If Eric Reid thinks the random PED testing process is rigged, he should do something about it

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Panthers safety Eric Reid seems to have a problem with the number of times he’s been randomly tested for PEDs since returning to the NFL. If so, he’s got a problem with both the NFL and the NFL Players Association, and ultimately with the independent party responsible for implementing PED testing.

Every week during the regular season and preseason, 10 players from each team are selected for a random PED test. Reid, after taking a standard pre-employment PED test when signing, has had his number come up five times in two months with the team. He recently said that he smells something fishy.

“I’ve been here seven, eight weeks,” Reid said, via the Charlotte Observer. “I’ve been drug tested six times. It’s supposedly random but I know what I’m fighting against, I know who I’m fighting against. It’s tactics that they’re using for the collusion suit.”

By saying “they,” Reid implies that the NFL has somehow pulled strings or fudged numbers to ensure his “random” selection. This ignores the basic rules and realities of the PED process. The NFL doesn’t implement the testing, the “Independent Administrator” does. And the “Independent Administrator” is jointly hired by the NFL and the NFL Players Association. And the “Independent Administrator” is jointly paid by the NFL and the NFL Players Association. And the “Independent Administrator” determines which players from each team will be randomly selected for PED testing.

And all of this was collectively bargaining by the league and the union.

By suggesting foul play, Reid is essentially claiming that: (1) the NFL and NFLPA are working together to rig the system through the Independent Administrator, and that the Independent Administrator is going along with it; (2) the NFL has gone directly to the Independent Administrator, convincing it to rig the system even though the Independent Administrator works for both the NFL and the NFLPA; or (3) the NFL has remotely hacked the Independent Administrator’s computer system and rigged it to repeatedly pull Reid’s number. If he believes any of those things, Reid should file a grievance or other legal action aimed at getting to the bottom of the situation, tracking down the records and digital footprints proving whether Reid’s selection was the result of a truly random process.

If Reid were to prove that someone had messed with the algorithm to ensure that he’s tested more often than he otherwise would be or should be.

“I don’t have anything to hide,” Reid said. “Secondly, this is supposed to be a random system. It doesn’t feel very random. Plus, I’m privy to information that’s in my lawsuit that’s not free to the public. So I know who I’m going against and it’s not surprising in the least.”

Whether Reid was the victim of collusion is one thing. Whether the league, the union, or both managed to corrupt the Independent Administrator for the purpose of harassing Reid by forcing him to submit to PED testing five times in eight weeks is quite another. Reid has taken action in response to his suspicion that collusion happened; if he thinks that someone rigged the random PED testing process in an effort to mess with him, he should take action in response to those suspicions, too.

36 responses to “If Eric Reid thinks the random PED testing process is rigged, he should do something about it

  1. Oh yeah because the league couldn’t POSSIBLY have any influence over this “independent” administrator of THEIR drug testing process.

    Spout off all the CBA mumbo-jumbo you want. The fact is this is a guy who has been clashing directly with the NFL office, a guy who the NFL obviously didn’t want to deal with, and has been “randomly” selected 6 times in 7-8 weeks for drug testing hoping to find a black eye to give to someone who wants to give the league one himself.

    To act like the Players Association or an “independent” administrator would have greater or equal influence over the NFL itself, if the NFL wanted that influence for a particular self serving reason, is entirely naive.

    There’s nothing “random” about it. That doesn’t happen to guys who weren’t outspoken against the Shield. At some point, it just becomes a case of COMMON SENSE.

  2. OR —and hear me out, here— he should do none of these things because even in the unlikely event that it is rigged somehow (and in the even more unlikely event he could prove that), it’s a moot point since he’s not on PEDs and doesn’t have any intentions of starting them.

    Seems more beneficial to Reid if he just thanked his lucky stars that he is employed by an NFL team, focuses on being a good player and teammate, and shuts up about all this conspiracy theory nonsense.

  3. In the NFL, when a player gets caught once or a suspicious test comes back, they are held to more tests without the public being informed. I wonder if this is why he has been getting tests more? He basically told the public he had a suspicious test come back.

    Also strongly agree with he will say anything to become a victim, even yelling at Malcolm Jenkins.

  4. So every week 20% of the team gets tested. He’s been with the team for 9 weeks and was tested 5 times?

    That doesn’t seem very unusual. He may go 5 straight weeks and not be tested then what will he say?

