Randall Cobb: Aaron Rodgers is getting ready to light everybody up this week

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Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb has missed the last three weeks with a hamstring injury, but he thinks he’ll be back in the lineup for this Sunday’s game against the Cardinals.

Cobb is making another prediction about what will happen this weekend and it has to do with quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers fielded questions about his recent play on Wednesday and said he does not feel like he’s doing anything different despite less impressive results than he’s enjoyed in other seasons.

On Thursday, Cobb said he thinks Rodgers is going to have a day that quiets some of those concerns.

“I’m excited to get back out there because I know with all the noise that’s been said over the past week about him, he’s getting ready to light everybody up this week,” Cobb said, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com. “It’s going to be a lot of fun and I look forward to helping him out.”

Given what Philip Rivers and the Chargers did to their defense last weekend, the Cardinals are a pretty good opponent to pick for a breakout game. The Packers have a couple of others on their schedule as well, but the Packers have dug themselves a big enough hole that winning out might not wind up getting them back into the playoffs.

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  1. Everyone gets brave when they play the sorry Cardinals. Von miller said they were going to kick there ass but clams up when they are playing a good team . GB will slaughter them and as a Cardinal fan I really dislike Steve willks and pray the fire him and hire someone competent. GB 52 Arizona 10

  2. He’s gonna light up the cards huh? That’s big time. Vikings didn’t even let him throw for 200 yards.
    He’s getting older and you can tell. Vikings throttled him in the BANK!!

  3. Should certainly beat Arizona, even with it being a struggle to find enough guys healthy enough to play. I hope that maybe for a week #12 can get rid of the Mr. Grumpy face. The Jay Cutler look isn’t a good one for anyone.

  4. We dont really need anybody “lighting everybody up”. Perhaps just putting together four quarters of quality football with no turnovers and a win. I think that would be a welcome and satisfying change.

  5. Someone should let Mr. Corn Cobb know that the Packers season ended last Sunday night when they lost their Super Bowl.

    He should be working on his golf swing this weekend.

  6. Lets just hope he doesn’t light up something else after he looks at the Packers win lose record.

  7. Rodgers had 20 TDs and 1 Interception, he’s pretty much writing the book on playing well for an underloaded team

  8. Considering Rodgers appears to be trying to lose enough games to get McCarthy fired, his objective is complete and he can go back to playing to win games. He will lose another one if it looks like 9-6-1 will clinch a playoff spot or 9-6-1 shows positively for McCarthy. Other than that, he will play great and at seasons end, fans will demand McCarthy be fired and Rodgers will have gotten his way. His season will look like a statistical success with bad coaching to blame. Not defending McCarthy either. He has major flaws when it comes to being creative. He hasn’t changed the playbook in 10 years.

  9. So Rogers needs the critical reviews of his poor performances this year to motivate him to play well in a game. For all that money he demanded and received I would hope that would be motivation enough but I guess not.

  10. shlort says:
    November 29, 2018 at 6:04 pm
    Considering Rodgers appears to be trying to lose enough games to get McCarthy fired
    The Pack just paid him 135 Million to be the cornerstone of their team, I’d like to think if he had a serious problem with McCarthy the packer brass would listen to him and act on it. I find it hard to believe intelligent fans would condone a player purposefully losing games to get a coach fired as that leads to much bigger problems in the future. I would never cheer for a team who would employ players who lost intentionally, but that is just me.

  11. Good for him, but he needed to start doing that about 11 weeks ago Randall. He lit up the Vikings for 198 yards with 73 coming on the last drive in the 4th quarters while Vikings were in prevent that netted a meaningless FG. So a whopping 125 yards in 3 1/2 quarters for the great Mr. Rodgers. Everyone knows the Packers are void of talent and even Rodgers is looking like a mere mortal this season. What a waste of one of the best QBs in a generation.

  12. For all the money the Packers willingly and knowingly extended to a patient, deserving, and undemanding Rodgers, they expect more than what they’ve gotten so far. It stands to reason, hobbled for 1/2 thecseason or not. Even injured he’s producing at a statistical rate on par with Cousins. That’s pretty good. We all want more, and expect more is coming. The season isn’t over yet. At least the Packers stayed away from the “SuperBowl or Bust” pressure Kirk “Guaranteed” Cousins is forced to perform under. I mean, he’s throwing for his life in the absence of an offense. Good luck with that.

  13. There’s no denying the void from prior drafts the Packers are dealing with right now. When combined with burdensome injuries (eight starters out against the Vikings,) it can be lethal. They have a lot of young talent and I’ve been expecting it all to jell each week, but it hasn’t been materializing. The Packers can still make it to the postseason, but even if they do, they don’t have the construction to stop the freight trains currently leading the way. They are playing for more than just pride while they remain in-play. They need to continue dveloping the personnel they have remaining (Next Man Up,) whether it’s beneficial for this year or next. Let’s keep it going Pack.

  14. Good news on David Bakhtiari. Monday the outlook was not good for Dave playing this week. Today he is near probable for Sunday.

    Let’s get this one vs. Zona Sunday. Then bring the dome team Falcons to the cold and get that one.

    Green Bay retained it’s title and was named 2018’s best U.S. city for football fans.




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