Gase: Field position, not lack of trust in Tannehill, dictated late game playcalling

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The Dolphins gave up 13 fourth quarter points to the Colts on the way to a 27-24 loss on Sunday afternoon and their offense had two chances to run down the clock in between Indianapolis scoring drives.

They did not make the most of those opportunities. Two incompletions and a five-yard loss by Kenyan Drake ended the first drive after 43 seconds and the second drive saw them run two times, including a third-and-10, before punting the ball away. The latter drive started on their own 6-yard-line and the former was on their own 25, which Gase cited as the reason why he didn’t try a throw on third down either time.

Gase said he would have thrown if the team had been “in a more manageable situation” and that he had faith in the team’s defense to come up with a stop. He also said he trusts Tannehill.

“I trust him,” Gase said, via the Palm Beach Post. “It wouldn’t matter who was back there. That’s a s—-y situation to be in. It’s third and long. You’re backed up. It’s a bad situation. I’ve been in that before and watched a Hall of Fame quarterback [Peyton Manning] take a safety. In this building.”

Tannehill was 17-of-25 for 204 yards and two touchdowns in his return to the lineup after five games on the sideline with a shoulder injury. He said it was “tough” as a competitor to not have the ball in his hands on those plays, but understands that Gase “was trying to get us out of that backed up situation.”

It was an approach that didn’t work out for the Dolphins and they are 5-6 as a result of the inability to keep the ball out of Andrew Luck‘s hands (or stop him once it was) down the stretch on Sunday.

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  1. The lolphins, from 3-0 to 5-6…at the speed of mediocrity.
    No doubt chip will be working the sock drawer furiously to take both sides of the argument over who sucks worse: Gase or Tannehill (using his lame bromance nickname of turnoverhill). But it’s worse than whichever one you decide sucks more now. This fish rots from the head, your owner is the issue and no one is firing him anytime soon.

  2. He DOES NOT trust Tannehill, it was quite evident in the 4th quarter of the Raiders and Jets games earlier this season, he will not put the ball in RT’s hands, not that RT is a playmaker anyway but Tannehill is in no way trusted. I don’t care what Gase says. His actions speak more than words.

    Our head coach is a terrible play-caller and our quarterback cannot make plays in the 4th quarter.

  3. I was a Gase supporter. No longer. What exactly did he expect to happen? Because that’s about exactly what I expected to have happen based on his play calling. Me and the Colts.

  4. Its hard being a fan of this team, I almost wish they’d move the fins to London so i could just forget about them

  5. Its hard being a fan of this team, I almost wish they’d move the fins to London so i could just forget about them

  6. Whatever you think about Tannehill (I think he does his job) Gase is not the future of this team. There have been plenty of signs, and we’ve all been enamored by a trick play or two, but bottom line, this team completely blows coverages and is always searching for new excuses. Worst of all, they play to lose.

  7. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:
    November 25, 2018 at 10:39 pm
    He DOES NOT trust Tannehill, it was quite evident in the 4th quarter of the Raiders and Jets games earlier this season, he will not put the ball in RT’s hands, not that RT is a playmaker anyway but Tannehill is in no way trusted. I don’t care what Gase says. His actions speak more than words.

    Our head coach is a terrible play-caller and our quarterback cannot make plays in the 4th quarter.
    Tannehil had a good game so he pucks be trusted it doenst matter who the qb is when you run the Barlo on third and ten you have zero chance to win if a fan off the streeet was the qb you pass clearly you don’t have a very high iq

  8. The field position is why you throw and get the first down why would you run so the colts can get the ball back in great position?

  9. I believe that Tannehill is not the problem, he has faced having his entire OL out, all his WR out, quite possibly the worst play caller in the game. Yet over the last what 15 games he is 12 and 3? Am I wrong about that? You are in the game and a chance to steal one on the road against a very good team as of late, you are outplaying the opposing QB and with 7 mins left and you are up 10 points you call some of the most predictable plays. Then on the next drive you do not allow him to try to get a 1st down?!?!? Are you playing to lose?? I mean a loss os a definite out of the playoff race so what do you have to lose Gase??
    Hopefully your job!!! I’ve had enough of your smug attitude and just hope Tannehill does great till seasons end and then tell me it’s his fault!!!

  10. And before any of you Turnoverhill apologist tell me about his percentage of completions or quarterback rating today, it means absolutely nothing!

    Last 15 games? 12-3 record? Nope…Lol
    He’s 0-3 in his last 3 starts.

    It’s about who makes plays and who doesn’t. Andrew Luck is a playmaker and makes people around him better. RT has never been that.
    There isn’t a stat for that, you either have it, or you don’t and RT isn’t even close.

  11. Two quarterbacks from Tannehills draft class looked spectacular in dire situationson on Sunday. Russell Wilson threw a beautiful td to tie the Panthers on 4th and 3. Luck almost tripped but delivered a strike on 3rd and 9 late in the 4th. Tannehill hands the ball off in the 4th. Sounds like Tannehill doesn’t have the trust of his coach. What does Gase possibly have to lose? The fins lose these type of games so you might as well take a chance anyway.

  12. Tannehill and Matthew Stafford [and a few other QBs] are just good enough to win enough games to prevent their team from drafting high enough to pick a franchise QB in the draft…

  13. It appears that Sherman, Lazor and Philbin knew that tannehill could not be trusted in 2014. Same old tannehill.
    A good QB would not have let a 10 point lead slip away; even he had to run the ball on every other play. That is what Bryce Petty did in preseason to keep the ball moving until a break came in the passing game.
    That is why he scored 80% of our TDs in preseason. Bryce Petty knows how to win.
    Thus as I said in the off season; we have nothing to look forward too on 2018. Mr Ross should clean house NOW ans bring in another QB NOW!!!!

