LeGarrette Blount: Don’t blame Matthew Stafford

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When you’re making the list of people to blame for yesterday’s Lions loss, it’s easy to get to quarterback Matthew Stafford and stop.

After all, he threw two interceptions in a five-minute span in the fourth quarter, one returned for a touchdown and one in the end zone to kill any final hope they had. It’s far from what they expected when they gave him a five-year, $135 million contract, but he has 13 turnovers this season, and the Lions have lost four of their last five to slump to 4-7.

At least running back LeGarrette Blount has his back.

“I don’t like to point fingers and I don’t think that it’s his fault,” Blount said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “He’s a great quarterback. He’s really good at what he does, he’s really great at his craft. But there’s no quarterback that’s going to go into a full season and not make any mistakes. So I think he’s human. He makes mistakes, I make mistakes, we all make mistakes and a lot of mistakes give you an L.”

There were plenty to go around, yesterday and over the last month, which made them want to circle the wagons around their quarterback.

“I think we need more out of everybody, to be honest with you,” Lions coach Matt Patricia replied when asked if he needed more out of Stafford. “There were a lot of plays in there where all of us have to do more, whether it’s preparation or coaching or playing, whatever it is. There are a lot of plays that we can all point to.”

Interceptions are big plays, and they’re easy to point to. And they have Stafford’s name on them. While the absences of Kerryon Johnson and Marvin Jones certainly doesn’t help, they’re still expecting more from the guy who is getting all the money.

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  1. Of course, if Golliday didn’t drop the TD that hit him in his hands, the next play (a TE running the wrong route) doesn’t happen. Blaming Stafford is taking the easy way out.

  2. Patricia had a winning game plan for Stafford but there was no one open for him to throw to all day. Chicago had more speed at every position. Mattie P’s been impressive in his first season as a head coach, and now he’s learning how hard it is to compensate for weaknesses in the offense. In spite of this Detroit held its own for most of the afternoon and ended ahead in yards gained and TOP. The two interceptions killed them. Detroit doesn’t have enough playmakers this season to close the deal. Was glad to see LG show the fans what he’s capable of over 60 minutes. Daniel was very good too. Chicagoans should be proud of their team.

  3. Queue the Stafford haters…LOL. What tools does he have around him? Without Kerryon, Tate, Marvin Jones, geez. Although, Blount did well.

  4. Whenever the Bears are bad, he beats them. Whenever the Bears are good, he loses. That helps explain his horrible record vs winning teams.

  5. Maybe Stafford just needs a bigger contract? Dude has been paid like an elite QB his entire career (highest paid QB in the league with every contract he has ever signed), and plays like guy who wants his HC fired. Has Stafford ever played up to his contracts?

    It’s NEVER his fault, I mean anyone can throw 5 picks against the JETS after signing for a record-setting extension.

  6. He can say what he wants but Stafford is terrible. He effectively prevents his team from winning with all his turnovers. He doesn’t care though. He just goes home and counts his money. He gets paid the same whether they win or lose so why should he care. They shouldn’t have spent all that money for a guy who turns the ball over so much. At this point he’s only a little better than Blake Bortles.

  7. Nice of Blount to have his QBs back, but Stafford just isn’t as good as the Detroit FO has always believed him to be. He needs a lot of help to be a better QB–more help than the Lions can give him.

  8. It’s not all his fault- but he derserves a lot of it, this guys throws 2 big interceptions within 5 minutes- same amount that Brees and Rodgers have combined all season!!

  9. Stafford cannot throw the ball and run the proper pass pattern and catch it, too;

    it would’ve been difficult but if Babytron makes that catch the play before, there would’ve been no need for an obviously confused TE to run the wrong pattern the next play;

    and while the pick-6 was his fault, the Bears player obviously gambled on the play, which means the receiver wasn’t paying attention to that and so didn’t alter his pass pattern accordingly;

    trust me, tape of the gambling Bears player has gone around the league, and teams like the Rams, Chiefs, Saints, Steelers and Pats are salivating to run the same play against this self-proclaimed best safety in the league;

    even lower-tier teams like the Packers, Eagles, Vikings and Seahawks dream of catching a gambling fool with the same play;

    then everyone will want to vilify an average player who gambled one time too many and put his team out of the playoffs;

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