Report: Bruce Allen “masterminded” Reuben Foster move

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Washington’s decision to claim linebacker Reuben Foster on waivers didn’t come without dissenters. Which means that, in time, the naysayers could prevail.

Les Carpenter and Kareem Copeland of the Washington Post report that Washington “decision-makers were said to be divided” on whether to claim Foster., and that the front office was “far from unanimous.”

Team president Bruce Allen “masterminded” the decision, according to the report.

That term implies that a level of complexity and nuance that a decision to pick up a player who has been discarded by another rarely has, but it’s not every day that a former first-round pick is available for reasons independent of his football skills. If, as it appears, there were team employees who didn’t want Foster, Allen had to find a way to get others in line with the move.

Whether they stay in line with the move remains to be seen. Given the widespread criticism of the acquisition of Foster, plenty of front-office personnel who were saying “no” on Tuesday may be declaring “I told you so” today. And if the so-called mastermind can’t hold together a fragile consensus, Foster could be one negative report away from becoming a former member of the team.

Regardless of whether Allen made it happen, the decision sticks squarely to owner Daniel Snyder. Viewed as renegade last year when he supported the effort of Jerry Jones, fueled in part by a six-game suspension levied against Ezekiel Elliott, to block the Commissioner’s extension, Snyder’s acquisition becomes a middle finger to the powers that be, taking attention away from football and giving the media a non-football issue that has been discussed and dissected in a way that makes the team and the league look bad.

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  1. I no longer support the team to keep their name… they should be forced to change it as long as “Snyder’s acquisition becomes a middle finger to the powers that be” is how he wants to play this game

  2. Given that Foster has been accused of domestic violence twice in 2018. Washington has taken an enormous gamble. While talented, he’s going to need massive amounts of therapy in order to break this propensity towards violence against women, not to mention I don’t recall seeing him show any kind of regret for those actions.

  3. Surely you don’t mean to imply that the COVERAGE of Foster’s frequent domestic issues has been a larger negative than the actions themselves?

  4. Shocking that Bruce Allen, of all people, should make such a stupid, utterly tone-deaf, despicable and insulting decision. Who could have predicted this?

  5. It speaks volumes that he put Doug Williams out there to speak to it and is hiding in the background. I have no idea why Williams allows himself to be used in this way; but the politics and cowardice being constantly demonstrated by Allen and Snyder is nauseating!

  6. If only Redskins had as little tolerance toward total dbag players as they have for anyone who publicly says they dislike to call the team Redskins.

  7. As far as “giving the middle fingerto the powers that be” Foster is on the exempt list and not coming off until Goodell says so. The Redskins can pay this guy if they want to. But he cannot participate in team activities so they are certainly not defying the league office.

  8. But when Belichick signed Michael Floyd after he was released by Arizona after being arrested for extreme DUI (ie blood alcohol over 0.217), he’s a genius…

    Reality is that it’s a business and winning is the ONLY priority.

  9. It’s a low-cost move to pick up potential talent. In a year after he serves his suspension and/or sentence, football fans won’t care as long as he produces on the field. Suck, and fans will turn on him. If he excels, they’ll put up a statue (just like Kobe, Big Ben, Ray Lewis…)

  10. It’s not like the history of Megamind Bruce Allen doesn’t provide clues about his decision-making skills.

    And it’s not a huge surprise that Little Danny has tried to use Doug Williams as a shield. Little Danny will never get it. Ever.

    Skins fans may be forgiven for wondering if good ol’ nincompoop Vinny Cerrato was not actually better than the current gang.

  11. There is what 6 or 7 of Foster’s former Alabama teammates starting for Washington? So now we are supposed to ignore the initial reports from yesterday that claimed these Alabama teammates made a push for Foster to be signed and that they can help him?

    Yeah, I’m not really buying the new narrative today that Allen was the mastermind behind this signing… I don’t doubt Allen may approve of it, but the mastermind? Not buying that bridge.

  12. Business-wise, it’s a no-lose proposition. Foster gets nailed in the legal process, they can just say, “we were never going to sign him unless he was cleared”. He makes it through the legal process, they can say, “he’s on his last chance and we expect 100% good behavior going forward”. He messes up again, they cut him. He doesn’t mess up again, they just signed an extra 1st-round draft pick in the easiest way imaginable.

    There’s about a 0% chance this team suffers any damage from this move. They somehow successfully defended their use of a racial slur as a team name – this is peanuts in comparison.

  13. “If, as it appears, there were team employees who didn’t want Foster, Allen had to find a way to get others in line with the move.”

    No he didn’t. It didn’t involve getting any ‘team employees’ behind the decision at all. All Allen had to do was what Snyder told him to do then hide behind Williams.

  14. Why not take a flyer on him??? Sit him for the rest of the year, let the legal system play out. If it works in their favor they have a talented player under control for multiple years at little cost. His bonus money has already been paid, he was a first round pick so there’s a 5 year option on him. In my opinion it’s worth the headache. I mean no one is talking about T. Hill and how much of a d-bag he and his action were… why not roll the dice on Foster. I bet more than one team tried to pick him up.

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