Bills plan to start Josh Allen on Sunday

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Bills quarterback Josh Allen appears set to return to the starting lineup.

Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott said today that barring any unforeseen setbacks at today’s practice, Allen is the starter against the Jaguars.

“Josh Allen will start Sunday as long as he gets through today,” McDermott said.

Allen replaced the ineffective Nathan Peterman in Week One and started the next five games, but he’s been out for the last month because of an elbow injury. Now Allen looks to be ready to return, against a tough Jacksonville defense.

Matt Barkley, who started one game and played surprisingly well after signing in the middle of the season, is likely to back Allen up. Derek Anderson remains in the concussion protocol.

10 responses to “Bills plan to start Josh Allen on Sunday

  1. It is painful to see Buffalo in this condition year after year. They were once a proud franchise and the class of the AFC. These type of problems usually run way deeper than just a coach. It is unusual that they can fix them by shuffling players or coaches. The overall has to start closer to the top. I wish them well getting this thing righted, but the trajectory these days is straight down

  2. Of all the rooky QB’s, Allen is the most talented and entertaining to watch. I’m glad to see he’s playing.

  3. gjv001 says:
    November 23, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    Of all the rooky QB’s, Allen is the most talented and entertaining to watch.
    This is either a troll comment or it was posted by Josh Allen’s mother. Because this guy is terrible – long wind up, terribly inaccurate, runs just enough to get himself killed.

    I’d bet anything that Buffalo is back in the QB market in 2020.

  4. Josh Allen was the best QB in this draft class, and there were a lot of good ones. Check back in 4 to 5 years to really see how good they are. Remember, Jared Goff was a bust just a few months ago. Go back and read some of the things we said about him. Also remember, guys like Drew Brees, Steve Young, Brett Favre, and Jim Plunkett didn’t win all those super bowls with the original teams that drafted them. So don’t feel too bad, a lot of the teams don’t do any better at evaluating their own QB’s than we do.

  5. This season is a lost one for Buffalo anyway, might as well start Allen and let him get the playing time and experience the rest of the way. Might be interesting to see if Barkley gets another opportunity, either in Buffalo or elsewhere, after having a good game in a win for them?

  6. Where is the “Josh Allen is not terrible” coming from? Seven comments, and two of them from Allen fans? What I saw when I watched the Bills, was essentially a newer version of Tebow. Inaccurate, lack of vision, and incredibly poor decisions. If Josh Allen is the answer, I do not want to know the question.

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