Lions again practice in freezing temperatures before an indoor game

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Two weeks ago, Lions coach Matt Patricia took some criticism in the media for having his team practice outdoors on a cold day, even though the Lions were preparing to play a game at home, indoors. Patricia later got defensive with reporters when explaining why he believes outdoor practices are important.

As if to underscore his point, Patricia again had the Lions outdoors in freezing temperatures today, even though they’re again playing indoors at home on Sunday.

Patricia insists there are important reasons to practice in poor weather, even if the elements won’t be a factor in Sunday’s home game against the Rams. Patricia has said, for instance, that he thinks players are forced to pay close attention to their footwork when practicing on frozen tundra. The Lions beat the Panthers after that outdoor practice two weeks ago, so Patricia got some measure of vindication.

In two weeks, the Lions will finally play in what is likely to be cold weather, when they travel to Buffalo. Maybe that will be the week Patricia rents out a giant sauna for the Lions to practice in.

53 responses to “Lions again practice in freezing temperatures before an indoor game

  1. “Fat Matt” seems to be doing all he can to get run off next year.
    Besides the acting childish w the media issues, team looks bad everywhere, etc.
    There is freezing them out for no reason multiple times.

    What free agent (unless you overpay) is going to want to play for him?

  2. But… is he wrong though?

    Football was played in those kind of games, weren’t they?… Aren’t they??

    This report is very ironic for the sake of it… I know Patricia is kinda of a jerk, but come on man

  3. Its called toughening up what has been aweak team for the past 50 yrs….changing a losing culture takes time, it doesnt happen overnight…not even a lions fan, just a realist..

  4. Why is it so hard to understand that an element of a team’s practice includes preparation for future games, not just the very next one?

  5. Is he mental?!?!

    He’ll look real stupid when a dude suffers a major injury practicing outside in the elements for a indoor game!!!

  6. I don’t get the sarcasm–or why the press seems to think this is something they need to get involved in. The way the media scrutinize and question coaches’ every act or decision, it’s no wonder coaches talk to them as little as possible.

  7. Once upon a time not long ago, grown men didn’t complain about doing anything in the weather because grown men dealt with the weather when things needed to be done. Further, grown men didn’t complain about other grown men going out in the weather and doing their work.

    Think about who you are and what you stand for.

  8. B C says:
    November 28, 2018 at 9:37 pm
    “Fat Matt” seems to be doing all he can to get run off next year.
    Besides the acting childish w the media issues, team looks bad everywhere, etc.
    There is freezing them out for no reason multiple times.

    What free agent (unless you overpay) is going to want to play for him?
    Not a snowflake, that’s for sure

  9. I feel like all the people questioning MP, have never played a lick of football in their lives. Once you put on the pads and run around for 10 mins everything feels the same. Pansies.

  10. There is an assumption here that he is doing what his previous boss did. Does BB practice outside when there next game is away in a dome?

  11. Why is this an issue? Year after year we see dome teams fold in the playoffs on the road in weather conditions. If the colts had done this in the Peyton Manning era they would have at least had a chance in Foxborough. Smart tactic.

  12. Teams that beat the Patriots – including two teams coached by ex-Pats – I think sold their souls to do it, because they’re paying the Man back with rest their respective seasons. Each and every one.

    Curse of Hoody is Real.

  13. I don’t think Patricia is wrong for doing this. I just don’t think the players are buying into him as their HC. They were used to an easy-going Caldwell,and now this guy comes in and tries to toughen them up,and they aren’t responding to it in games.

  14. Playing outside in freezing weather forces players to focus on everything they do. Practicing indoors on a nice comfortable field hasn’t worked for the Lions, so why not try outside?

  15. It’s mind boggling that this is even being discussed. Has anyone watched this pathetic franchise over the years? They’re awful. Absolutely atrocious. They shouldn’t be allowed to practice indoors until they win the division or a playoff game. Pansies. All of them.

  16. He’s going old school. Historically hard nosed coaches have put their stamp on a team by having grueling practices. The players that remain have a grit about them and a serious culture that is established. From Sean Payton to Dick Vermeil and others….when taking over a losing franchise they put the rosters through tough camps & practices. I don’t know if its gonna work but I can’t fault him for trying it.

  17. It’s the only thing he can still do UNTIL the next CBA forces indoor practices. After all they’ve limited padded practices….how do you practice tackle football without tackling??

  18. Danged if you do and danged if you don’t. But this team is being taken in a direction of toughness. The kind they used to have when Wayne Fontes was coaching them. Ahhh… The good old days when we were one game away from the super bowl. Give the guy a chance to turn this thing around. Righting the ship isn’t always as as easy as paying lip service to the tides of change. You’ve gotta jump in and surf those waves.

  19. Just a reminder they play in the NFC NORTH. As in, two outdoor stadiums in the division. It may not help that much this year but if you want to compete in the division let alone the playoffs you have to be able to handle the four degree temperatures you might face in Green bay, or Chicago.

  20. bengalsfan20 says:

    November 29, 2018 at 5:53 am

    How’s his strategies working out so far. Trying to use dinosaur tactics doesn’t work in today’s games.

    Said the genius with the leagues LAST PLACE DEFENSE thanks to Teryl Austin….LOL

  21. Just think if the Lions had their former overall #1 pick Matt Stafford go down with an injury, and they had a former 6th round pick bench warmer forced into action, and that guy shocked everyone and turned out to be the next Tom Brady, not only would Patricia be a genius, but all his assistant coaches would suddenly look brilliant too. Teams might even start flying up to Alaska for practice.

  22. This isn’t about the Rams game, it’s about the long haul. This season is done. Detroit’s road record is one of the worst. Getting time outdoors seems normal. They don’t need to time inside, they’ve had more than enough of that.

  23. I thought it was insane to be doing that the first time I heard about it also….after listening to his response…it makes perfect sense…anyone who lives in a cold climate understands how difficult it is to find your footing, have soft hands, and stay mentally sharp when you are cold…if BB would have given this explanation the reporters would have called it “innovative”

  24. Anyone who saw the Bills-Colts snow game last year sees the value of these practices. Lots of players who had never played in snow, slipping and sliding.
    Shady McCoy who obviously practiced and played in the snow before ran away from everyone. If you’re a player from down South cold weather experience will benefit you some day. Suck it up and get out there.

  25. Good grief, lay off the guy. He is having his players practice outdoors once in a while so they stay tough, focus on fundamentals, and slowly prepare for future games outdoors. Let the guy run the team.

  26. Usually Right says:
    November 28, 2018 at 9:29 pm
    Smart to prepare for all kinds of weather.


    Why? The conditions for this game are guaranteed.

  27. It is the old Geno Auriemma theory. Make the practices harder than the games. If they can excicute in the cold, it should be even easier indoors. I like this.

  28. You get acclimated to cold through repeated exposure, not just for a couple days before you go outside into the cold. Not to mention this helps with generally toughening up the team.

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