Can anyone beat the Saints?

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During last night’s game, this question was posed on Twitter: Can anyone in the NFC beat the Saints? Maybe in the aftermath of the 31-17 victory against a desperate division rival from Atlanta the question should be this: Can anyone in the NFL beat the Saints?

The Buccaneers, somehow, accomplished that feat in Week One. The Browns, somehow, nearly did the same in Week Two. Since then, the Saints have rolled to 10 straight victories and counting.

The Cowboys get the next shot at the Saints in Dallas next Thursday night, then the Bucs get the Saints in Tampa, a game that should be a far cry from September 9. Then comes a three-game gauntlet that suddenly looks less daunting on the front and back end: at Panthers, Steelers, Panthers.

It looks like four wins, all due respect to the Panthers, with the Steelers game in Week 16 standing out as the potential next Game of the Year. But only if the Saints haven’t clinched the No. 1 seed by then. With the Rams also at 10-1, it’s likely the Saints will need to win that game. Even if the Saints don’t need to win that game, they’ve adopted an unrelenting killer instinct that would likely prompt them to put the foot on the gas and their feet on the throats of any opponent, regardless of whether the top seed is a certainty or not.

Sure, things could change in the playoffs, when the dynamic switches to single elimination. For now, though, in a league with plenty of great teams, the Saints stand out in a big, bright way. They’ll surely be favored in every game they play the rest of the way, and there’s a not-so-insignificant chance that they’ll win every game the rest of the way.

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  1. They likely won’t win every game the rest of the way. Almost every year, people jump on a certain bandwagon, only to see it lose a wheel.

  2. The cowboys can beat them…The cowboys defense is unique in the sense they can stay in their base 4-3 and still cover 3 to 4 WR packages…their LBs have the speed to cover the slot, the early middle, and the flats during a pass plays! That is key to beating the Saints or anyone for that matter, because teams can’t run on Dallas either…in addition to being athletic, the Cowboys front 7 is also strong…they will get pressure rushing only 4!

  3. Lost to a bad bucs team. Should have lost to the browns if they didn’t browns it. Should have gone to OT with the 5-5 ravens if it wasn’t for a missed PAT. So yeah they can be beat.

  4. .
    With all due respect, the Chiefs, Rams and Saints have been a cut above the rest from the start. However, the key factor for those teams now is not so much wins as injuries. Each can afford a defeat more than losing a key starter to IR. Each is eminently capable of winning a playoff game on the road.

  5. I’m just happy the Saints held the Falcon’s Pontiac Feiro™ offense to 17.

    Defense has been doing things the past few weeks.

  6. Yes they are beatable. The Vikings should have beaten them if they never had the 2 key turnovers. If you have a turnover on this team they take advantage of it.

  7. Any team in the NFL, on any given Sunday, Monday, or Thursday…it has been a wild year!

  8. The Saints haven’t faced a team with a mobile quarterback since week two vs the Browns. And in week one vs Tampa, Fitzpatrick ran 12 times for 36 yards and a touchdown on them. So these upcoming games could present an interesting challenge for them. I’d look to Carolina to possibly get a win on them. The Panthers may also remember Sean Payton’s broom dance from last year when the Saints swept all 3 games (Wildcard win 31-26) from them.

  9. Of course the Saints are beatable. History has shown us in the past
    that a 9-7 team can beat a 15-1 team (like in 2011 when the NY Giants
    knocked of Rodgers’ Green Bay team)… The Saints will probably end up
    15 – 1 or 14 – 2. – CyberGuard 18

  10. Allow me to rephrase the question for those lack the intelligence to interpret the intent of the question. Can anyone beat the Saints now (meaning can anyone beat them currently)? They already know they lost to the Bucs in week one.

  11. tb12greatest says:
    November 23, 2018 at 9:44 am

    The guy who wins MVP never wins the super bowl the same year…just sayin’.


    Try telling that to Bart Starr (’66), Terry Bradshaw (’78), Mark Mosley (’82), Lawrence Taylor (’86), Joe Montana (’89), Emmitt Smith (’93), Steve Young, (’94), Brett Favre (’96), Terrell Davis (’98) and Kurt Warner (’99).

  12. tb12greatest says: “The guy who wins MVP never wins the super bowl the same year…just sayin’.”

