Adam Gase: Everyone looks at result and all the good things get forgotten

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Dolphins head coach Adam Gase held a press conference on Monday to continue rehashing what led to the team blowing a 24-14 lead in the fourth quarter of what turned into a 27-24 loss to the Colts.

Gase reiterated his Sunday comments about the team’s playcalling on a pair of late three and outs not having to do with a lack of faith in quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Gase said the play calls were “what was best for that situation”and that he thought Tannehill “played well” in his first action since injuring his right shoulder in Week Five.

Gase also said he thought the team “shot ourselves in the foot too many times” and lamented the focus on the final score rather than things that went well earlier in the game.

“I thought they played hard yesterday,” Gase said. “It was unfortunate that we lost that game because I really thought there were a lot of guys did good stuff. It’s just hard to see right now. Everybody does the same thing, everybody goes and looks at the result and all the good things get forgotten about.”

There are times when attention can shift away from results, but it’s not when you’re 5-5 and leading another 5-5 team with less than a quarter to play. Failing to close out a win in games like that will always take precedence over anything in the process that might have been successful, which Gase seems to realize as he said the team’s focus has to be on how they “win one game” against the Bills this week.