Harrison Smith fined $10,026 for hit that hurt Mitchell Trubisky

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Vikings safety Harrison Smith heard from the league this week about a hit he put on Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky in last Sunday’s game between the NFC North teams.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that Smith has been fined $10,026 for the hit. Smith hit Trubisky after Trubisky threw himself to the ground at the end of a run.

Trubisky did not make a traditional feet first slide, but the league made it a point of emphasis this season that a quarterback “not have to slide feet first to be considered to be giving himself up.” Trubisky hurt his shoulder on the play and did not take part in Thursday’s game against the Lions as a result.

Pelissero adds that Smith plans to appeal the fine.

16 responses to “Harrison Smith fined $10,026 for hit that hurt Mitchell Trubisky

  1. So is the quarterback considered down when he starts his dive like he is his slide? If not, he should be fair game. I guess he can just roll and roll till the endzone and as long as no one touches him hes gonna score. Lord knows if someone touches him it’s a flag. Signed a Bears fan. If you dont want to get jacked up, slide feet first. It’s a proverbial safe word for the football players that need the ol’ “I’m down I’m down” command when they dont want to get hit in Turkey Bowl games. Ridiculous. They even felt like the face mask to face mask hit is a targeting in the cowboys game. I get crown but chest to chest where facemasks hit? Holy S

  2. To many qbs fake slides like Arron Rogers !!!! If you fake a slide you should be fined too. You can’t use rules designed for safety to your advantage. That’s how you really get people hurt

  3. Every season they tweak the rules to make quarterbacks more and more untouchable. It’s sad to see the sport being watered down little by little. And people talk about these passing records being broken at the rate they are like it’s because QB’s are better than they used to be. When they aren’t.

  4. Just make the game 7 on 7….no need for lineman on either side of the ball. I’m sure the late great owners are rolling over in their graves on how the league had changed the rules of PRO FOOTBALL.

  5. When the QB runs pass the LOS he becomes a running back and defenses should be allowed to tackle him . No piling on, that’s a personal foul and no more sliding not to be tackled. You run expect to be tackled. You slide expect to be hit. Let’s see how explosive today’s QBs really are. Bring rough tackle back to football. It sells.

  6. Pocket change for Harry! Plus the NFL is pitiful as to the officiating and rules now. So inconsistent that you don’t know what is the right call and what is the actual rule now days.

  7. smoothrobinva says:
    November 23, 2018 at 4:53 pm

    To many qbs fake slides like Arron Rogers !!!! If you fake a slide you should be fined too. You can’t use rules designed for safety to your advantage. That’s how you really get people hurt


    Mitch runs and doesn’t slide (usually trips and falls), please don’t compare our QB to that diva to the north. I used to respect Rodgers, but lately his head looks like a hot air balloon.

  8. He hit him late. That’s a flag 10 out of 10 times. He was lining up for a hit and was going to blow him up no matter what – easy call. Easy fine.

  9. The rules also say that if a QB is going to the ground feet first or head first that the ball be marked as soon as they start the process of giving themselves up……That has not taken place with head first dives, so the defender has to stop the progress of the head first dive somehow if they are not going to follow the rules…..you cant pick and choose which rules get applied and when .

  10. The argument the NFL and even Florio use for all the rules protecting QBs is because people want to see guys like Rodgers and Brady play.
    Wrong. I don’t watch a game to watch the opposing QB. I watch to see the home team beat the other team. If the star QB is out due to injury, too bad for him and his team. Then the home team can hopefully whip up on the opposition for a ‘W’.

    If I want to watch stars, I’ll buy a telescope and take up astronomy.

  11. Should not have even been a penalty. The qb dove and was hit as he hit the ground. Maybe he’ll learn to slide which is the way qbs are supposed to be protected. The polish qb needs to learn the rules or suffer the punishment.

  12. Lame. The QB didn’t go feel first.


    Not that I agree, but that’s not the rule anymore. QB or anyone going to ground in act of giving himself up is off limits.

    “Quarterbacks and all runners must give themselves up early, and if a defender has committed to a tackle, contact may occur. However, that contact cannot be late or to the head or neck area of the player who gave himself up. A quarterback does not have to slide feet first to be considered to be giving himself up.”

    It can get dicey if it’s bang, bang but if you have a couple steps the intent is pretty clear as NFL players only dive to the ground for this sole reason. Trubisky was fully down — which why he got hurt as there was no space between his shoulder and ground — smith had enough time to sail over him instead lowering and making full contact and didnt.

    Again, not saying I agree, but the rule is the rule, smith knows and it could have avoided breaking it and didn’t. Pretty clear cut.

  13. So, let’s say the QB scrambles past the LOS and he starts to go down just before the 1st down marker. The rule doesn’t allow a defender to hit him to stop his forward progress. Instead, he has to wait for the QB to finish going to ground and two-hand touch him? 1st down. STUPID.

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