Washington vows not to play Reuben Foster until legal process concludes

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Although linebacker Reuben Foster was claimed on waivers by Washington today, the team says it will not play him until charges stemming from his recent domestic violence arrest are resolved.

“Today we have claimed the rights to LB Reuben Foster,” Senior V.P. of Player Personnel Doug Williams said in a statement. “The Redskins fully understand the severity of the recent allegations made against Reuben. If true, you can be sure these allegations are nothing our organization would ever condone. Let me be clear, Reuben will have to go through numerous steps including the full legal process, an investigation and potential discipline from the NFL, as well as meetings with counselors associated with the team before he will ever have the opportunity to wear the Burgundy and Gold as a player.”

Williams noted that Foster went to Alabama, where seven other Washington players played their college football.

“That being said, we decided to investigate the situation with Reuben further by claiming his rights after candid conversations with a number of his ex-Alabama teammates and current Redskins players who were overwhelmingly supportive of us taking this chance,” Williams said. “Nothing is promised to Reuben, but we are hopeful being around so many of his former teammates and friends will eventually provide him with the best possible environment to succeed both personally and professionally.”

Foster has now been arrested twice this year for domestic violence accusations. The first time, charges were dropped and he was welcomed back on the 49ers after the accuser recanted her story. The same woman accused him of domestic violence again last weekend at the 49ers’ team hotel, leading San Francisco to cut ties with him.

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  1. Yeah, but if the wears the wrong color cleats, celebrates too hard, or pushes another player after the whistle, the NFL will be sure to fine / suspend him ASAP…

  2. That’s the beauty of Foster. He’s been known to brighten up a room with his personality and is a great teammate.

    Their is also Rueben Foster outside the locker room. The man that unfortunately been arrested 3 times this year alone.

    Good luck to both

  3. I’m usually the first one to say that where there is smoke , there is fire . That being said , This is the same girl that has previously falsely accused him of this . Doesn’t hurt the redskins to take a flyer and let the facts play out. My guess is that she is a psycho and he’s dumb enough to keep dealing with or responding to her . If he is that dumb , he deserved to be cut .

  4. People condemning the man without knowing the facts. I once knew a guy who had a wife who used to initiate arguments, scratch & harm herself, then call the police & say he did it. She would laugh & brag to others about it. Not saying that this is the case here, but it does happen people.

  5. Trying to remember a time this sort of thing ended well. Closest I can come to is Aqib Talib, though his particular issues stemmed more of association/involvement in some very violent crowds rather than overwhelming rage issues.

    For those folk, cage fighting is a better career choice I think.

  6. I wonder if people would be equally upset if McDonalds or some factory hired Foster or if it’s just NFL teams that cant hurr him? Is everyone who does something stupid not allowed to work? I just dont understand why everyone wants to go after someone’s job right away when they do something dumb, like people who mess up are gonna be any better unemployed.

  7. “maybe a change of scenery and some distance between Reuben and the lady will work out for Reuben”

    That’s called a restraining order.

  8. You could lose with class.

    Now you are proving your organization is a classless loser.

    From a former Redskins fan of 47 years, I spit on your warpath and want it torn up and moved to China.

    I absolutely hate this team. The name is the least of its problems. It had no ethics, no class, and makes a profession out of losing. Go to hades.

  9. Ok, why is he even with this “lady”? This is where the poor decision making lies. He’s got issues obviously but maybe he’d be fine if he quit hanging out with her. She obviously knows how to get his goat.

  10. I guess the women in Washington D.C. already have their guard up against male predators. Foster will fit right in with the other creature that are already inhabiting the swamp. Foster might even help make America great again.

  11. Greg Hardy and Ray Rice are also available, and they already have child beater Peterson. Might as well get the superfecta


  12. Why in the world would you go back to the same woman who brought charges against you once before. It must be LUV.

  13. Um, but you do condone it. By claiming him. You could have just as easily waited to see if he’d claim waivers, and then sign him once he has cleared the investigation.

    As for people saying he should get a second chance, we’ll, this is his third chance. At a minimum. He had repeated issues in college. He had an issue earlier this year. And now he’s had yet another issue. I’m all for second chances. It’s the 809th chance you get tired of. And even then, good on ya’ if you can turn your life around. Doesn’t mean you get to play professional football.

  14. In general, when you really think about it….

    When a man and women get together in a physical way, it can be considered abuse.

    just from a comical sense. If any of my friends repeatably pushed up against me I would push back.

    Men and Women….just too funny.

  15. If a man can’t gauge his own pulse and walk away from an escalating situation with a woman, well then you’re not a man. You’re a man-child. Regardless of the situation, a man cannot become aggressive and rage against a woman, let alone strike her. Period. End of story.

