Pat Shurmur: This isn’t player tryout

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The Giants are 3-8. They have minuscule chances to make the postseason. They have a 38-year-old quarterback.

Coach Pat Shurmur, though, insists the team is not looking to the future.

Shurmur, apparently weary of answering questions about rookie quarterback Kyle Lauletta, snapped when asked the importance of getting the team’s young players game experience.

“You’ve got to think of some other questions. My goodness,” Shurmur said, via Jordan Raanan of ESPN. “You go into every week with giving your team the best opportunity to win the football game each week. That’s how you do this thing. This isn’t player tryout. This is do everything in your power to win the next game.”

Shurmur is sticking with Eli Manning for now, and despite calls for Lauletta to play, the coach has questioned why everyone thinks the fourth-round pick and not No. 2 quarterback Alex Tanney might be the next man up.

8 responses to “Pat Shurmur: This isn’t player tryout

  1. I understand what Shurmur is saying. And 31 other coaches would agree. But it’s beyond stupid when you’re all but out of the playoffs and you don’t choose to see what you have on the existing roster.
    This is more about coaches preserving their jobs than fielding the best team possible. If I was Mara, I’d say “Start Lauletta, and anyone else whom you need to find out the answers on. Don’t worry about being on the hook for next season.”

  2. This guy is worse than saban and bill b with the media and has nowhere near the credentials. He shoulda been fired after that game vs philly. Saquon is destroying the eagles and eli was throwing it everywhere. Honestly, what was that second half gameplan?

  3. Feel bad for pat honestly. A genuinely good man who is not equipped to be a head coach. CLEARLY he is better at a being a coordinator. Between NY and Cleveland dude just starts cracking. Sorry giants fans.

  4. I agree with Shurmur 100%. It’s about the people that pay their money and go to the stadium. They want to see their team win that day. All players are at practice daily, they show their worth there. When they’re good enough they play. If the coaches or/and GM’s need to see the player in game conditions, they’re not qualified to be in those positions. It’s not about the dead ass fans sitting on the couch.

  5. Pat’s right. This isn’t “let’s throw everything up against a wall and see what sticks”. Pat sees Kyle everyday in practice. If he was truly ready, wouldn’t he be starting? Also, where are the questions about the defense? Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the offense give the team the lead going into the 4th qtr?

  6. Actually – once the chance of playoffs is gone – you do try and give younger players more playing time.
    The objective switches to developing players.
    There is no difference between 4-12 and 5-11. Both are unacceptable. Might as well go 4-12 if it means young players are being developed, and you may get a good first round pick, or be able to trade down.

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