Bill Belichick, Mike Zimmer have mutual admiration

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A couple of coaches who count Bill Parcells as mentors get together on Sunday in New England, and they’ve been spending some time this week talking each other up.

“I think that [Vikings] coach [Mike] Zimmer’s done, as usual, a tremendous job with his team,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick told reporters on Wednesday. “13-3 last year, we saw a little bit of them at the end of the year, and then obviously this year, getting the schedule, a team we weren’t familiar with. We spent some time on them over the offseason and it looks like, to me, they’re even better than they were last year. They’re a very, very good football team. They have good talent. They’re really well coached. Defensively, this is, I’d say, as good of coaching as we’ll face. I think Mike does a tremendous job with fundamentals, with their schemes. They are very, very challenging, particularly in the critical situations — third down, red area, two-minute, things like that. They’re very good. He’s a great coach and has been for a long time and has that unit playing extremely well.”

Zimmer was more concise, but also more effusive.

“Yeah, you know, he’s the best coach ever,” Zimmer told reporters regarding Belichick. “I think it’s a compliment that he thinks that of me. Hopefully, he’s not just saying it because we play them this week.”

Of course, Zimmer could be saying Belichick is the best coach ever because they play them this week.

Regardless, one of these two great coaches will end up on the wrong side of Sunday’s showdown. Given that the Patriots are getting healthy and that the Patriots are playing at home, it will be a challenge for the Vikings to emerge with a win.

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  1. I don’t think BB ever blows sunshine up an opponent’s butt, he’s just always totally focused on all the ways someone can beat you, and as we’ve seen time after time, in the nfl, anybody can beat anybody on any given week. that relentless discipline is hammered into his teams and that’s why they win more than anyone ever has.

  2. Do you think he’s smart enough to know that if the most successful coach in history is talking them up like that, it might make them overconfident? Nah. The Vikings?

  3. .
    The team that can run the ball and get play action going will be sitting in the cat birds seat. Both teams are trying to reestablish their ground attacks as players return from injuries.

  4. For some folks, it’s too hard to comprehend the idea of mutual respect or admiration among peers?

    That’s disappointing to me. I think we can do better than that.

  5. A year or so ago Belichick was asked who were some of the toughest coaches to coach against. He mentioned Zimmer out of the 3 or 4 coaches he named. I found it really odd at the time. He is being sincere here.

  6. All aspects of your game need to tight on the road against Belichick and Brady. Beat the guy in front of you and don’t make mistakes. Physically the Vikings matchup well but mistake free football has eluded them so far.

  7. BB is very genuine here. That’s more than the par for the course, general respect for the other coach.

    Minny’s 3rd down D is top notch, but I’ve also noticed all of their wins have come against god awful teams, too.

    Rhodes and Sendejo being out is a huge problem.

    NE is averaging 33 points with Gronk/Edelman/Michel and Gordon out there at once.

    I am not sure Minny has quite enough on offense to fool NE either. NE matches up well even though everything BB said is true. Diggs is nasty, Thielen is very good and Cook looks solid, and Rudolph is always good, but I am not sure a lack of another key playmaker will be enough.

  8. I agree that the Vikings are more talented than they were last year but I wouldn’t say they’re better, which is obvious from the record. The biggest problem is turnovers, which are happening way too much to be consistently successful. The team that doesn’t turn the ball over will win.

  9. Hopefully the Vikes DLine can put on pressure so that Zim does not need to dial up the blitz much & that they can stop the run.

    Also, it’d be good to see the OL give Captain Kirk more time to find the options that the Vikes have out there. More importantly, giving holes to Murray & Cook so that the Oh-Fence can do their metriculating thang.

  10. If the Vikings can weather the first quarter, then they will be just fine on Sunday. Who the heck knows why they start off so slow lately. Play calling is boring. Draw plays are dumb.

  11. You gotta love Zimmers response!
    That is textbook……mind games.
    Look this game is going down to a last drive, either Zimmer shuts down B.B. or the other way around.
    Much respect for BB and his team they are elite and something the Vikings are trying for.
    Time to Rock N’ Skol Vikings lets show we belong!

  12. ikeclanton says:
    November 28, 2018 at 5:26 pm
    When the greatest coach out there gives you praise, it means something.


    I don’t recall Don Shula saying anything here…

  13. Don’t get too excited. He said this too:

    “Coach McCarthy does a great job with this team, this organization,” Belichick said as the team’s preparations to face the Packers shifted into high gear. “It’s one of the great organizations in all of sports, certainly in the National Football League. I have a ton of respect for the way they’re run, what they do, how they do it, and how consistently they’ve done it.”

  14. It’s a little shocking to me that the first reaction from a lot of you is that BB is lying. It’s pretty well documented that BB and quite a lot of NFL coaches regard zim as one of the greater coaches in the league. Specifically being among the greatest defensive minds in the game. The admiration is genuine from BB AMD I’m not sure how none of you see it when you watch the defense play. They struggled early on but I wouldn’t say it was from a lack of scheme. Zim is a brilliant defensive coach, and I think this years struggles on both sides come mostly from a change in the style of offensive play. And yes a style change on offense can greatly affect a defense. You go from playing the running style we played last year that allowed us to control the pace of play and most importantly the clock, to more of a high flying passing offense predicated on a modern way of getting receivers open and a better qb throwing sometimes into small windows. The change this has on offense is that the clock game goes out the window a little bit. It also can be a problem for a defense because a running offense can benefit a defense because it allows for a lot more literal time off the field, not just in game clock time. When you adjust to being a passing team 3 things happen that can affect the fatigue of your defense.
    1) passing offenses run a higher risk of 3 and outside. Forcing the defense to come back on the field much quicker.
    2)the unfortunate reality of being a passing offense is that it is inherintely risky when it comes to committing turnovers. Running the ball is much less likely to result in a fumble than passing the ball is to throwing an interception. A passing team is more likely to have more turnovers throughout the game.
    3)it also affects the type of offense being run against your defense. When you play the clock game, teams dont feel the urgency to throw the ball downfield or throw the ball at all. They feel much more comfortable with continuing the gameplan of running the ball to continuing to balance their gameplan. When you run a high ratio of passing to running, even when it is successful, teams find themselves in the situation of needing to catch up. Even when your team is scoring a lot of points, the opposition is much more inclined to match your pace and good teams, especially in today’s passing NFL, can do so. This can make the numbers of even a good defense look bad. It also makes allowing 28 points to a team look bad when in reality it was just the pace of play.

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