Teams can check on Reuben Foster’s status before signing him

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It’s not currently known whether the NFL will be placing linebacker Reuben Foster on the Commissioner Exempt list in the aftermath of his latest arrest for domestic violence. Before any other team would give him another chance, however, that team would be able to learn more about Foster’s status in the eyes of the league office.

That’s how it normally works. A team has the ability to contact 345 Park Avenue and ask whether a paid suspension is coming, before becoming the team that would be paying him while suspended.

And given that a player can’t be placed on the Commissioner Exempt list unless he’s on a team, a message from the league office that placement on the Commissioner Exempt list is looming could keep any team from signing him.

Which means that Foster simply won’t draw any interest, because no one will be interested in paying him until his status with the league is resolved and any unpaid suspension is served, especially since a paid suspension typically flows from a player being formally charged with a crime of violence.

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  1. Here we go…the media has taken Foster and is prepping to take his side and demand that some NFL team sign him. Of course the result would be the very same media destroying the team for daring to sign a domestic abuser (Foster).
    If I were an NFL owner, I would publicly say that my franchise will NOT sign Foster, ever. I would cite the reasons as threefold:

    1. I, as an NFL owner, am against domestic violence. Therefore I will not sign Foster.

    2. If I were to sign Foster, and he commits DV again (and it is expected that he will), Foster would be suspended, we would be forced to sign a replacement, and my team would take an unnecessary cap hits (one for Foster and one for his replacement).

    3. I would cite instances where the media has defended Foster et al who have committed DV, and therefore my team could reasonably expect a PR nightmare despite not being at fault for anything. I would also state that the media would harangue my coaches & players about the Foster/DV situation, which serves only to distract my coaches & players and benefits only the reporters’ careers.

  2. Alabama — the BSPN media darlings, of the ever so BSPN owned SEC conference…You know the best teams in college. You know the Alabama who beat powerhouse Mercer, and Citadel, OR Texas Am who beat northwester State, (That I assume is in the northwest of some state), and LA- Monroe. Then you Have Georgia who beat the ever so dominant Austin Peay Governors, and Middle Tennessee….should we keep going on how The SEC schedule games against powerhouses, and are always having multiple teams in the the B (c) S playoffs…IT’s time for eight teams. One team from each of the big 6, and two at large and no more than two teams from any conference…How do you reward teams who schedule JC’s on their schedule

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