  14. I don’t know about anyone else that’s a fan of this putrid, inept disappointing miserable excuse for a team… But I’m not watching another game with Adam Goose & Ryan Tannesuck on this team. Fans take notice & speak up if you want real change. When the stadium looks like a Rutgers game & Stephen Ross sees 50000 empty seats & gets hit the only way you can hurt a billionaire, in the pocketbook… Then he will give it to you.

  15. This loss is entirely on Gase. Tannehill played very good when he’s off the leash, but Gase locked him up. How can you have a qb duel to the finish when one of them is handcuffed??

  16. Take away the yards and completions from bubble screens and shovel passes, Tannehill is just barely an average qb. And Gase (the qb whisperer) is nothing special.

  17. Tannehill likely isn’t the guy going forward, but overall he played pretty well yesterday. This is on Gase and his play calling. I expect him to lose the locker room before the season ends and either getting fired in the offseason or early next year.

  18. I have been critical of Ryan Tannehill but really this coaching staff is the problem. The defensive coordinator does not change his schemes enough. Moreover the defense was ripped apart big time when it really counted. The defense did not adjust to what the Colts were doing in the 4th quarter. Gase calls plays to keep from losing in the 4th quarter and by doing so has perhaps started his exit back to being some team’s offensive coordinator.

  19. Trust huh?Hmmm. 14 to 14 ball on 12 yard line and its 3rd and 3. You have two downs to make 3 yards for the 1st and goal. Did you trust Gore then also? TD changes everything there. If Gase really trusts Thill then why isn’t the QB calling the plays? Thats trust. Anybody but Gase calling the plays. Tied at 14 my girlfriend screamed run now and on 4th if you need too. Go for it. She knows so little about football but so much more than Gase it was worth taking note. Gase is simply overwhelmed by the job that he thinks he can call the plays too. He can not. If he dose not recognise this it will cost him his Job if it hasn’t already.

  20. Can you imagine if Marino had been in there and the coach had called three running plays? He would have audibled out and done what he wanted to do. Tannehill is a “yes man” and will NEVER take over a game on his own. I don’t think he’s a bad QB honestly, I just don’t think he’s a STRONG QB.

  21. I’ve been a huge Phin fan since 1970. The past 20 years has been brutal. WOW, 20 years now. We used to be the team to beat, the envy of the league. Honestly, young ‘uns that’s the truth.

    Watching the game yesterday… Well, this is what the Phins are now. An inconsistent mediocre team. Too bad we can’t just go 2-14 or 3-13 prior to a deep hot qb draft year.

    That,and bring Dan Campbell back. Mark my words, he’s going to be a great head coach in this league one day and we’ll regret it not with the Phins.

    He’s now assistant head coach with he Saints. Imagine that!

  22. Gase simply hasn’t been very good with the Dolphins. Pretty clear that record-setting year in Denver was all Peyton Manning and very little Adam Gase.

  23. Sadly, Dolphins owner Ross will likely give Lost Case Gase another year since he won’t know what do as usual like with Philbin in late 2014.
    All he’s doing is delaying Gases’ inevitable firing in 2019.

    Only Ross would keep Sparano, Philbin & Gase as head coaches, 10 years of non-stop ownership failures with no end in sight.

  24. Even if you don’t trust Tannehill, to punt from your own endzone with 2 minutes left is a receipe for losing. Colts were going to get great field position no matter what.

  25. Tannehill is a good qb, not great but good. There’s definitely room for an upgrade, but he’s not the problem.

    The coaching staff is the issue here. It’s clear to see.

  26. If he really means it, that’s a problem too. Better to go out while attacking, or at least trying to.

  27. As a Dolphins fan I am embarrassed for the entire organization. Our coach stinks. Our QB stinks. Our defense stinks. The entire team stinks. Who would want to come in and play for this mess?

  28. Gase is wrong. It was his own fear that caused that loss. They needed first downs. He called low risk low gain plays and punted back to a hot offense. He should have been aggressive. Sure he could have been burned but the odds were he was going to get burned anyway. At least aggressive play calls COULD have kept the ball… and by aggressive I mean WR patterns that actually cross the line to gain. I am so sick of watching completions result in negative yardage. They are not even checkdowns. Those are by design. Tannehill doesn’t look at other receivers and the other receivers just jog through their “routes” and never look for the ball. Stop it.

  29. The Dolphins problem was they were playing Andrew Luck. The ‘Aw shucks’ guy is pretty darn good and was great yesterday when it mattered most – CRUNCH TIME.

  30. That’s the typical statement we expect Gase to say but the reality IS &
    we ALL know it – is Gase is over his head & trying to justify HIS incompetence
    as HC !
    With the season going steadily into the crapper since week 4 – it was time for
    Gase to loosen up the reigns on WHOEVER was playing QB & throw out that predictable
    playbook that every opponent seems to have already!
    The Offensive play calling all game was questionable but in the 4th was HORRIBLE &
    the Defensive scheming ONCE AGAIN was non-existent !
    This falls directly on 2 Coaches – Gase & Burke
    It’s time for Stephen Ross to pull up his “big boy” pants and get this team a management
    & Coaching staff that can compete at something better than bottom of the barrel !
    If Tannenbaum & this Coaching staff survive after this season we are DOOMED !

  31. “3 Dolphin home games imagine the booing ”, well, one of the games is against the New England Patriots,( who travel really well, )It’s going to be like a home game for the Patriots, lots of cheering!

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