Pete Carroll happy for Richard Sherman’s success this season

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Richard Sherman will play in Seattle for the first time since the Seahawks cut him to save $11 million in salary cap space for 2018. He was a 30-year-old cornerback coming off a torn Achilles.

Though the Seahawks expressed interest in keeping Sherman, he quickly signed with the rival 49ers.

This season, Sherman has allowed only 16 catches for 266 yards, according to Pro Football Focus. Sherman has seen 30 fewer passes thrown his way than second-year cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon playing on the other side.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said he is “fired up” to see Sherman.

“He’s having a very successful season,” Carroll said on a conference call with 49ers reporters, via Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area. “Every year you adapt, and Richard is a brilliant football player, and he has always been a guy that we would always work together with the little things that we would grow with year to year to try to stay ahead of it. And he’s continued to do that. I think he’s been very successful this season.”

After leaving Seattle, Sherman said on a podcast with Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins that Carroll’s message had become redundant. But Carroll, in his ninth season in Seattle, said he holds no hard feelings.

“I think any coach who’s been in the same situation for a long time recognizes that you have to keep battling with your messaging and your philosophy and your approach to keep it fresh and keep it new and all of that,” Carroll said. “It’s a challenge. Every year you have new people, and every year, speaking personally, I had to go back and start over. So when you do that, the message is repetitive. And if you really have a philosophy, it better be. If you believe in something, you’re going to stay with it.”

22 responses to “Pete Carroll happy for Richard Sherman’s success this season

  1. I know I’m happy for him, and honestly hope he’s happy in SF. The tip is too big a moment in Hawks history to not love Sherman or Malcolm Smith.

  2. Sherman is a great corner and when he is motivated a good leader. I am sure 49er fans see it by following the team in practice and games. Certain veterans never seemed to be able to get over the Super Bowl loss. Not much came out until Sherman/Bennett left but you could see there was tension between the offense and defense.

    Seattle is in good shape with young guys like Trey Flower, Quill Griffin and underrated Justin Coleman inside. Griffin is playing decent but must say its not at the level Sherman has.

  3. hawks1124 says:
    November 28, 2018 at 3:04 pm
    I know I’m happy for him, and honestly hope he’s happy in SF. The tip is too big a moment in Hawks history to not love Sherman or Malcolm Smith

    Too bad for Niner fans that Malcolm Smith’s tip was the last decent play he made. With the Niners his best skill set is cashing checks. Dude’s been totally useless otherwise… smh

  4. ehsguy72 says
    Too bad for Niner fans that Malcolm Smith’s tip was the last decent play he made. With the Niners his best skill set is cashing checks. Dude’s been totally useless otherwise… smh

    Someone’s forgetting the INT he returned for 6 the very next game against Denver! I still think Kam should have been mvp, but yeah most of our guys haven’t worked out once they left. I don’t hold it against them as it’s just buisness

  5. also commits 16 penalties per game leading to a short field and a first down for the opposing teams offense

  6. I loved Sherman when on the Seahawks. Still think he is a great player and hope the reception by the fans this Sunday is demonstrated appreciation for his time in Seattle. I intend to give him a positive reception and looking forward to his return.

    That said, I hope the Seahawks challenge him only if/when he is not covering well. If he gets beat in space, throw his way. He can be beat, just don’t force it his way to prove a point.

    Go Hawks!

  7. Wow…can’t believe all the sour grapes on Sherman. Have we forgotten it was his brashness and stellar play that got us into the SB? Sure he had tons of talent around him but what good team doesn’t?

    With two ultra-competitive guys like Sherman and Carroll was there ever a chance it would end with hugs and kisses? Wait until the time comes to honor the LOB in the Ring of Honor, when that day comes you will see the Carroll’s and Sherman’s show up with all the hugs and kisses you can stand. But until then, they are both bound by the rules of competition…Never stop competing. Never stop going 110%. Never quit. And never, ever, EVER let the other guy have an advantage…no matter how small it might be.

  8. Sherman was a consistent and great player for Seattle. Show some appreciation for the good times. This other stuff is just noise. Don’t forget, in 2013 it was Sherman and Chancellor balling out to get to and win SB48. Should have won SB49 too, but hey that would mean NE would have remained winless in 3 straight SB appearances and non win in over 10 years. NE, thank Pete Carroll!

  9. Sherman was great in Seattle – built a HOF career – talked a lot, but played w swagger, and played hurt too. Had a huge ego, which was part of what made him great, but also probably what made it necessary for him to go. Seattle definitely riding well this year w out the added tension that Sherman/Bennett/Earl had at the end, great as they were.

    All good things come to and end, esp in sports, but i’m w the other posters here who appreciate the good times for that Seattle team, which far outnumber the bad.

  10. Niner fan here- hated in when we signed this jack ass and still do. He’s lost 2-3 steps and is getting torched repeatedly by faster, younger, more athletic receivers. He’s better suited to be a DB coach than a player. Watch him get embarrassed this Sunday and I look forward to it. Just a shell of his former self and along with Malcomb Smith are two of the best check cashers on the squad. Really sad commentary on the SF front office to sign these $$ chasers. Go Hawks. Lol

  11. Sherman deserves any reaction that Seattle gives him, and I guarantee it will be 50/50 mix. Some people will give a standing ovation and probably cheer for him, and others will boo him very loud. He deserves both of them honestly. The way he left deserves to boos but what he helped build in Seattle deserves the praise. I like Sherman on and off the field. I think he’s intelligent and a great football player. Before he saw the writing on the wall that he was going to get cut he was really honest about everything and I respect that (I may not have liked what he said but that’s a different story).

    All that said I hope Seahawks put Lockett on his side all day long and see what he’s still got in the tank. It would be very satisfying if lockett takes him deep for a TD.

  12. I respect Sherman’s contributions as a Hawk and will always appreciate the memories of some great seasons.

    With that being said, I hope he has a terrible day on Sunday.

    Go HAWKS

  13. I found it crazy that anyone paid a high amount to play Malcolm Smith and he cashed in with Raiders/49ers. Smith was a fast rotational player that made 3 great plays in the Super Bowl but everyone knows Bobby/KJ are the linebackers in Seattle. He also played in Pete’s system since college.

    At Smith’s peak with the Hawks he had 50 tackles. Kam or Cliff Avril could have been MVP. Heck even Wilson could have been named it.

  14. Everybody alive knows that Carroll’s lying through his teeth trying to praise Sherman. There’s nobody in Seattle more happy that Sherman’s gone than Pete Carroll. They still had all the talent in the world the past few years, but Sherman’s cancerous attitude and constant crying held the team back. The Seahawks are far better off without Sherman and his mouth.

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