    1999 Kurt Warner: “pardon me?”
    1998 Terrell Davis: “Say what?”
    1996 Brett Favre: “Can’t be talking about me…”
    1994 Steve Young: “Guys, can I get in on the act?”
    1993 Emmitt Smith: “millenials…”

  13. Any team is beatable, hate to use the cliche but “Ant Given Sunday”. I believe the Saints have too much fire power. Ingram, Kamara, Thomas and now some rookies stepped up last night as well. Saints have the better ground game with Ingram and Kamara, and we all know that is so key in a play-off run. I say there biggest weakness is giving up big plays on defense. I picked them in our office pool to win it all. WHO Dat!

    From a Vikings Fan SKOL!

  14. 1998: Can anyone beat the Vikings?
    2001: Can anyone beat the Rams?
    2007: Can anyone beat the Patriots?
    2009: Can anyone beat the Colts?
    2011: Can anyone beat the Packers?

    This happens a lot. Yes someone can beat the Saints.

  15. Hard for me to see it and this is from a Bears fan. Brees seems to be a step ahead of any defense he faces and their D is legit. It would take a perfect storm (sorry) to knock them off and in the Dome, forget about it.

  16. Can anyone beat the Saints?? Well as the Patriots found out in last years Super Bowl, yes the NFL can !! All it takes is the gift of free touchdowns to the opposing team!!

  17. I love all the comments that have this in them; “they could have beaten them if” well that’s football there are always “if’s” in every game and they go both ways…

  18. They are the 1990 49’ers: Montana-Brees, Rice-Thomas, Rathman,Craig-Ingram,Kamara and a defense that is getting better every week…

  19. The Saints are a team of destiny this year. They could win out in regular season but it is the second season (Post season) where they will run the table especially if they are in the Dome throughout the playoffs then Atlanta.

  20. tattooit says:
    November 23, 2018 at 10:40 am
    The only way they lose is if they have to play outdoors in the cold. Nobody is beating them in a dome or in warm weather.

    The Saints have already played one cold weather game on the road and won. They are not a typical dome team since their road record out doors is better than the home record.

  21. It amazes me how all these comments seem so well ….. unknowledgeable. If u have watched any game and not just hi lights you’d see this team is really a team the receivers block the O-Line is strong. The defense is almost always fresh they don’t have to play that long because the offense is built for long drives. You can’t just key on any one position or player. You can’t say they can’t play anywhere. CHALK TALK LOOK REAL SILLY, against knowledge… get some. WHO DAT!!!!!

  22. Don’t trust the defense at all. And I don’t think Sean Payton does either-putting up 50 a game is easier for them than anyone outside of maybe the Rams and Chiefs, but I think Payton knows that no lead is really that safe. They forced three Falcons turnovers last night, but those looked a bit of homefield advantage and luck played roles in that. Certainly the Saints were winning that game either way, but my point is that the game likely could have been much closer but for a few mistakes that skewed how lopsided the scorecard looked. That was a Falcons team that has been without a run game at all with Ito Smith for the season, and the Saints still let up about 400 yards of offense. If that were against a good team, I’m not sure they win.

    They actually have talent on their defense-Cameron Jordan, Marshon Lattimore, Alex Anzalone…but their scheme and defensive playcalling seriously hold them back. Their best defensive performance of the year was against the Rams, and that game featured 80 combined points and was at home.

    Now, don’t get me wrong-I think the Saints are the best team in the NFC, marginally ahead of the Rams. But the Saints’ defense is suspect and forces the offense to score nonstop, just like the Rams or Chiefs. Securing homefield will be crucial for them to help out their defense against prolific offenses in the playoffs. Bear in mind, people, that they still have to play the Panthers (who are likely the 3rd best team in the NFC) twice because they haven’t faced their last division rival yet. The games against Carolina will tell us a lot about how clutch their defense can be. Now, what is also possible, is that the Saints may end up like the 2011 Packers where an average defense boosted by a great offense secured enough takeaways to cover up their holes in yardage statistics.

    My main point is that I trust Brees, Ingram, and Kamara much more than I trust Dennis Allen’s defense. My bet is that the Saints succeed (barring injury), but they certainly can be beaten.

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