at 4:32 am

    Mike McCarthy is considered to be on a short leash in Green Bay — but the Packers should really look to the Andy Reid story before they make a decision they may regret.

    Andy wore out his welcome in Philly, fired, and found a new gig in about ten minutes in Kansas City.

    Meanwhile, it has taken Philly years with at least one serous misfire to get back to where it was with Reid.

    There was the Super Bowl 52 win. You should look it up.

  92. briang123 says:
    November 20, 2018 at 11:48 am
    jimmysee says:
    November 20, 2018 at 4:32 am

    Mike McCarthy is considered to be on a short leash in Green Bay — but the Packers should really look to the Andy Reid story before they make a decision they may regret.

    Andy wore out his welcome in Philly, fired, and found a new gig in about ten minutes in Kansas City.

    Meanwhile, it has taken Philly years with at least one serous misfire to get back to where it was with Reid.

    There was the Super Bowl 52 win. You should look it up.
    Did you feel a breeze when his point went over your head? Philly fired Reid in 2012 not 2017, that’s 5 YEARS it took Philly to make it to the Super Bowl post Andy Reid.

    @jimmysee, If you add the time between Super Bowl appearances for Philly it’s even worse, though, 2004 to 2017. So that’s 8 years with Reid and 5 years without, for 13 years. Maybe the Packers should give serious consideration to that.

  93. All-American Voltron says:
    November 20, 2018 at 12:07 am
    anyone boycotting the NFL because political leaders told them to, is missing out on some of the most exciting football ever played.

    Newsflash, they never went away, especially on PFT. Oh sure, they made a lot of noise and complained loudly claiming that they are “true patriots”, but as usual, they were just blustering like their dear leader and went back to watching football.

  94. All-American Voltron says:
    November 20, 2018 at 12:07 am
    anyone boycotting the NFL because political leaders told them to, is missing out on some of the most exciting football ever played. WHAT a game! McVay/Goff’s Rams vs. Mahomes’ Chiefs perfectly represents what the new era of the NFL is …

    And what would that be the Chiefs scoring 50 points and still choking in the end ?

  95. 3 defensive TD’s, 3 interceptions, 4 forced fumbles recovered. The 2 best offenses in the NFL were forced into a combined 7 turnovers. Don’t tell me defense is dead….you will probably never see that happen again in your lifetime. There were 14 possessions in that game that resulted in either a punt or a turnover.

    Contrary to what many here seem to believe, points scored by defense/special teams do actually count towards the total. A high scoring game doesn’t mean nobody was playing defense. Turnovers and short fields = points. That is a basic football truth, in any era.

    It was a game for the ages with big plays made by both teams on both sides of the ball (though oddly, a poor special teams night for 2 teams known for excellent special teams) and it’s sad that many seem strangely unable or unwilling to appreciate what they just witnessed just because a lot of points were scored.

    Would you really prefer that 13-6 Dolphins-Jets game 2 weeks ago? Don’t confuse offensive ineptitude with quality defensive play.

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