Giants sticking with Eli Manning, but won’t rule out Alex Tanney or Kyle Lauletta

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Last year, the one-game benching of quarterback Eli Manning was the last straw in the firing of Giants coach Ben McAdoo. This year, Giants coach Pat Shurmur is sticking with Manning. At least for now.

Shurmur confirmed today that Manning remains the starter for this week’s game against the Bears, but when asked about giving a backup playing time if the Giants are eliminated from playoff contention, Shurmur acknowledged it’s possible. In fact, when asked if he’ll play rookie Kyle Lauletta this season, Shurmur’s response wasn’t to say he wouldn’t bench Manning for Lauletta, but to say Alex Tanney might be the next man up.

Why are you jumping over Tanney?” Shurmur said, via Matt Lombardo of “I think what you try to do is win each game. You make a decision based on winning the game. And you make your decisions based on putting the best team on the field that gives you a chance to win the game.”

Asked under what circumstances Tanney would become the starting quarterback, Shurmur said, “If we felt like he was giving us the best chance to win.”

Manning has played better in recent weeks than he did early in the season, and the talk that the Giants have to move on from him has died down a bit. But if the Giants think there’s a chance that Tanney or Lauletta might be the quarterback of the future, it wouldn’t hurt to see what they can do in a real game at some time before the season is over. Even if Shurmur still thinks Manning gives the Giants the best chance to win.

31 responses to “Giants sticking with Eli Manning, but won’t rule out Alex Tanney or Kyle Lauletta

  1. Shurmur is terrified to bench Eli because doing so got the Breel cream man fired! Mara has to make the decision himself as he proved when he sent all sorts of crazy mixed messages about Eli last season and all the way up to through the draft.

  2. Its almost as if the Mannings are a Mob family. How could you as an organization continue to roll with him as QB? Your not preparing for the future if you keep him as a starter. Maybe their not that high on Lauletta after all. Sad time to be a Giant fan.

  3. Craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

    They went 3-13 last year, fired the coach, upgraded the o-line, got their injured star receiver back and drafted a RB #1.

    And now they are 3-8.

    And now they are sticking with Manning? For what? so they can finish 4-12 or 5-11 without any clue what their young QBs can do?

  4. Who? Oh right, the guys that have zero talent but didn’t kneel. amazing that owners would rather loose than sign Kaepernick. Something something collusion

  5. .
    It’s more than just Eli. They need a full roster overhaul with substantive changes in almost every area.

  6. The interception before the end of the first half yesterday was one of the worst interceptions at time and place I have ever seen !

  7. why would the focus be on benching manning? especially since he has been playing better lately since he is given a bit more time. sure, that pick was bad yesterday but he also played well.
    they lost yesterdays game because of Shurmur, they lost a few games this year because of shurmur. seems like a nice guy and very likable, but kind of stinks as a HC.

  8. It’s really silly to stick with Manning. They already showed him no respect by benching him last year, so why pretend to honor him now?
    He’s not doing anything positive for this team and he won’t be there next year. So the smart thing to do is move on from him now. But I forgot — this is the Giants we’re talking about.

  9. The problem with benching Manning last year is that they ended his start streak not to play Davis Webb, their young QB, but to play Geno Smith, a very known quality. In fact The previous regime did not even have Webb close to being able to play. So they knee-capped a QB that had done so much for the franchise for no real reason. Thats what pissed off the fans.

  10. Some of this does fall on Manning no doubt but I think it’s safe to say only calling 4 touches for Barkley in the second half after A huge 1st half plus not taking advantage of three CB’s being out for Philly is not his fault. That rests on Shurmur himself.

  11. “You make a decision based on winning the game.”

    Judging by the clown-car play-calling in this game, I don’t believe that.

    Barkley & Beckham getting 7 total touches in the 2nd half is not what anyone does when they want to win a game.

  12. Tanney isn’t the future, but he looked like he could be a backup in Tennessee and Indy.

    They need to find out what they have in Lauletta, better sooner than later.

    And agree with the rest that they did not utilize Barkley right in the 2nd half.

  13. I am the biggest Giant fan there is and sticking with eli is saying we want to put Eli s career to bed ,they know they don’t have a starting qb in the wings and will get one next year, so for now enjoy Eli s farewell tour. Haskins or Grier is the play but Haskins FACED TOUGHER COMPITION.we will win the division hands down next year.Go big blue

  14. They’ve got no one on the roster that could do a better job than Eli, I’d like to see the team draft Trace McSorley keep Eli on to mentor him next year – oh and finally seriously address the O line.

  15. He seriously suggested Tanney with a straight face? A 31 year old with 1 career start?

    Tanney is on the team for one reason and one reason only, and that is also why Davis Webb was released just before the start of the regular season. It is because no one would ever suggest he start a game under any circumstance. The Manning family approved.

    He has no potential. Lauletta on the other hand has potential but they are going out of their way to make sue he doesn’t play because you wouldn’t want a young kid to outplay Eli. With Tanney that is not a concern.

  16. mykpfsu says: “The problem with benching Manning last year is that they ended his start streak not to play Davis Webb, their young QB, but to play Geno Smith, a very known quality. In fact The previous regime did not even have Webb close to being able to play.”

    Fact is, Eli deserved the benching. Who cares what he did for the franchise in the past, wishful fantasy dreaming ain’t gonna win football games.

    Were all the players and coaches that weren’t there for the Super Bowl win suppose to say, “Sure, I’ll sacrifice my season and 1-2 years of my short career just for Eli to feel good, even though I want to win a SB for myself too”??

    If Eli is that important to the organization, give him a suit and a front office job.

  17. The Giant management failed to address the one area basic to any success in football at any level,a good offensive line.If you had Brady or Rodgers behind the Giants line last year or this year neither one of them would be playing right now because of the beating they would have taken.

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