Sam Darnold holding out hope for this week

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Sam Darnold didn’t practice yesterday, but he wasn’t wearing a walking boot on his injured right foot either.

And that has him leaving the door open for Sunday’s game against the Patriots, even if the Jets might prefer to take a more cautious approach.

“I think the idea of going up against him and the Patriots, coach Belichick and all those guys, it’s a cool thing, especially with me growing up in the era where they really controlled the whole NFL, for the most part,” Darnold said, via Rich Cimini of “It would be really cool if I have the opportunity.”

Darnold said he had started jogging, and was encouraged about his condition.

“It feels good. It feels great,” Darnold said. “Nothing for me to complain about. No pain, either. . . . The foot is really good. I feel really good. Like I said last week, I’m just following protocol right now.”

Coach Todd Bowles deployed the rare double-obfuscation when asked about Darnold’s status, referring to him as “day-to-day, week-to-week.” Until they practice Wednesday, it’s hard to tell which direction that cryptic diagnosis is pointing for the rookie quarterback, especially with the Jets at 3-7 and losers of four straight.

Things weren’t great with him in there, as Darnold threw seven interceptions in his previous three games. But they were worse last week, with backup Josh McCown throwing two picks and gaining just 135 yards in an embarrassing loss to the Bills.

14 responses to “Sam Darnold holding out hope for this week

  1. I think pft has an anti-darnold bias somewhere in their psyche because every pic they post of him looks like the love child of Sloth from the goonies and that dude from Sling Blade. Keep it up

  2. They always choose a photo that they think matches the story. Stop being so sensitive with your pathetic team and write a letter to Woody Johnson.

  3. .
    The Jets have had spurts of good football this year. However, they’ve come in intervals and they’ve been few and far between.

  4. “It would be really cool if I have the opportunity.”

    They play in the same division so that ‘opportunity’ will come soon enough. The jests aren’t going anywhere this (or most any) year no point in putting the kid out there at less than 100%.

  5. Sam Darnold to Tom Brady after the game “Hey, I watched you when I was in diapers.” Tom Brady’s response “Shut Up!”

  6. The kid says he feels good and great and has no pain, play him since he’s learning on the job no sense giving him three weeks off if he can actually play.

  7. This kid is going nowhere as long as he keeps this Fugazi “guru” advisor Mike “SARGE” Riley around. The guy is absolutely awful. Just garbage.

  8. Maccagnan doesn’t want Sam playing. Belichick and New England with 2 weeks to prepare not the gamble he wants to take in front of home crowd after getting doors blown off by the Bills. Darnold will play in Tennessee (not great deal either) but not in front of home crowd vs NE where if things don’t go well he won’t be the lightning rod for the fans. This has all been carefully orchestrated. If he plays against New England and throws 3-4 picks eyes will begin to look Maccagnan’s way and he doesn’t want any part of that. It’s survival mode now. Todd Bowles gets the short end of the stick. Maccagnan must go.

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