  5. Its been awhile since statistics class but I calculated the odds of a 1-in-5 event happening at least 6 times in 8 chances being about 1-in-500 for each player. So this should happen to like 3 players in the league during this time out of about 1500 on active rosters. My math could be wrong though. At this point its suspicious that it happened to him, but not proof, as it would happen to any player. Its like rolling 6 sixes when you roll 8 dice, its going to happen occasionally, if you re-roll thousands of times. If he continues to be tested at this rate for longer, then it will become more impossible to explain by chance.

  6. The military does random drug testing on a monthly basis. I served over 20 years in the military. At times during my career, I went 18 months to 24 months without a test. Then I could go five straight months where I was tested. It is indeed random.

  7. “If (Insert human being here) thinks the random PED testing process is rigged, he should do something about it”

    Sorry, but that’s not how it’s done these days. The course of action most frequently chosen today is to wildly complain and point out the problem, but offer nothing at all as a solution to the problem.

  8. If the league didn’t want these sorts of accusations to come up they could do something innovative like be transparent in everything. There’s no reason for secrecy. There’s so much re-hashed re-run blah blah on the NFL Network that they could make a show of the guy running the program that randomly draws the names each week and people would watch it. There’s transparency and there goes the accusation.

  9. Thank you for this. He and Kap continually portray themselves as victims. Truth is that Reid is OK, not great and Kap is awful

  10. What a big nonissue…if you’re clean, take the test and get back to work…you do realize you are extravagantly overpaid for playing a game, right? Park the whining and just play, you aren’t getting any sympathy from us.

  11. Easy, the probability he gets picked 6 times out of 8 games (binomial distribution) with a 20% chance of being selected each time is 0.086% so he is probably right!!!

  12. 66ray66 says:
    November 28, 2018 at 2:32 pm
    The military does random drug testing on a monthly basis. I served over 20 years in the military. At times during my career, I went 18 months to 24 months without a test. Then I could go five straight months where I was tested. It is indeed random.
    I was about to say something similar. I’ve gone 3+ years without being tested and had a span of 9 in a row as well.

  13. When I was a child I used to play games that used dice at times. I’ve seen someone roll double sixes a half dozen times in a row and other similar runs of luck or bad luck for that matter.

    Sometimes it really is just the random luck of the draw

  14. Proving anything to be genuinely random is nearly impossible. Look it up. He has no case.

    In 1943, a Vegas roulette table fell on red 32 times, in a row. People convinced black was next were right, eventually.

    Beyond that, the NFL writes their own rules. They can put him on the commissioners exempt list for no reason at all if Goddell wants. Then what? You want to play in their league? Then you have to play by their rules, even if you don’t like them or if they seem to be such a bother to you. Too bad, so sad.

  15. Not sure how the NFL contract is written. I used to work with teamsters, so there were safety concerns that someone could be under the influence driving a truck. There were provisions in the contract that allowed us to trigger random tests for individuals we thought might have a problem.

  16. Going right along with the military guys above me, I spent 10 1/2 years in the Army and was never randomly tested. Most people don’t understand the word Random very well, what they think of as random really isn’t. Reid apparently thinks he should only have been tested once or twice in 2 months, roughly every 5 to 6 weeks, but he’s got the wrong R word for that, it would be Rotational not Random.

  17. Is it annoying? Yes. Is it worth bringing up when you supposedly have something more important you’d like to have attention focused on? No. Pick your battles chief, you keep cryng like a little girl about everything people are gonna tune you out.

  18. Does anybody really care what this guy says anymore? All he does is whine about anything and everything. He’s like a spoiled child.

  19. I thought David Tepper would help return the Panthers organization to the level of respectability it’s employees deserved after JR’s transgressions…Instead, he approved the signing of this nut case who continues to talk like a flat earther while focusing on politics (and getting into fights) during warm ups and then taking personal foul penalties to exact personal vendettas on the field. It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that a once promising season is down the tubes in Charlotte when this is the kind of character you bring into your building.

  20. If it was fixed their goal wouldn’t be just to give you more tests, it would be to hit you with a positive test. Since Eric is not screaming that he has a positive test and he didn’t take anything, I would say that’s proof that it isn’t fixed.

  21. Yeah, and the Chiefs have won every coin flip except one this season (and preseason) because the refs are using a 2-headed coin. The numbers just ain’t falling your way right now.

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