John Lynch says 49ers were ready to trade more than Bears for Khalil Mack

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The 49ers have never hidden the fact that they wanted Khalil Mack, with coach Kyle Shanahan saying after the Raiders traded Mack to the Bears that San Francisco “went real hard” after Mack. Now 49ers G.M. John Lynch is saying the 49ers actually offered more than the Bears did.

Lynch said on 95.7 The Game that he believes the final offer he made for Mack was better than the one the Raiders took from the Bears.

“I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but we tried like heck to acquire Khalil Mack,” Lynch said, via “But it didn’t work out. But, you try by any means necessary to get it but it’s not easy. Guys that are free, they never become free because they’re so coveted in this league. They’re franchised typically or they work out a new deal.”

Lynch then confirmed that he considers the offer he made better than the offer the Raiders got. Whether the offer was “better” may be in the eye of the beholder. For instance, maybe the 49ers offered the exact same package of picks that the Bears ended up giving the Raiders. At the time, most people considered the 49ers a better team than the Bears, so the Raiders wouldn’t have viewed that as a better offer. As it has turned out, the Bears are a much better team than the 49ers, so the 2019 first-round pick the Raiders are getting from the Bears will be nowhere near as good a pick as the 49ers’ first-round pick. But the Bears didn’t know that at the time.

Regardless, the 49ers badly wanted Mack. Badly enough that they were willing to give up, apparently, two first-round draft picks to acquire him.

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  1. The Raiders are already on record saying that the Bears are the only team to offer two first round picks. Now you have Lynch on record saying the 49ers offered “more”. More does not automatically equal two first round picks. The 49ers could have offered a first, second and two fourth round picks. That would equal “more” in the total number of picks returned…and Lynch may have considered it a “better” offer. Which doesn’t necessarily mean it was at the time.

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    It’s always hard to give up a top tier player for draft picks because at the outset you have nothing to show for it. That’s what was tough for many Raiders fans to swallow. Having Mack across the Bay and leading the league in sacks would have been a public relations trainwreck.

  3. It’s prob just as well, with the massive money paid to JimmyG, 49ers currently have 30% of their cap either dead or IR. Yes they still have $36M cap space but only because they carried over a whopping $56M from 2017 (in basic terms they already spent $197M this year when the cap is $177M). Next year they have 15 guys becoming FA and already have $160M allocated so going forward a deal for Mack (who is getting QB money at Bears) would mean huge cuts elsewhere. And what if he got injured? Surely 9ers of all teams must realize by now the dangers of tying up huge swathes of cap in one guy?

  4. Even if the Bears had given 3 (rather than 2) 1st rounders and hadn’t received a 2nd rounder from the Raiders, that still wouldn’t have been worth it for a dominant player and future HOFer like Khalil Mack.

    My opinion might be different if the Raiders had someone like Jimmy Johnson running the draft. But Gruden has an abysmal track record when it comes to making draft selections so there’s a high probability that the picks acquired for Mack won’t even pan out (let alone collectively measure up to Mack’s contributions).

  5. John Lynch shouldnt be bragging about that. If he was willing to give up a haul of draft picks that included minimum both their 2019 & 2020 1st round picks that just speaks to how bad of a GM he really is. The 49ers HAVE WAYYYYY to many holes on their roster to be giving up two premium draft picks for Mack, esp now that Foster is a bust & Solomon Thomas appears to be as well. Their defense is a mess & their offense has numerous holes, Jimmy G seriously regressed this season and appears to be Sam Bradford 2.0 as the guy is alway injured with 3 serious injuries in 10 career starts. The 49ers are in no position to be trading away top picks for one single player at this point, they need to much help.

  6. John Lynch has no credibility. I don’t believe there were any serious discussions or offers made by the 49ers. I think this GM is way in over his head. He’s a smooth operator and he convinced Kyle Shanahan to hire him as GM. Now he seems to be making things up to distract attention. What a total disaster. I expect the 49ers to release Lynch at the end of the season.

  7. Who cares what John Lynch says…..sour grapes???….waaaaaaa…..coulda shoulda woulda DIDNT

    Macks a monster now


  8. John Lynch is over his head. Seems like a nice guy and the media was going to crown their friend after some flashy moves and big spending.

    Look at those drafts, the return on investment and their record. Their two wins were the Lions and Raiders. Tampa Bay’s roster looks like a juggernaut in comparison.

  9. Please stop talking Mr Lynch. Your actions up to now have worsened the team, which I thought was impossible after Ballke/Tomsula/Kelly.

  10. I don’t think Mack wanted to stay in CA. According to numerous reports, Mack wanted most of his guaranteed salary to be deferred until they moved to income tax free NV. I highly doubt any team would have been willing to backload a contract like that, since most guaranteed money is given upfront as a signing bonus, in order to be spread out over the life of the contract. Mack was guaranteed $60 million at signing (from Chicago), which CA taxes would have taken almost $8 million. Being a degenerate gambler, I’d be willing to bet that Mack probably told his Agent, that he was NOT willing to stay in CA.

  11. charliecharger says:
    November 25, 2018 at 10:04 am
    ‘….John Lynch has no credibility…..’

    Oh, look.. Jon Gruden disguised as a ‘charlie’ Charger..

    – CyberGuard 18

  12. Doesn’t matter if you don’t do it. I don’t know why anyone with any self respect would do something like this. It doesn’t accomplish anything and it makes you look like an idiot.

  13. Why is it when a player is traded, the team that didn’t get said player always states they offered more?

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