Baker Mayfield: Things inside the building led to “fake” comment

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Baker Mayfield said he has no regrets about criticizing former coach Hue Jackson after Sunday’s victory over the Bengals. The Browns quarterback expounded (sort of) on what he meant by calling Jackson “fake” in an Instagram in response to ESPN’s Damien Woody telling Mayfield to grow up.

“There’s just things that happened inside the building that I’m not going to get into detail with, it’s in-house information and it doesn’t matter,’’ Mayfield said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “We’ve moved on. We have our coach right now. We have our play caller, and we’re having success, so we need to focus on that.”

Mayfield was asked twice more to elaborate. He declined.

“I get it, but I don’t have to get into details. That’s how it works,” Mayfield said.

Mayfield’s brother, Matt, offered a little more insight after Woody’s comments by chiming in, “Being a ‘grown man’ means not having to fake a friendship or respect for someone that a) didn’t have your back and b) was both uniquely and statistically bad at their job.”

“He’s protective,’’ Baker Mayfield said. “That’s what you want family for. I expect some of these guys in this locker room to go to war with me, too. That’s just how it is.”

Mayfield said he was not consulted by the front office before the Browns decided to fire Jackson.

Needless to say, though, Mayfield and Jackson will not break bread anytime soon.

20 responses to “Baker Mayfield: Things inside the building led to “fake” comment

  1. So Mayfield says they’re playing better because they respect the current coaches and not Hue or Todd. That means he was giving less than 100% effort because he didn’t like the coaches and wanted to get them fired. I hope the next coach never criticizes him or we’ll have the same problem all over again.

  2. Baker will soon learn not to have a comment about many things, its too much of a waste of your valuable private time when you constantly have to justify every thing you say. He needs to listen to some Brady interviews. That being said, at least he has the balls to be the leader of a downtrodden organization and give the great fans hope for the future.

  3. To be fair if Greg Williams had been fired, and got to be DC against The Brown’s Mayfield wouldn’t have been available for a hug or handshake. Kill the head remember

  4. The last QB to talk this much was RG3 and looked how that worked out for him in public opinion.

  5. Coach gets up after a loss and says “We have to protect the ball better, too many turn overs. Players aren’t executing…” after a 2 int day by a quarterback.

    Everyone laps it up. Coaches call out players to the press all the time.

    Player, AFTER said coach is no longer his boss, calls out a coach (mildly) and all of the sudden someone threw a rat into the punch bowl?

    Come on man…

  6. Enjoy that big black cloud hanging over your team now Cincy, it’s called Hue Jackson. You better pray to the football gods that he doesn’t take over as HC, because trust me, it can get worse. 3-32-1 (0-16). Your better off running him out of town this year….

  7. granadafan says:
    November 28, 2018 at 5:38 pm
    The last QB to talk this much was RG3 and looked how that worked out for him in public opinion.


    RG3 is where he is today because of what he did or didn’t do on the field. Talking too much had little to do with it.

  8. Baker is free to say what he feels and I respect that. However I hope he doesn’t learn how cut throat the “business” side of the NFL is. If ever gets cut or becomes a free agent I wonder if he’s going to care if a “rival” offers him a contract….

  9. Why didn’t Damien Woody criticize Damarious Randall for his WAY more childish act of handing Hue the ball after the interception? Randall blows Hue a sarcastic kiss, and Baker shakes the guy’s hand instead of giving him a hug, yet Baker is the immature one?

    Damien Woody showed what kind of person he is with this position, which is clearly racially-motivated. It’s not just him, either. Steven A addressed the same thing in literally in the next segment on First Take. Stating, “I take heat from the black community. I’m accused of selling out because I call out Marvin Lewis”. Judge not by the color of a man’s skin, but by the content of their character; or in this case, their winning percentage. Marvin Lewis SUCKS as a head coach, and so did 3-36-1 Hue Jackson. Baker, nor any other player, owes Hue a THING.

    This story is a reflection of a serious social problem being perpetuated by ESPN. And they wonder why they are bleeding billions of dollars every year.

  10. Go Baker go! Love this kid’s moxie. And his play is surpassing my expectations. I’m a Chiefs fan but look forward to seeing the evolution of the Browns.

  11. The Browns were horrible the last few years because they tanked in order to pick up higher draft picks and they cut or traded away all their good players. You can’t blame your head coach when your plan is to suck on purpose. Mayfield has a lot to learn about the NFL and having someone’s back. That works both ways. When you go sticking knifes in backs you had better watch your own.

  12. Baker is talking like a 23 year old kid which he is. Like a lot of kids his age his comments are 50% entitlement and 50% “the world revolves around me”. Problem is he’s an NFL QB so if he says or does anything the media is going to eat it up. The one glaring thing is in these press conferences when they ask him to explain what he means he genuinely looks like he has no clue and his response is never consistent.

    Basically the kid did the college “we hate people who aren’t us/rivarly” speech and since the NFL really doesn’t do that and the Browns and Bengals aren’t really that much of a rival outside of the in state thing the world is just kind of making up what he means for him because he doesn’t know and thought he was just doing his best WWE/UFC hype interview. Someone should tell him the Steelers are the most hated team in Cleveland, not the Bengals and you already wet the bed and made Tyrod Taylor look like John Elway in comparison vs them which is what got Hue fired in the first place ironically.

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