Top of the draft order unchanged, after they all lose

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Some of the teams trying to make the playoffs are stumbling down the stretch.

But the teams on the other end of the spectrum are standing on the gas, if the goal is to secure high picks in the 2019 NFL Draft.

If the season ended today, the top five spots in the projected draft order would remain unchanged, after the 49ers (2-9), Cardinals (2-9), Raiders (2-9), Jets (3-8), and Giants (3-8) all lost yesterday. Also, a lot of people would be asking: “Why is the season ending after Week 12?”

The only change at the top is the 3-8 Jaguars moving up (?) to the sixth spot after their seventh straight loss.

Four teams are tied at 4-7 at the moment, and the top 10 would be filled out with the Falcons followed by the Lions, the Bills, and the Buccaneers (ties in draft order are broken by strength of schedule).

While logic holds that the worst teams in the league lose more often than they win, it’s still wild to see such a race to the bottom, with the top eight teams in the draft order all losing last week.

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  1. While logic holds that the worst teams in the league lose more often than they win, it’s still wild to see such a race to the bottom, with the top eight teams in the draft order all losing last week.
    The tanking looked a little less obvious this week. Got it.

  2. For teams that are tanking to select a QB. This upcoming draft is expected to be one of the worst QB drafts in years. Might be better to go for other positions of need instead.

  3. I look forward to the Jaguars signing Joe Flacco, drafting some offensive tackle in the first round, and having one of the league’s worst offenses again.

  4. Jets potentially in a good spot IF the person who has presided over their drafts (Maccagnan) since 2015 is shown the door and they get anyone with a clue. Christopher and Woody Johnson can’t take the easy way out under the premise of stability and continuity. This card was played last year. Last year was the “better a year early then a year late” time to cut GM & HC loose. This year, the Johnson’s can’t double down on this mistake. .

  5. Has anyone ever proposed to the competition committee that the draft order is set after week 11 (or whatever week they deem appropriate)? If you really wanted to get crazy you could say that of the four worst teams after week 11, the team with the best record weeks 12-17 gets the first pick.

  6. Some of my brothers think the Bears fleeced Oakland prematurely. We haven’t seen the end result.I’ll take 3 functual starters over 1 at 25 million 100 out of 100 times. A caveman could solve that riddle.

    The number 1 pick isn’t launching anyone into the Superbowl. Want to win sign good football players, start giving these dummies an IQ test.

  7. Draft will come down to how the Rams, Seahawks, Chargers, Broncos, and Chiefs finish. Also AFC North will play into factor as well. Draft will be determined by strength of schedule if all three teams tie….so nobody knows who will go 1 to 3 until end of season and how other teams finished.


  9. Nobody is tanking. The reason most teams are bad is because they’re not good at evaluating players, so they draft bad players. So bad teams picking high usually end up picking the wrong players. New England has stayed on top for all these years and they never have a high pick. Those old DeBartolo 49ers teams used to have great drafts every year, but a lot of their great players came in the later rounds. DeBartolo spent money because he was generous, not because he had to. Since DeBartolo left the 49ers, they seem to always pick high, but they never get any better. I think a lot of it starts with ownership. Look at the Browns. They keep firing coaches and GM’s every year but it never pays off. The Rooney’s are stable. They’ve had like 3 coaches in the last 40 years, and they keep winning. When was the last time they had a top pick? The good teams just sit there at the end of each round and take solid players. You’ll hear about the draft being a crap shoot. Well, that’s just the lousy GM’s trying to save their jobs. Ask Jimmy Johnson if he thinks the draft is a crap shoot. The bad teams don’t have to try to tank. They’re just bad.

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