Jay Gruden: “We’ll deal with the outcry” on Reuben Foster

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Washington knows it will be taking flak for claiming linebacker Reuben Foster on waivers. And the organization seems to be OK with that.

“At the end of the day we decided to make the move, and we’ll deal with the outcry, so to speak,” coach Jay Gruden told reporters on Wednesday.

Gruden repeatedly vowed to “get to the bottom” of the incident that sparked Foster’s release by the 49ers, the team that made him a first-round pick in 2017. And it became obvious that Washington made the move with limited information about what transpired.

“I’ve read a little bit about what’s happened,” Gruden said, “and it’s not good.”

Gruden also repeatedly pointed out that there’s no guarantee Foster will ever play for the team, and Gruden said it will be a “long process” before Foster would get the green light to dress for the team.

Those comments underscore the reality that Washington claimed Foster not with 2018 in mind, but with the goal of getting him on the field in 2019, after the situation is resolved and after Foster serves whatever unpaid suspension may be coming.

55 responses to “Jay Gruden: “We’ll deal with the outcry” on Reuben Foster

  1. Women abuser on defense. Child abuser on offence. Just need an elderly abuser on special teams and the circle will be complete. Morons.

  2. What a first class move by a first class organization.

    If you can’t tell, that’s called sarcasm.

  3. This is quite brilliant…the Narrative is already written on the Redskins…even though Snyder hasn’t meddled with the roster since before Shanahan…since the Narrative isn’t going to change…what else do the Redskins have to lose by signing Foster…?

  4. At least Gruden told the truth. It was a better statement than the one Doug Williams gave, some of those same friends referenced in his press release might be responsible for Foster and his GF dating.

    Look the reality is the Redskins have to weather the storm for 2 months, and there will be plenty of distractions with Christmas approaching. If they do well in the playoffs, he gets past this and they decide to keep him, they have 5-6 months to rehab his behavior and their reputation.

  5. This guy would be considered the worst head coach in the league if his brother hadn’t come back to coach. What a joke.

  6. Profootballfocus has him ranked #77 (below average) at linebacker for this season.

    One, perhaps, could understand this move if the guy was an all-pro player. But since Bruce Allen judges players by where they were drafted, that means he is a great player.

  7. We’ll deal with the outcry

    That tells you all you need to know about Washington. They now officially have less scruples than the Bengals and Cowboys. If he found the details to be “not good” then why even bother with this guy who is either injured or suspended? It’s just stupid. I hope their corporate sponsors take note of this.

  8. Snyder has more love for pissing people off then the game of football, fans, players or franchise. He makes every other owner look real good.

  9. Could you imagine if it would have been the Cowboys?? There would be at least 500 comments, each one whining more than the previous!!

  10. What I don’t understand is why a team that can no longer fill their seats would make an unpopular move like this.

  11. I’m sure Dan Snyder conducted a focus group of wife-beaters who were not offended by his
    decision to retain an emblem of misogyny.

  12. buckstalion12965 says: “Profootballfocus has him ranked #77 (below average) at linebacker for this season. One, perhaps, could understand this move if the guy was an all-pro player. But since Bruce Allen judges players by where they were drafted, that means he is a great player.”

    He’s only been in the league for a year and a half. He has the physical talent that got him consensus mid-1st round grading. Take off your delusional fanboy hatred and you’d realize he still has potential to get better with proper coaching and off-field supervision.

  13. Foster went from one team of losers to another. This is like being on a sinking ship and being saved by a ship that is also taking on huge water. This isn’t going to end well.

  14. Horrific management by The Redskins! Take someone else’s problem which they were beyond patient with and make it your problem. The guy is trouble.

  15. Jay is probably getting canned after the season but just in case he finds a way to survive he needs to keep carrying the bosses’ water.

  16. As someone pointed out, Foster has been below average on the field and based on that it is hard to imagine that the potential benefit he provides to the team outweighs the obvious negatives.

  17. I think it’s a bold move- remember Laremy Tunsil on draft day with the weed-smoking in the mask? Dolphins grabbed him long after others wouldn’t touch him, and got a guy rated as top-5 at below market value. In this case, if Foster is found to be NOT guilty, the Redskins got a 1st-round talent at well below market cost….If he gets convicted, no harm no foul, they let him go. Same thing Dallas did with Greg Hardy, basically.
    As far as the “Message” it sends, it is simply this- “Mason Foster and Zach Brown, you’d better step up your game”

  18. Good afternoon. I feel that Mr. Foster might be getting an unfair shake. I would sincerely respect any difference in opinion, however, the legal process has not yet played out. I hope my peers on this site respect my opinion and I certainly respect any differences they might have.

  19. They actually thinking playing for them means something? I mean who in their right mind wants to wear burgundy & gold and play for that half a man owner? Worst organization in sports.

  20. Maybe, just maybe, the ex-girlfriend is crazy and wants to bring him down. One charge got dropped because she lied.

    Always two sides to a story.

  21. This is the fourth time he has been in trouble. That we know of. I think it’s pretty likely he is guilty. He wasn’t found innocent last time. His girl friend refused to testify. The same girl friend that now accused him of this. She is almost as much to blame as him.

  22. I hope and pray for justice. Realistic, proven justice. And if it is in favor of Mr. Foster, I hope he sues her and every woman remotely close to her for unfounded allegations. If he is guilty. So be it. If he is being set up, the legal ramifications for her should be lenghty, brutal and sustained for a long period of time to prevent those who truly suffer from such indignities from having to be questioned in the first place.

  23. Person who beats women – OK
    Person who protests – Not OK.

    Zero respect for the skins.

    I don’t agree with CK, but I’d much rather have him on a team than RF.

  24. So Jay wants to get to the bottom of this. Its pretty simple Jay, the guy is a lowlife. He doesnt deserve a 5th chance. If he hasn’t got it by now , hes not gonna get it.

  25. My the Redskins my wife loved so back in the first Gibbs era sure isn’t this scummy organization. Little Danny boy has run it into the ground, and now has Allen to help him keep it there. Sad, really. Must make the old Hogs and their teammates sick to watch this clown show today….

  26. Foster was released by the 49ers precisely because of the outcry. It is too much to bear for alm=ost any organization. Some people have already convicted him as soon as he was arrested. It is not fair for people to rush to judgement even before charges have been filed.

  27. He would have been picked up by the division rival Cowboys. So it is addition by subtraction.

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