Kyle Shanahan was surprised anyone claimed Reuben Foster


When San Francisco cut linebacker Reuben Foster following a domestic violence arrest at the team hotel, many thought that could be his last chance in the NFL, and that if it wasn’t his last chance, he was going to have to do a lot of work to rehabilitate his image before any team would want him.

Instead, Washington claimed Foster on waivers. And San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan was among those who didn’t see that coming.

I was a little surprised,” Shanahan said. “I mean, not the team in particular, but that someone did. But someone did, and I saw it just like you guys did.”

Immediately after Foster was awarded to Washington on waivers, the team issued a statement saying he won’t play for them until the legal process concludes, and Foster was placed on the Commissioner Exempt list, which allows him to keep collecting paychecks while not participating in team activities.

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  1. Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen don’t have common sense. Picking him up was a bad decision, any way you slice it.

    Also…still waiting to hear which former Alabama, current Redskins players they actually talked to, prior to picking him up.

  2. 4 legal incidents since entering the NFL 2017…… not including the Draft incident where he got sent home.

    That’s a pattern of poor character….. not just decision making.

    Please get him help before he goes from presently hurting women to ending somebody’s life.

  3. Washington already has a confessed child abuser running the ball, so why would anyone be surprised? Win at any cost! Hop on board, just leave your honor and integrity at the door.

  4. League’s professional conduct policy should make it so he’s sitting the rest of the season paid with four game cheques withheld pending investigation. If he would have been suspended, backdate the suspension and keep the withheld pay, if he is cleared pay him.

    But when allegations like this occur w/arrests the players shouldn’t play until it is resolved.

  5. Case in point that NFL teams will sign most any player with off the field issues as long as their talent level is worth it. As soon as their talent level doesn’t exceed their distraction factor…they’re unsignable. Hence Colin Kaepernick. The reason he’s not in a roster isn’t because he knelt for the anthem. If that’s the case, than Eric Reid or other players who knelt wouldn’t be on rosters today. Kaepernick doesn’t have a job because he’s not talented enough any longer. End of story. The rest is all smoke and mirrors and pushing desired narratives.

  6. The Hoodie drafted Aaron Hernandez knowing full well his issues while at Florida….why would this SF/Washington issue surprise anyone….the NFL is full of criminals and miscreants…

  7. Shame on Washington signing him. He has only been trouble since entering the NFL. Surely they understand domestic abuse is a crime.

  8. I knew a guy once, who had a wife that would call the police everytime thwy got into an argument. Most of the time, she started it & he would attempt to leave the situation. So she’d scratch herself, call the cops & say he did it, when he didn’t,then she’d laugh about it. It was her way of controlling him. She’d always say “if you leave ima call the cops”…so my point is…he may or may not be at fault. You or i do not know the facts. Stop trying to end a guys life before you know the facts.

  9. The 49ers may have given up on Foster, but not other teams. It costs them nothing to claim him off waivers. The circumstances surrounding this arrest is peculiar. What is she doing in Tampa? Is she showing up in front of him on purpose even though they have not been living together nor are they still dating each other? I cannot imagine why any sane man would continue seeing a woman who made false accusations against him in the past and almost ruined his career and life. After all there are a lot of women out there. He shouldn’t be seeing her even if she is the only woman left on earth. If he is not seeing her, then why is she in Tampa and why did she show up in his face? That is classic stalking behavior if they are no longer seeing each other.

  10. Any time a man feels he should hit a woman turn around, walk away and don’t ever go back for if you hit her you have LOST!

  11. skins are desperate as they flounder to last place…that’s right…they will be in last place by season end and my Cowboys take 1st with a run for SB 6….


  12. Bruce Allen is playing chess while the rest of the league is playing checkers. The problem is that Bruce Allen doens’t know how to play chess or anything on how to build a winning football team.

  13. So basically he’s still collecting game checks…..hmmmm……I sense if he does continue to play since a basic violation of contract was made….it’ll be on a contract based on performance and saying another domestic violence issue leads to either ban from league or something else..he should probably give Greg hardy a call and see if Dana white can hook him up there. I don’t think this lasts past the season at any rate.

  14. It is a little weird how these cases play out. Guy gets in repeated trouble so his team releases him. Keeping him would be public relations nightmare for that team. But those players are frequently picked up by another team, and the second team doesn’t really face the same backlash as the first team would have had they kept him. Not really logical, but that’s what happens.

  15. gibson34 says:
    November 29, 2018 at 9:11 am
    skins are desperate as they flounder to last place…that’s right…they will be in last place by season end and my Cowboys take 1st with a run for SB 6….


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    Please stop 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  16. “and Foster was placed on the Commissioner Exempt list, which allows him to keep collecting paychecks while not participating in team activities”….so they sign a guy who can’t play and are paying him? Maybe they can make him temporary Head of Cheerleading Operations…..I don’t know if that’s “team activities”….

  17. The information so far does not point to Foster leaving this Psycho behind and moving on with his life. Months after the first arrest were she falsely claimed he abused her, the cops were again called to an apartment being occupied by both Foster and the girl. So Foster was still living with her. Before this latest arrest, Foster has a playful tweet about his love. It does not sound like he was running for his life from this person that falsely accused him of abuse. Either he is not mentally well in allowing her back in his life (and into the hotel occupied by his teammates) after she has tried to ruin his life because she was angry or he is staying with her out of remorse for the real things he did to her. Either way he should not be on a NFL team.

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