ABC replaces FOX in 2019 NFL draft coverage

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The obvious headline as it relates to the TV plans for the 2019 draft comes from the fact that, after one year of broadcasting two nights of the event, FOX is out and ABC is in. The more intriguing news comes from how the ABC/ESPN/NFL Network coverage will be handled.

According to John Ourand of SportsBusiness Journal, the ABC coverage won’t be a simulcast of the ESPN broadcast. Instead, the three-letter (bigger audience) sister network will be tailored to the more casual fan, and it will be anchored by the ESPN College Gameday crew of Rece Davis, Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, and Desmond Howard.

Per the report, ABC’s coverage “will focus on the personalities and backstories of the draft picks, incorporating live musical acts into its coverage.”

Ultimately, the 2019 plans for the draft, which will be held in Nashville, consists of three networks but with FOX replaced by ABC. Last year, there was chatter that the NFL eventually hoped to put the draft on all broadcast networks, giving it a wall-to-wall election-night feel. While that may eventually happen, it won’t be happening in 2019.

29 responses to “ABC replaces FOX in 2019 NFL draft coverage

  1. I’m watching ESPN with Mel Kiper. The other networks have a lot of mouths moving, but no useful information coming out. Kiper knows more about this stuff than everyone else combined, yet he’s the most respectful when it comes to letting others talk. Class act. I’ve been watching him for decades and he’s never disappointed. I don’t need to hear about the controversy surrounding guys like Johnny Maziel, Manti Te’o, or Michael Sam just because some network boss thinks that’s how to hold an audience. I’d rather learn about the guys who are actually going to play in the NFL.

  2. “incorporating live musical acts into its coverage”

    Yes, that’s what the NFL draft has been missing all these years. Live musical acts. I won’t be watching this farcical embarrassment, but I’m sure it will produce cringe-worthy memes for years to come.

  3. Typical NFL , over exposed more moving lips with no substance. Its just like political coverage.

  4. Personalities? Backstories? Musical acts? Sounds like the NFL Draft meets Dancing With The Stars. Nope, no desire here to watch that train wreck.

  5. To me watching paint dry is more exciting than the draft. I never watch it so any change in network coverage is meaningless to me. I can look every 3 or 4 hours online for 2 minutes and see everything I want to.

  6. The first two rounds are all that are entertaining. The first round real football guys will know 1/2 the players drafted and be interested to see where they go. The second round, real football guys will know about 1/4 of them.
    Its also interesting to see the position/school of the new guy to “your team.”
    Maybe for 3 rounds. 4th round picks most fans(OK maybe not you Mr. reader who knows everything about every pick, but you are rare) have no clue who the guy your team selected is and if he is any good.

    Watching some abstract country act isn’t going to help me know how this DE from Eastern Middle State University is going to help the pass rush. So its not going to make we read the picks on another website later.

  7. As with everything else with the NFL, it starts out good but then they wreck it. I will not watch ABC’s coverage of the draft.

  8. People actually take time out of their lives to watch that crap? Who cares about the draft. I know… I know Cleveland – it’s been your superbowl for a decade. But beyond that it’s like wasting time on earth!

  9. Say what you will, but Mel Kiper is still the leading draft “expert”. He’s the one who puts out his draft board first and everyone uses his names to create their “own board”. He has a lot of misses, but his hits are more on the button. Say a name, even the lower draft prospects, and Mel can instantly rattle off the guys stats and numbers with an evaluation. Mayock is another good one.

  10. The “live musical acts” will be performers that 90% of actual NFL fans don’t listen to. As usual. Unless they’re finally going to have Metallica or someone.

  11. The people who said that they really like Mel Kiper really need to watch Mike Mayock. He’s just as classy and professional, if not more and he knows much more what he’s talking about, partly because he played in the NFL. Of all the people on TV who think they could be a GM, I think by far he would have the best chance of being successful, but I’m glad he’s not because I like watching him on tv.

  12. ABC?

    You meant the Walt Disney company so ESPN?! So ESPN “personalities” giving backstories on the players and their fight to play in the NFL. look like Kay Adams and colleen Wolf on NFL network it is 🙂

  13. This year Avengers IWs came out the same day as the draft. That would be a big reason why the ratings sucked. An guess what it will happen again this year if Avengers 4 or another big must see movie is opening the same day.

  14. It is a draft very little that actual follow the sport need a big time production. They should have kept it to Saturday and Sunday. If they wanted to give the 1st rounders their own thing then it should have been Friday,Saturday, Sunday.

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