  16. This fan of the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles believes the Washington football team will never be truly relevant under Danny Snyder.

    He is a meddling boy playing fantasy football and jumping at the latest shiny toy.

    True Washington fans should be embarrassed by what has become of their team.

    That is all

  17. The only thing the Redskins wont tolerate is for the opposing center to bobble the ball on a FG attempt, a far worse sin than domestic abuse

  18. He has had 3 incidents regarding Domestic Abuse, the 2nd one in Santa Clara was not investigated, however, in light of the Florida case it just might come back up. Ruben leads the league in misses tackles! I was hopeful this guy would be our next Willis or Bowman but he isn’t even close! He never shows up on tape.

  19. Add him to the team that already employs someone who beats on and whips his four year old kid bloody. Gonna be awfully hard to cheer for this team no matter who they are playing…..

  20. Well they’ve got to spin this dumpster fire some how. “We’ll pay him but we won’t play him!!!!” That makes it all better.

  21. What Washington meant to say is, ‘if he’s found not guilty due to a payoff, we got a good player’.

  22. Sounds a lot like what Lynch said. All this does is further embolden Foster to do whatever because he knows he can get away with it with very little or no punishment. The fact he did it TWICE since the incident earlier in the year shows he is incapable of understanding he can be arrested/suspended/incarcerated for such behavior. My guess is he’ll do it again before these legal issues are resolved. He just can’t help it. He’s not very bright. There’s probably a reason he went to Alabama–he probably wouldn’t have qualified at any other school but Alabama apparently has no such qualms about a single-digit ACT score.

  23. I’m sure this is going to end well. The Redskins can say or do whatever they want but the bottom line is that they are willing to overlook violence against women if it makes their football team better. I’m not sure what they were thinking if they were thinking at all. Karma will come back to bite them squarely in the butt for this.

  24. defscottyb says:
    November 27, 2018 at 8:20 pm
    All you haters can it… if this was your favorite team you’d say differently. Hypocrites
    I’m a 49er fan. You’re wrong. My favorite team was the one that cut him. He was injured way too much for what was expected of him and all the pre-draft concern was spot on from his shoulder to his off-field issues. There are no bright sides to this guy. Good riddance and hopefully he doesn’t seriously harm someone someday.

  25. Moving him across country to get him away from that situation might be another reason he winds up on Redskin’s doorstep.

  26. Denverallday37 says:
    November 27, 2018 at 6:09 pm
    I wonder if people would be equally upset if McDonalds or some factory hired Foster or if it’s just NFL teams that cant hurr him? Is everyone who does something stupid not allowed to work? I just dont understand why everyone wants to go after someone’s job right away when they do something dumb, like people who mess up are gonna be any better unemployed.


    You get that working at McDonald’s is not the same as being an NFL player, right? But if people tuned in to watch McDonald’s workers work on Sundays, and McDonald’s was paying them millions of dollars, and one of their employees faced repeated allegations of crimes against women…yes they would fire him immediately. But, Burger King wouldn’t hire him the next day

  27. The women is a flake. Do a little research. Foster’s ex-girlfriend testified that in 2011 she falsely accused another ex-boyfriend of domestic violence and spent time in jail for the false accusation.

  28. Foster’s ex-girlfriend testified that in 2011 she falsely accused another ex-boyfriend of domestic violence and spent time in jail for the false accusation.

  29. Noble of them to say they would not play him. But I wonder if him being on the Commisioners exempt list is helping with that tough decision.

  30. This is not his first offense. You would think listening to the Redskins he has done nothing before. He’s done nothing right
    Since he came into the league. What a ridiculous move. Everything doesn’t become right overnight. Donestic violence is very serious.

  31. He’s an idiot and Washington is monumentally stupid to claim him. It’s not just the “Domestic Violence” issue with him, of which there have been SEVERAL – not one or two – but SEVERAL incidents over the course of his adult (if you can call it that) life.

    He has other MAJOR, very deep-seated problems with anger, rage, physical confrontation and violence, disrespect for boundaries, and total lack of discipline or self control, as was demonstrated when he was rightfully KICKED OUT of the NFL Combine, after fighting with medical staff and NFL officials…..and now this.

    So NO, he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a football field, locker room or franchise until he’s ready to admit and own up to his psychological problems and gets the help he needs to overcome them.

  32. Rueben Foster three time arrestee. Violent behavior toward women. Claimed by the team in the nation’s capitol.

    Colin Kaepernick no arrests, never a hint of violent behavior or run ins with the legal system, socially aware individual (whether you agree with him or not) and he can not get a sniff in the league because: ‘Merica!

    Something is awfully wrong.

  33. He is on the commissioners exempt list. HE CAN’T PLAY RIGHT NOW REGARDLESS. No harm in seeing how it plays out.

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