Colt McCoy takes “full responsibility” for loss in first start since 2014

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Replacing one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the league for a division leader on the road in a short week was always going to be a difficult task.

Which made it easy to see Colt McCoy didn’t get it done.

The Washington backup admitted his struggles in his first start since 2014, throwing three interceptions in a loss to the Cowboys. Those stood in start contrast since Alex Smith had thrown five in the 38 quarters he played this year before he was lost for the season to a broken leg.

“You can’t turn the ball over in the division on the road and expect to come out on top,” McCoy said, via Peter Hailey of NBC Sports Washington. “I take full responsibility for that.”

Of course, there were plenty of mitigating factors which made his job more difficult, including the lack of a productive running game, the injuries that took a lot of his offensive help away from him, and the lack of a true day of practice before going to Dallas.

“Walkthroughs are like watching tape,” McCoy said. “Not a whole lot goes on out there. . . .

“There’s little things throughout the game that came up because I just hadn’t had a whole lot of reps with those guys.”

He has plenty of time before playing the Eagles next Monday, which will remove one of the excuses. But if Washington is going to salvage the season (and they’re still tied for the top of a bad division), McCoy can’t continue to make mistakes at an anti-Smith rate.

12 responses to “Colt McCoy takes “full responsibility” for loss in first start since 2014

  1. Colt will bounce back next week against the Dirty Birds. The Cowgirls will fall to the Saints and the Natural Order in the Universe will be restored.

  2. Might have to get used to it Colt. Looks like quite a few losses are in your future throwing picks like that.

  3. Also the fact that the referees helped the Cowboys out as blatantly as possible. I’m done with the NFL. I’ve got much better things to do. See ya!!

  4. Clinton-Dix should have taken responsibility for the loss. Solely responsible for both of Cooper’s big plays. Takes an awful angle on the first one. Then doesn’t even try to tackle him on the next bc he’s waiting for somebody else to do the job. Great job buddy!!

  5. “Of course, there were plenty of mitigating factors which made his job more difficult, including the lack of a productive running game”

    Maybe coach Gruden should beat everyone who under-performs with a switch – especially Peterson. Apparently that’s how you get people to do better in Peterson’s world.

  6. Colt was bad, really bad. But the comparison to Smith isn’t valid. Yeah, Smith didn’t have many turnovers, but he didn’t produce many points either. When the running game didn’t work, Smith was awful.

    The Redskins defense failed yesterday. That, as much as anything, caused the loss.

  7. Love how the Deadskins fans keep whining about the refs when they’ve won games before because of ref calls. Always the same with pathetic fans : you win, it’s because of your team. You lose, it’s the refs. Get over it. Your team will continue to sink. Here’s some cheese, go home

  8. At the end of day calls are going to go your way or there not. The secondary got toasted and those two back to back TD to Cooper we’re back breakers. Dunbar is still hurt has to seat as he became a liability in the game.

  9. “Colt was bad, really bad”


    Ehh, I really didn’t think he was that bad. Consider the fact that he had a four day window to prepare for this game after zero reps all season, and the fact that his team played like hot stuff all around him, and the relatively close score of the final, and I think he doesn’t look so bad.

    His turnovers were not all on him, either. If the tackle hadn’t tried to cut DeMarcus Lawrence, there would have never been a pick. If I remember correctly, another pick came on another deflection. I don’t think Colt played poorly necessarily, especially in light of the fact that he had little time to prepare to play.

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