Reuben Foster arrested for domestic violence charge at team hotel in Tampa

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San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence battery at the hotel the team is staying at in Tampa, Fla. ahead of Sunday’s game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The arrest was first reported by Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Foster was arrested at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay at 9:10 p.m. ET and booked into jail two hours later, per the Hillsborough County Sherriff’s Office.

Foster faced domestic violence charges from his ex-girlfriend earlier this year. Those charges were dropped in May when the former girlfriend recanted her claims alleging Foster had hit her in February. He did plead no contest to a weapons charge and was suspended two games by the NFL.

Foster was questionable to play against the Buccaneers on Sunday due to a hamstring strain. The arrest Saturday night will probably assure he won’t play for one reason or another.

The 49ers had expressed a zero-tolerance policy for domestic violence issues earlier this year as Foster was going through his previous legal episode.

“We can promise you guys — if there’s someone who ever hits their significant other, girlfriends, some person like that, that person is not going to be on our team,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said. “I feel strongly about that. I know John [Lynch] does. I know our ownership does. That’s how we feel about it. Obviously, Reuben is on our team right now, so we’re waiting to see how that goes. But if that’s something that we felt he did or ended up happening, you guys will see how we feel.”

With another domestic violence incident now alleged against Foster – and while with the team preparing for a road game no less – his time remaining with the 49ers could be running rather short.

UPDATE 2:40 a.m. ET: The Tampa Police Department released a statement regarding Foster’s arrest. Foster had a verbal altercation with a female characterized as having an “on-again, off-again” relationship with Foster over the last three years. The victim claimed Foster had slapped a phone out of her hand, shoved her in the chest and slapped her with an open hand on the right side of her face. Officers saw a one-inch scratch on the victim’s left collar bone. He was been charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic violence.

41 responses to “Reuben Foster arrested for domestic violence charge at team hotel in Tampa

  1. His shoulder will never get better anyway, it would require not tackling people for that to happen. Let him go if it happened.

  2. Bye, Reuben!!!

    You and Solomon were supposed to be the building blocks of our D for years to come. You have a ten cent brain with no self control while Solomon can’t play DE and the team is too stubborn to move him inside were he belongs.

  3. A caution flag from the NFL draft has proven to be right.. this guy is a monster.. and not the kind that shows up on the field on Sun, Mon, or Thurs… this man has a prison cell waiting on him

  4. This guy had red flags all over him coming out of college. He clearly has issues and needs help. The fact that he has raised a hand to a woman is sad. Cut him. Playing a game for a living is a privilege, not a right.

  5. Getting back with the girl who nearly ended his career and got him jail time alone should get him barred from the NFL for life. This dude can’t NOT get arrested.

  6. Why is his gf or ex gf in his hotel room the night before a game? Players who are married aren’t even allowed to have their wives or children at the team hotel on Saturday night before a game.

    This is why teams stay in hotels the night before a game, even for home games, to make sure things like this don’t happen.

  7. Goodell do your thing! I’m in the minority, I like ol’ Rog when he lays the smackdown on dudes. The NFL is a privilege not a right. Banish this doofus.

  8. Some people never learn…the incident earlier this year should have been the “wake-up call” and the aftermath should have been understanding that he got a 2nd chance

  9. In order to protect themselves from potential false accusations, some people may have to do what the police has been doing by wearing body cams.

  10. The 49ers Front Office are liars, and as phony as a pretty Vikings fan.
    These jerks have gotten away with so much in their lives because of athletic talent, and it isnt stopping in the Pros either.
    The 49ers, Patriots, Cowboys, Vikings and Raiders are the worst when it comes to catering to convicts, abusers, and threats to soceity………all in hopes that the person helps them win.
    Each GM, like Lynch and each Coach, like Shanahan should be suspended for 1 full season whenever they sign a troubled player, who commits another crimee. Even if alleged.
    Foster is just another scumbag who needs to be returned to the pits and dark alleys of where he belongs. That boy, needs sent away, along with others of his kind, to an island

  11. The 49ers obviously love this Human Three Mile Island. He will always be given another chance. It’s time to extend him. Beating defenseless women is a small price to pay when you got a playa! Right, San Fran?

  12. So we know what Kyle and John said last time “that person is not going
    to be on our team”
    So know we get to see if their words mean anything.

  13. And everyone went on and on about how unfair it was that his ex “lied” to police. More like she took his payoff. Innocent until proven guilty, sure, but it’s clear this guy was not a good person so it’s easy to believe the stories.

  14. patrickryancomedy says:
    November 25, 2018 at 3:50 am
    This guy had red flags all over him coming out of college. He clearly has issues and needs help. The fact that he has raised a hand to a woman is sad. Cut him. Playing a game for a living is a privilege, not a right.
    He does not need help. He needs to be held accountable. Try him and if guilty convict him and jail him the maximum allowable. No plea deal, no celebrity sentence.

  15. Thank you John Lynch for trading up before my Saints 2 years ago. Sean Payton was set to draft Foster and had him on the phone before you made this blunder. We settled on Ryan Ramczyk who is quickly becoming the best RT in the league. Ask Aaron Donald how good he is

  16. Getting arrested will get you fired by the 49ers. No conviction is needed. Trumane Brock was arrested, and released. Then he was acquitted and now he is playing somewhere else in the league. Sad.

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