Joe Flacco isn’t practicing Wednesday

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Ravens head coach John Harbaugh wasn’t forthcoming about the outlook for quarterback Joe Flacco when he spoke to the media on Wednesday, which left the team’s practice later in the day as the best opportunity to find out if the veteran’s been cleared to return from his hip injury.

The team has hit the field and, per multiple reporters, Flacco is not taking part in the session.

Based on Harbaugh’s evasiveness about whether Flacco’s been cleared to return and a Tuesday report that Lamar Jackson will be starting against the Falcons, that’s not a particularly surprising development.

The question of Flacco’s return may now move to next week, but it could become a moot point in the near future. If the Ravens keep winning with Jackson, they’ll be little reason to rock the boat by making another quarterback change and any losses could lower the team’s postseason odds to the point that there’s no reason not to continue letting Jackson acclimate himself to life in the NFL.

7 responses to “Joe Flacco isn’t practicing Wednesday

  1. He’s contemplating his life after football … which seems a lot closer than it did when the year started.

  2. I appreciate what he’s done for the team, but you can see the way the rest of the team responds to Jackson. He may be less polished and make worse decisions than Flacco at the moment, but in exchange for that he confuses defenses in a way Flacco can’t and he also seems to get the rest of the team more fired up. That is not a yards per game or QBR stat, but those haven’t been too favorable for Flacco for the past- oh, six years now? Time to find out if Jackson can progress or if the search needs to continue.

  3. Starting Lamar or Joe is a worthless argument when Joe isn’t cleared to play. Would like to know a little more about this “hip injury” that has him sidelined.

    The last two games were against the 31st and 32nd ranked run defenses. They let Lamar and Gus Edwards, a practice squad UDFA, look like pro bowlers. It won’t always be that way. I hope the Ravens don’t get Lamar hurt or kill his confidence.

  4. The team certainly does seem to be responding to Lamar. I imagine the wideouts are a lil fidgety but they feel the leadership and know it’s right. Lamar may or may be a pro bowl QB in the future, but provided he stays healthy he’s going to work in the NFL for some years.

  5. I agree if joe isn’t cleared to play this isn’t a situation.. Joe understands it’s buissness you don’t pick a Qb in the first round for no reason and yes you can lose your job due to injury.. ask tommy Maddox or drew bledsoe ..

    Joe gonna be in Jackson next year Stealing from them like he did us these last 3 years 😂😂😂

  6. I hear so many people talk about the Ravens pass offense do y’all not know Ravens have never had a top 10 passing game and for most of history never been a top 20 passing team yet have won 2 superbowls Lamar help with the style of football they wanna play and he’s still developing as he’s winning y’all know Bmore= ugly football we not for the fantasy football world

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